Saturday, 18 April 2020

/fa/ as fuck

So last time there was one more feature I mentioned but didn't show off just yet.
I wasn't sure if it was worth adding at this point, as the spriting workload made it a bit of a pain, but in the end I think it's a cool enough addition that saves me work later on when I'll invariably want to get the player into a new outfit in the next level.

So I present to you, Anon's brand new look.

The virgin "unified art style" vs the Chad "daily dose"

Pretty slick, right? I definitely think it's an improvement over the old color scheme.

He looks much more individualistic now, a true character, the type that stands out.
I mean, I full-on want this new design on merch. I want a plushie and I want a matching outfit for myself in real life.

Let's see how it looks in-game!

*Stabs you in the balls* UM, WHAT THE FUCK, BROS?!!!
That's not my donut steel design. This is just the same as he always looked?

But I had to recolor all my playersprites for each weapon...

Yeah, you've guessed it. During my funtime Dream Week, I figured out how to use javascript green-screen magic to turn a bunch of ugly colors into a bunch of outfits you can collect through game events and as loot, and then switch between any time.

It's still quite restricting- for example both wrists and forearms have to share a color, but with a little imagination there's quite a lot of different outfit types that can be portrayed.

I thought it might be fun to upload a template in case you have any costume ideas!
Just download this PNG and open in MSPaint. I've drawn little trace lines between sections of the same color so you can just fill-tool them.

If you want to make one, just upload to imgur or someplace and link it in a comment- I'll adapt the best ones to make the colour scheme work in game and add them.
And that concludes my extra-curricular Easter holiday. It was a lot of fun and I really got to make things far better than they had any business being.

I'm going back to just essential work, now, later dudes.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Dream Week

I had a few days off work for the holidays, and I made an executive decision to work on whatever the fuck I felt like this week.

I took a list of everything that's annoyed me about the game in the last year, everything that could use a revision and every wish feature I'd ideally implement some day, but couldn't justify making time for it right now. Then I ordered them by importance and smashed every single one of them off the list, with some time to spare. Loving each and every laugh.

This week:
>Engine upgrade, chromium 81
A couple of unwelcome changes, some console warnings that everybody hates in the SDK side, and now the menu bar sticks around even when full screen, which is probably fine for web applications but it threw off my fullscreen scaling calculations, so I tooled around a little and now I'm running borderless, which looks pretty sick. Added a little script to make the whole window draggable, too.

>Changed targeting system
I was still using the old, super-lean but also a bit shit targeting system from the demo, and playtesters flagged it to me as unintuitive.
I was making a list of all enemies, ordered by their position on screen from left to right, and you could go through the whole list with Left and Right directional buttons. This makes sense if you truly believe that you are the screen, that you are god watching the battle unfold, but not if you are trying to intuitively select a target as the player.

Self-insert fags BTFO. 
You're supposed to pretend you're the enemies, bro, you can't get a game over if you identify as the gun that shot the protagonist. Think about it logically.

In the new system, it works like a human who's played a videogame before would expect a target system to work. You essentially possess the cursor and move Up, Down, Left or Right to select the next nearest target in that direction. Added a couple of bonuses, like remembering who you last targeted that turn, so you can pick a target and hammer fire to dump all your rounds into them.

Self-insert fags vindicated, self-inserting is 110% the canon way to play this game, suck it femprotag megafags, enjoy walking around a medieval land looking to get your character (YOU) fucked by a bunch of dudes!!!! 8=====D

>Inventory improvements
Whether you were examining, using or dropping an inventory item, it was rendering the same list. Pretty annoying to select "Use" and have to sort through a whole long list when you're only carrying 2 consumables.
Now the Use Item menu filters out useless items, leaving you with easy, clear access to health and powerup items.

>Sprite improvements
This is the coolest shit I've done for a while, I could barely sleep last night for excitement, more on this next time, I want to test it further before showing off.

>Character / Weapon sheet improvements
When you're sizing up a new weapon, the Weapon sheet comparing it to your existing weapon is colour-coded, like in most other games. Slowing down mid battle to look at a spreadsheet was lame. Now grug find stick, has green numbers, grug take.

lmao, forgot to dial back the accuracy on thrown items after testing.

>New sounds for many weapons
I had a few items set to use sounds from their general category, a pipe is a blunt object, so used blunt impact sounds, but all this time I've actually had a property exclusively to govern which set of sounds this weapon should use, so it was trivial to add, for example, a 'metal' type sound category. Very satisfying CLUNK.

>Sex gauges redesign
The previous design was pretty shit, was never too happy about them, so I spent some time creating new bars that live in the screen surround, they look nice and you get to look at a few more NEW, PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN pixels on either side of the screen.

>New boss fight
I had this idea months ago for a little mini boss I wanted to add, but couldn't justify taking the time to make a new enemy type, new AI type, new race, sounds, etc.
Done now, and really enjoying it. Livens up what before was a semi-useless room.

>Shop sells ammo
Money you make on this adventure wasn't really too useful during this adventure, so I made it so you can buy ammunition at the shop, so you don't just spend it all on goblin blowjobs.

>Pass through allies during battle
I have no idea why I never implemented this sooner.
Added a check at the collision level to allow the player to pass through events which are non-enemy battle npcs when using the walk command, so no messy object mutation going on.

Bug fixes:

>Changed hentai image caching system to a better one
The old one would spam in certain situations, the new one is a bit nicer and trips up less often.
Still not perfect, in certain situations images can disappear for 1 frame, but this is as much RPGMaker's fault as my own.

>Rocket-firing units now work properly
There was a pretty cool but unintended behaviour with them before, where it was like they'd throw away their rocket without trying to fire it if they couldn't get a clear shot in the first few turns. That's not what was happening, but it sure looked like it. They were actually being tricked by a state machine bug into thinking they had already fired. Now they actually hang onto and try to use their rocket.

>Terrain hopping fixes
I had some neat sound effects for when you'd hop up, like onto a table, and down again. I couldn't figure out why it was so stuttery sounding and inconsistent, turns out my criteria for who plays the sound was too lax, and the sound was being triggered also for the cursor (since it was on the table, too) and for the player followers, which I'd explicitly turned off. Behind the scenes in RPGMaker, turning them off just makes them invisible. I killed their update routine, maybe it'll get us a frame here or there, fuck followers and fuck jannies.

These last few days have been incredibly good for my mind and soul, just allowing myself the absolute pleasure of working toward whatever goal I want, without guilt, it's really recharged my batteries.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

40 days in the hole


This is exactly why I didn't want to do cyberpunk anymore. Real life is getting too close to that, already.
Key word there, being "life"; stop saying I'm dead you fucking pricks!!!

I hope you boys are safe and comfy enough. Did you get a few things in?
You seeing shortages of stuff in your area?
I've been in quarantine a few weeks, since a little before it was obligatory, and I'm working from home because that's the sort of white collar, namby-pamby piece of trash I am, now.
But yeah, I'm doing alright.

Regardless, first sign of a coof and I'll put what I have on MEGA with a dead man's trigger post. I did something similar with LS after I nearly got hit by a car.

Don't want to spoil things so close to the end, but I've finished up 3 scenes in the last 3 weeks and have a couple more to go.

Taking a break from art to get the scenario ending tied up until the little outro cutscene, then I'll do the remaining sex scenes, and do soundwork for those;
I've got some great new sound effects in the making. Who knew a half-bottle of laundry detergent could sound so good, bros?

So I've got a good lot of fun things still on my plate, then I'm ready to do a trailer and an OST.

What we're looking at:
2 - 3 hours first playthrough
13 animated sex scenes
1+ hour of original music (close to 2 hour album, with most tracks made to loop having 1 repeat)

Have a listen, I've put together a couple of clips:

This is most representative of the sound.

And here's some fun incidental stuff from throughout the level.

Sadly I'm only slightly less busy working from home than when I have an actual office to go to, but I can ditch work for an hour here and there to animate, which is nice.

That's it, look after yourself, because there's only one of you.
And it'll be a tough sell getting into Valhalla for this.
I mean, technically it's still a weapon, but ehh... I dunno man, play it safe.