Sunday, 8 March 2020


How's it goin' bros?

Had a really productive little round of user testing, recently.
Now that the game is more or less complete (except for a couple of sex scenes I'm still doing the final art for) I've been able to get a couple of people to run through it.
Came away with a few bugs to fix or areas to be made a little more clear to a new user, and all of the stuff found has been fixed / implemented.
All really helpful stuff that's made the game tighter.

Th(is/ese) week(s):

I've been working hard filling in the aforementioned remaining scenes, some which were half-done since a while, some are all-new.
I noticed during the test that my image levels have been off, making everything too bright.
It looked fine in regular gameplay, but the over exposure was murder for sex scenes with lots of bright flesh tones, so I spent a couple of hours fixing the filtering in place.

I also output new versions of some older scenes with tweaked colors and fixed little eyesores I didn't see until watching somebody play through, like vanishing "ropes" or single-frame messy lines.


I don't know how the verticality of this works, either,
but they do money shots like this in hentai
all the time so fuck off tbh

Now that I've got you all buttered up with some soggy tit pics, I have some lame news:
I'm not gonna release dedicated builds for Mac and Linux, anymore.
This will mean using Bootcamp or Wine to catch this on those platforms, and I'm sorry about the trouble that causes.

After the engine upgrade I did last year, I'm using a Node version beyond what RPGMV natively supports, so part of the build creation now needs to be manual.
This roughly means outputting 3 versions of the game, then manually overwriting each with respective versions of Node Webkit, and hoping it all works.

Creating builds for Mac and Linux already sucked balls, it increases my overhead for every release-candidate build and there are always unacceptable bugs unique to each platform that really ruin the experience for those users, and I can't easily debug them in my local Windows environment, where they don't occur.

I can test high/low spec and Windows 7/10, locally, which accounts for most cases.
My own blog visitation figures, download counts per OS on previous games and last month's figures from Steam all confirm to me that it's not really worth the amount of stress that getting those platforms working, tested and packaged every time requires.

If you've been following specifically in hopes for one of those and using a Bootcamp / Wine workaround is unacceptable, I completely understand, but not having to think about dedicated solutions for those platforms would be too massive of a relief for me to ignore.

Man, this is such a fucking downer to end a post on.
Please believe I've been agonizing over this and I'm really hesitant to do it, but the alternative is delays and abject misery.

I'll have more titties to show shortly, see you soon.