Thursday, 21 May 2020

Drive-by progressposting

Short on time so can't take 2 hours for a full post right now, (I wish I was kidding, but it can take me a whole afternoon to write these) so just posting horrific commit messages / misc notes on tasks just completed, and a couple of screens:

Short version:
It's all a-go-go here at Oko HQ. Any time I'm not working my IRL job, I'm grinding on this, having a lovely time. Made some very nice changes I won't even tease until trailer time, but it looks GOOD.
Animating the last few days, really into it.
Did many playthroughs and fixed a TON of bugs

Major developments:

I was wrong. It was almost entirely my fault, but no longer.
Now I load the images ONE time. I prevent them from being garbage-collected while in a scene. They get cleaned up on the first map change or menu access after the scene. It just works.
I love you, RPGMaker, you buggy jap shithouse, marry me and let's never fight again.

Commits (not exhaustive):
fix bug with "use item" not filtering right.
fix bug with thrown items being really accurate, more even than some guns.
Add option to turn off vibration for controller
Date audit:
Separate Luci logs into year categories
Add "Insert Disk" screen to pre-map operations
Hentai system, fixed ALL bugs, removed shit features, made controls feel good, removed all service interuption and loading spikes
Added starfield to hScenes
Fixed autosave to not save during disk swap, but force an autosave right after
Fixed wonky jump animation
Fixed disk enter screen
added kicking when unarmed
Animation and sound fixes
AI fixes, line of sight was firing too often and findObjects was clearing buttons after picking up a new weapon, meaning you couldn't fire with it right away
Create outfit object sprite
Added new costumes to game world
Smarter object interaction, allow discovery of 'under' type objects if they're in elevated in front (on a desk)
Added animations back in to battle actions
Fixed bug where a player could fall-through to regular adventure controls at the end of their turn
Formalized item pickup sounds
Fixed axe attacks sprite
Go through and change all pickups to under
Fixed door sounds
Reintroduced filter choice
Throw gun if no ammo and gun is not special (below +1 grade)
Start with throwing knife weapon
Unique break sounds for thrown weapons
Stop findObjects from "finding" active units in battle, if standing on corpse facing enemy, the alive enemy will show up in the menu when looting.
Fix sentrygun disconnect between look direction & fire direction (both got coords independently, now from same)
Fix, reset player sprite at start of enemy turn (no more edge case getting left in limited throw sprite)
Fixed ignitables being targetable by hand
Made black-clothed orks tougher, distributed better
Added temporary recolour filter for fleeting use
Shadows for all NPCs, replace baked-in player shadows
Fixed enemy jump up height, same way as fixed players earlier
Make bundle of player items sprite, for outside jail.
Added name change and filter choice at game start
Finished brief tutorial sequence at titty temple
Fixed take icon not showing properly
Goblon Maiden live performance
Distributed outfits across station
Fixed take and go icon conditions, removed lame string comparison
fixed section with Varie portraits missing
Pre-battle meetup cutscene
Made meetup funnier with awkward Innuendo combinations based on earlier exploits
Last battle ambient sounds
Amba redo 90% - her arc was shit before, too wordy and disconnected
If you actually read these I love you, anon
Tweaked the first room, to have the story taking over from cutscene make better sense
Art pass with {s?e?c?r?e?t} that's very fucking exciting
Scripting ending sequence variations
Got game intro > main menu > setup > game start flow in a good state
fixed freakout window resizing on game start
Added screen surround as body element above entire game, rather than a limited part of UI
Scale surround by game window size
Fixed crash where nulling game map to prevent loaded-save bugs happened too early
Made first draft of OST pt1: Battle Tapes- production needs further work, need better reference speakers
Settled on new title
New main menu
new menu music
game version now code-based, no more image editing required
divorced savegame compat version from game version, will only break if absolutely necessary
Created functions to return story thread status, for more readable tracking of branching points
Tidy up pause menu, remove deprecated options and those with no value
Make options cyclable in both directions, remove enter-use
Increment volume 1% at a time, 5% if holding shift
Tie BGA volume to global BGS
Remove netbook options that didn't notably affect performance


There's more, but these are the ones I kept track right after finishing
Please enjoy this video from 9th May

Doing now:
Dialogue passes on end sequence, animating end sequence and remaining sex anims

Current status
New game is really, really nearly ready, but not there just yet.


  1. Glad to see we can weaponize the technology around us.
    Bottles are great thrown weapons, just like Lisa the Pointless told me, lol
    It's always good to hear your manic rants about how well things are going with work, just hope that you're still watching you're health.

  2. Oko demonstrating what happens when you break the No Stairway to Heaven rule.

  3. As much as I want to joke about how the game was 'almost ready' 6 months ago, I still have absolute faith in 0ko to deliver exactly what I want from Stellinavra.

    Pounding my dick and thinking of you.

  4. Love you too Oko <3

  5. The music on that video my god, its amazing.

  6. Oko's gonna die in the riots... :(

    1. Before you die 0ko, can you update your dead-0ko switch to the latest Star Knave build?

  7. 0:47 is the best thing I've seen in this game yet
    Keep up the amazing work 0ko

  8. >Added kicking when unarmed
    >Throw gun if no ammo
    This is exactly the content I needed, thanks Oko

  9. where is the game reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    (i love you really)

  10. ^
    | |
    (### ###)-.
    .(### ###) \
    / (### ###) )
    (=- .@#####@|_--"
    /\ \_|l|_/ (\
    (=-\ |l| /
    \ \.___|l|___/
    /\ |_| /
    \ /
    # ---- #
    # __ #

    Where's the game Oko?

  11. Oko I need to coom, hook a brother up