Sunday, 21 June 2020

End in sight

Fucking tired, lads. It's been a long few weeks, working overtime IRL and trying to keep this on track, and it is absolutely annihilating my gains. But it's gonna be well worth it.

All the art is done and final, all the sex scenes, the portraits.
All the miniatures, the animations, the sound effects.
The intro, the boot screen logo, the cutscenes, the little mini-games and puzzles
The characters, the secrets, the theme tunes, the title screen, the box art,
All the mechanics, the UI, the menus, the options, the tutorial
I've got over an hour of new, all-original music, fourteen new sex scenes, half of which I've never shown to anyone.
The whole first level, and a small setup for the second.

I'm gonna keep working, I'm trying to keep this blog post short so I can get back to it.

The gang's all here

Still to do:
>Program vibration patterns for sex scenes
>Add sound to sex scenes
>Playtest the shit out of the game over and over until I'm utterly numb to any charm it may have

Then it's done. I can't say how long this is going to take, but I'm at least a hundred times as eager to get this done and out than the most fervent coomer-in-wait could ever be.


☑️ fuck jannies
☑️ fuck narrative brain golfers
☑️ invest in popcorn
☑️ give it all you've got
 ever stop
 ever kneel (outside of a pike formation)

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Drive-by progressposting

Short on time so can't take 2 hours for a full post right now, (I wish I was kidding, but it can take me a whole afternoon to write these) so just posting horrific commit messages / misc notes on tasks just completed, and a couple of screens:

Short version:
It's all a-go-go here at Oko HQ. Any time I'm not working my IRL job, I'm grinding on this, having a lovely time. Made some very nice changes I won't even tease until trailer time, but it looks GOOD.
Animating the last few days, really into it.
Did many playthroughs and fixed a TON of bugs

Major developments:

I was wrong. It was almost entirely my fault, but no longer.
Now I load the images ONE time. I prevent them from being garbage-collected while in a scene. They get cleaned up on the first map change or menu access after the scene. It just works.
I love you, RPGMaker, you buggy jap shithouse, marry me and let's never fight again.

Commits (not exhaustive):
fix bug with "use item" not filtering right.
fix bug with thrown items being really accurate, more even than some guns.
Add option to turn off vibration for controller
Date audit:
Separate Luci logs into year categories
Add "Insert Disk" screen to pre-map operations
Hentai system, fixed ALL bugs, removed shit features, made controls feel good, removed all service interuption and loading spikes
Added starfield to hScenes
Fixed autosave to not save during disk swap, but force an autosave right after
Fixed wonky jump animation
Fixed disk enter screen
added kicking when unarmed
Animation and sound fixes
AI fixes, line of sight was firing too often and findObjects was clearing buttons after picking up a new weapon, meaning you couldn't fire with it right away
Create outfit object sprite
Added new costumes to game world
Smarter object interaction, allow discovery of 'under' type objects if they're in elevated in front (on a desk)
Added animations back in to battle actions
Fixed bug where a player could fall-through to regular adventure controls at the end of their turn
Formalized item pickup sounds
Fixed axe attacks sprite
Go through and change all pickups to under
Fixed door sounds
Reintroduced filter choice
Throw gun if no ammo and gun is not special (below +1 grade)
Start with throwing knife weapon
Unique break sounds for thrown weapons
Stop findObjects from "finding" active units in battle, if standing on corpse facing enemy, the alive enemy will show up in the menu when looting.
Fix sentrygun disconnect between look direction & fire direction (both got coords independently, now from same)
Fix, reset player sprite at start of enemy turn (no more edge case getting left in limited throw sprite)
Fixed ignitables being targetable by hand
Made black-clothed orks tougher, distributed better
Added temporary recolour filter for fleeting use
Shadows for all NPCs, replace baked-in player shadows
Fixed enemy jump up height, same way as fixed players earlier
Make bundle of player items sprite, for outside jail.
Added name change and filter choice at game start
Finished brief tutorial sequence at titty temple
Fixed take icon not showing properly
Goblon Maiden live performance
Distributed outfits across station
Fixed take and go icon conditions, removed lame string comparison
fixed section with Varie portraits missing
Pre-battle meetup cutscene
Made meetup funnier with awkward Innuendo combinations based on earlier exploits
Last battle ambient sounds
Amba redo 90% - her arc was shit before, too wordy and disconnected
If you actually read these I love you, anon
Tweaked the first room, to have the story taking over from cutscene make better sense
Art pass with {s?e?c?r?e?t} that's very fucking exciting
Scripting ending sequence variations
Got game intro > main menu > setup > game start flow in a good state
fixed freakout window resizing on game start
Added screen surround as body element above entire game, rather than a limited part of UI
Scale surround by game window size
Fixed crash where nulling game map to prevent loaded-save bugs happened too early
Made first draft of OST pt1: Battle Tapes- production needs further work, need better reference speakers
Settled on new title
New main menu
new menu music
game version now code-based, no more image editing required
divorced savegame compat version from game version, will only break if absolutely necessary
Created functions to return story thread status, for more readable tracking of branching points
Tidy up pause menu, remove deprecated options and those with no value
Make options cyclable in both directions, remove enter-use
Increment volume 1% at a time, 5% if holding shift
Tie BGA volume to global BGS
Remove netbook options that didn't notably affect performance


There's more, but these are the ones I kept track right after finishing
Please enjoy this video from 9th May

Doing now:
Dialogue passes on end sequence, animating end sequence and remaining sex anims

Current status
New game is really, really nearly ready, but not there just yet.

Saturday, 18 April 2020

/fa/ as fuck

So last time there was one more feature I mentioned but didn't show off just yet.
I wasn't sure if it was worth adding at this point, as the spriting workload made it a bit of a pain, but in the end I think it's a cool enough addition that saves me work later on when I'll invariably want to get the player into a new outfit in the next level.

So I present to you, Anon's brand new look.

The virgin "unified art style" vs the Chad "daily dose"

Pretty slick, right? I definitely think it's an improvement over the old color scheme.

He looks much more individualistic now, a true character, the type that stands out.
I mean, I full-on want this new design on merch. I want a plushie and I want a matching outfit for myself in real life.

Let's see how it looks in-game!

*Stabs you in the balls* UM, WHAT THE FUCK, BROS?!!!
That's not my donut steel design. This is just the same as he always looked?

But I had to recolor all my playersprites for each weapon...

Yeah, you've guessed it. During my funtime Dream Week, I figured out how to use javascript green-screen magic to turn a bunch of ugly colors into a bunch of outfits you can collect through game events and as loot, and then switch between any time.

It's still quite restricting- for example both wrists and forearms have to share a color, but with a little imagination there's quite a lot of different outfit types that can be portrayed.

I thought it might be fun to upload a template in case you have any costume ideas!
Just download this PNG and open in MSPaint. I've drawn little trace lines between sections of the same color so you can just fill-tool them.

If you want to make one, just upload to imgur or someplace and link it in a comment- I'll adapt the best ones to make the colour scheme work in game and add them.
And that concludes my extra-curricular Easter holiday. It was a lot of fun and I really got to make things far better than they had any business being.

I'm going back to just essential work, now, later dudes.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Dream Week

I had a few days off work for the holidays, and I made an executive decision to work on whatever the fuck I felt like this week.

I took a list of everything that's annoyed me about the game in the last year, everything that could use a revision and every wish feature I'd ideally implement some day, but couldn't justify making time for it right now. Then I ordered them by importance and smashed every single one of them off the list, with some time to spare. Loving each and every laugh.

This week:
>Engine upgrade, chromium 81
A couple of unwelcome changes, some console warnings that everybody hates in the SDK side, and now the menu bar sticks around even when full screen, which is probably fine for web applications but it threw off my fullscreen scaling calculations, so I tooled around a little and now I'm running borderless, which looks pretty sick. Added a little script to make the whole window draggable, too.

>Changed targeting system
I was still using the old, super-lean but also a bit shit targeting system from the demo, and playtesters flagged it to me as unintuitive.
I was making a list of all enemies, ordered by their position on screen from left to right, and you could go through the whole list with Left and Right directional buttons. This makes sense if you truly believe that you are the screen, that you are god watching the battle unfold, but not if you are trying to intuitively select a target as the player.

Self-insert fags BTFO. 
You're supposed to pretend you're the enemies, bro, you can't get a game over if you identify as the gun that shot the protagonist. Think about it logically.

In the new system, it works like a human who's played a videogame before would expect a target system to work. You essentially possess the cursor and move Up, Down, Left or Right to select the next nearest target in that direction. Added a couple of bonuses, like remembering who you last targeted that turn, so you can pick a target and hammer fire to dump all your rounds into them.

Self-insert fags vindicated, self-inserting is 110% the canon way to play this game, suck it femprotag megafags, enjoy walking around a medieval land looking to get your character (YOU) fucked by a bunch of dudes!!!! 8=====D

>Inventory improvements
Whether you were examining, using or dropping an inventory item, it was rendering the same list. Pretty annoying to select "Use" and have to sort through a whole long list when you're only carrying 2 consumables.
Now the Use Item menu filters out useless items, leaving you with easy, clear access to health and powerup items.

>Sprite improvements
This is the coolest shit I've done for a while, I could barely sleep last night for excitement, more on this next time, I want to test it further before showing off.

>Character / Weapon sheet improvements
When you're sizing up a new weapon, the Weapon sheet comparing it to your existing weapon is colour-coded, like in most other games. Slowing down mid battle to look at a spreadsheet was lame. Now grug find stick, has green numbers, grug take.

lmao, forgot to dial back the accuracy on thrown items after testing.

>New sounds for many weapons
I had a few items set to use sounds from their general category, a pipe is a blunt object, so used blunt impact sounds, but all this time I've actually had a property exclusively to govern which set of sounds this weapon should use, so it was trivial to add, for example, a 'metal' type sound category. Very satisfying CLUNK.

>Sex gauges redesign
The previous design was pretty shit, was never too happy about them, so I spent some time creating new bars that live in the screen surround, they look nice and you get to look at a few more NEW, PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN pixels on either side of the screen.

>New boss fight
I had this idea months ago for a little mini boss I wanted to add, but couldn't justify taking the time to make a new enemy type, new AI type, new race, sounds, etc.
Done now, and really enjoying it. Livens up what before was a semi-useless room.

>Shop sells ammo
Money you make on this adventure wasn't really too useful during this adventure, so I made it so you can buy ammunition at the shop, so you don't just spend it all on goblin blowjobs.

>Pass through allies during battle
I have no idea why I never implemented this sooner.
Added a check at the collision level to allow the player to pass through events which are non-enemy battle npcs when using the walk command, so no messy object mutation going on.

Bug fixes:

>Changed hentai image caching system to a better one
The old one would spam in certain situations, the new one is a bit nicer and trips up less often.
Still not perfect, in certain situations images can disappear for 1 frame, but this is as much RPGMaker's fault as my own.

>Rocket-firing units now work properly
There was a pretty cool but unintended behaviour with them before, where it was like they'd throw away their rocket without trying to fire it if they couldn't get a clear shot in the first few turns. That's not what was happening, but it sure looked like it. They were actually being tricked by a state machine bug into thinking they had already fired. Now they actually hang onto and try to use their rocket.

>Terrain hopping fixes
I had some neat sound effects for when you'd hop up, like onto a table, and down again. I couldn't figure out why it was so stuttery sounding and inconsistent, turns out my criteria for who plays the sound was too lax, and the sound was being triggered also for the cursor (since it was on the table, too) and for the player followers, which I'd explicitly turned off. Behind the scenes in RPGMaker, turning them off just makes them invisible. I killed their update routine, maybe it'll get us a frame here or there, fuck followers and fuck jannies.

These last few days have been incredibly good for my mind and soul, just allowing myself the absolute pleasure of working toward whatever goal I want, without guilt, it's really recharged my batteries.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

40 days in the hole


This is exactly why I didn't want to do cyberpunk anymore. Real life is getting too close to that, already.
Key word there, being "life"; stop saying I'm dead you fucking pricks!!!

I hope you boys are safe and comfy enough. Did you get a few things in?
You seeing shortages of stuff in your area?
I've been in quarantine a few weeks, since a little before it was obligatory, and I'm working from home because that's the sort of white collar, namby-pamby piece of trash I am, now.
But yeah, I'm doing alright.

Regardless, first sign of a coof and I'll put what I have on MEGA with a dead man's trigger post. I did something similar with LS after I nearly got hit by a car.

Don't want to spoil things so close to the end, but I've finished up 3 scenes in the last 3 weeks and have a couple more to go.

Taking a break from art to get the scenario ending tied up until the little outro cutscene, then I'll do the remaining sex scenes, and do soundwork for those;
I've got some great new sound effects in the making. Who knew a half-bottle of laundry detergent could sound so good, bros?

So I've got a good lot of fun things still on my plate, then I'm ready to do a trailer and an OST.

What we're looking at:
2 - 3 hours first playthrough
13 animated sex scenes
1+ hour of original music (close to 2 hour album, with most tracks made to loop having 1 repeat)

Have a listen, I've put together a couple of clips:

This is most representative of the sound.

And here's some fun incidental stuff from throughout the level.

Sadly I'm only slightly less busy working from home than when I have an actual office to go to, but I can ditch work for an hour here and there to animate, which is nice.

That's it, look after yourself, because there's only one of you.
And it'll be a tough sell getting into Valhalla for this.
I mean, technically it's still a weapon, but ehh... I dunno man, play it safe.

Sunday, 8 March 2020


How's it goin' bros?

Had a really productive little round of user testing, recently.
Now that the game is more or less complete (except for a couple of sex scenes I'm still doing the final art for) I've been able to get a couple of people to run through it.
Came away with a few bugs to fix or areas to be made a little more clear to a new user, and all of the stuff found has been fixed / implemented.
All really helpful stuff that's made the game tighter.

Th(is/ese) week(s):

I've been working hard filling in the aforementioned remaining scenes, some which were half-done since a while, some are all-new.
I noticed during the test that my image levels have been off, making everything too bright.
It looked fine in regular gameplay, but the over exposure was murder for sex scenes with lots of bright flesh tones, so I spent a couple of hours fixing the filtering in place.

I also output new versions of some older scenes with tweaked colors and fixed little eyesores I didn't see until watching somebody play through, like vanishing "ropes" or single-frame messy lines.


I don't know how the verticality of this works, either,
but they do money shots like this in hentai
all the time so fuck off tbh

Now that I've got you all buttered up with some soggy tit pics, I have some lame news:
I'm not gonna release dedicated builds for Mac and Linux, anymore.
This will mean using Bootcamp or Wine to catch this on those platforms, and I'm sorry about the trouble that causes.

After the engine upgrade I did last year, I'm using a Node version beyond what RPGMV natively supports, so part of the build creation now needs to be manual.
This roughly means outputting 3 versions of the game, then manually overwriting each with respective versions of Node Webkit, and hoping it all works.

Creating builds for Mac and Linux already sucked balls, it increases my overhead for every release-candidate build and there are always unacceptable bugs unique to each platform that really ruin the experience for those users, and I can't easily debug them in my local Windows environment, where they don't occur.

I can test high/low spec and Windows 7/10, locally, which accounts for most cases.
My own blog visitation figures, download counts per OS on previous games and last month's figures from Steam all confirm to me that it's not really worth the amount of stress that getting those platforms working, tested and packaged every time requires.

If you've been following specifically in hopes for one of those and using a Bootcamp / Wine workaround is unacceptable, I completely understand, but not having to think about dedicated solutions for those platforms would be too massive of a relief for me to ignore.

Man, this is such a fucking downer to end a post on.
Please believe I've been agonizing over this and I'm really hesitant to do it, but the alternative is delays and abject misery.

I'll have more titties to show shortly, see you soon.

Monday, 17 February 2020


[Update 8th March] Renamed this post because of diet supplement spam probably targeting keywords used in the title.

A little late this time, February hits me like a ton of bricks every year.
Last year it was a new job, year before that my life got flipped turned upside down and the year before THAT, I flipped a coin as to whether to even bother making a first demo.
Something about February fucks with my plans.

Thankfully this year the only setback was 4 or 5 days of terrified speculation, conspiracy binging and going full preptard in light of this totally just a flu that's going on.

We'll be fine, obviously. All the same, buy a few supplies in, will ya?
Nothing drastic, just stock up a little on essentials.
If Honk Konk is anything to go by, start with toilet paper, that seems to run out first.
We're gonna be alright though, I'm sure we'll all make it, r-right..? ;__;

I'm still plugging away at the remaining art for this level, now that the busts are done and in-game.
It feels decidedly like the home stretch, but I always underestimate how long creating and adding sound to sex scenes can take, so I'm still not gonna be able to promise a specific date.

Still to do:
- Remaining sex scenes (1 full, 2 wip, 3 [?S?E?C?R?E?T?])
- Tie up end battle into end sequence
- Turn disparate notes into first draft of level 2

It's looking good, I'm doing good. Provided we all pull through this, let's have a good time playing videogames ok.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Soldier on // Only you can do what must be done //

How's it goin' anon?

Got a few more hours to work than I usually get on a Saturday, so figured why not update today, too.

Other than a few little polish fixes here and there, this time I've been all art, all the time.
48 new 4-frame busts are done and in game and looking pretty good.

I've started allowing myself two or three more colors to create detailed lips, which also work well to antialias skin-color contours. I think it makes all the difference. Obviously I'm still learning, but really enjoying myself.

                     Another 24 or so to do for the last character, then they're done.

And in game:

The only problem I'm having is one of consistency. Some of the busts are largely unchanged since they were done and added to the game back in September or October and it's really difficult to leave them alone when I discover a new technique.
I want to take the time to update the older ones, but if I go back and revise everything, it'll never end, y'know? Maybe I can set aside a little time to touch up the older ones before it goes out, but I don't want to fall into any traps so late in the day.

Open me in a new tab, anon-kun~

Next Up:

Remaining 24 busts for last character.
Remaining sex scene art
Scripting in the sound and vibe-patterns for sex scenes
Finish scripting end battle
End cutscene linking to the next level

Take care you don't get that Coronashit and I'll see you soon.

Monday, 13 January 2020


This is gonna be your year, you have to believe it.
It's gonna be mine, too, we're both going to make it, anon.

A seriously good week.

I love self-discipline, and I wouldn't be enjoying life so much if I hadn't been hard on myself until this point. There's a lot made about working hours and conditions and muh mental health in games. I spent 6 years working in legit AAA, games that statistically you likely own, so I know all about crunch, and despite the recent narrative about burnout and WORK BAD, I am really grateful for it.

Some of the best years of my life were spent slamming 12+ hour days for 30 days in a row without a day off. Good people working hard on great games, sleeping under desks during lunch, taking 2am smoke breaks with custodial staff, falling into an expense-paid taxi at 7am, taking a tour of the town as businesses start to open. It was magic and it was brutal, and I think everybody should experience it once.
That said, a guy I used to work with gave up 2 years of his life to make Anthem, lmao

I think I've maybe lost my way a little in recent months.
It's become a system where I work until I'm exhausted and instead of creating lists of what I got done to see the bigger picture and share progress, I stumble to bed annoyed at myself for what I didn't get done or the fact I'm not finished, yet.

As a sort of resolution for the new year I've started breaking my work into smaller chunks and telling myself:

If you can get these couple of trivial tasks done by bedtime, you are allowed to go to sleep and feel happy with yourself.

And what tends to happen is I get done of that little task and I get to go into "overtime", making a start on tomorrow's task. And it feels great, because I'm only doing myself a solid.

This (2) week(s):

>Finished the intro scenario
The short little adventure to get you used to controls and set the scene a little, plays nice.
>Finished the intro cinematic, with its own music, sfx and credit sequence
Runs nicely from the end of the little adventure into the beginning of the first proper level.
>Added in story points to keep the player abreast with what's going on elsewhere on the station

>Fixed a breaking bug in the
>Made part of the secret easier to complete

>Did further work on busts
Made some revisions to busts, because there were a few that were cute, but not really fuckable.
The sort of girl who'd be comfy to have running a shop and getting to know over a long period, but not immediately satisfying, so tried to change that.
Also starting to get a little more adventurous with dithering, lighting etc.

Old | New

>Did full narrative cringe-pass

Sometimes I'll write a line and later in bed or out in the world I'll think about it and realize it's shit.
Fixed all of those so I can sleep. Some of the lines and wording in Lateshifter and the SK demo still make me cringe and I wish I could change them. Next best thing is not doing it again.

Took a full afternoon to make some quality-of-life adjustments to combat, since I've not focused on it in a good while.
>Added weapon tag to UI display name
If you're holding a shoddy spear, a razor-sharp axe or a scoped pistol you should realise without having to open your character sheet
>Added new sfx for some weapons which should have their own.
Spears sounded like bats, whips sounded like swords, now have their own thing going on.
>Added sound effects to the wind-up
Drawing a gun, readying a whip or preparing to punch have their own little whoosh noise to make it more cathartic when you unleash it.
>Balanced levels to better exaggerate difference between light and heavy attacks.
>Give player 0.4 extra moves per enemy in battle

If you have to wait for a lot of enemies to take their turn, I want you to be able to do more in the time you do have control. 5 moves when you're facing 3 enemies can be tacticool, but 5 moves when you're facing 30 enemies = snore and downtimepilled

>Fix enemy interaction priority to resolve a couple of issues
I have a few types of interactive things in the game, so when initially programming the object discovery system, I gave every interactive thing its own priority level, which goes:

0: Door,
1: Quest object / essential NPC,
2: Container,
3: Combatant,
4: Dead combatant with inventory,

5: Dead combatant with empty inventory (Now optionally ignored entirely, see below)

So if you are standing on a dead enemy, you'll get an option to loot it, but if you are standing on a dead enemy while facing a door, you'll always be able to open the door.
In order to loot that enemy you'd have to turn on the spot to not face the door.
One problem I've had with this a while was that in battle, because of the priority list above, you couldn't loot a body at your feet if facing an enemy, so you'd have to turn around to loot something at your feet. Not very intuitive.
So I just quickly reworked the order I process priorities while in battle to 0,1,2,4,3, instead.
The chances to talk to a character mid-battle so far are few and entirely optional little easter eggs, and this doesn't stop it from happening.

>Interaction system ignores dead enemies with empty inventories
As above, I added an option defaulting to ON that lets you ignore empty, dead enemies, because it's not exactly a thrillride to pick through a stack of goblins for a couple of credits when half of them just say "It's empty".
Now once you've taken all their items, normal enemies just act like part of the floor, unless they're quest-npcs-turned-fighters, which are exempt.

Now working on:

>Going through the narrative to make a list of all emotions needed for each character still in need of busts.
>Creating bust variations for all these emotional states


>Finish sex scenes
>Script sound and vibration patterns for each
>Tie up final battle scripting, leading into end cutscenes
>Create ending animation

It's getting to be about that time. Thanks for tuning in bros!

☑ Do your work
☑ Love your work
☑ Love yourself
☑ Make life easier for yourself tomorrow
☑ Thank your agent and your god and fuck off

☑ Make a friend you can talk to about Valhalla

☒ Love jannies
☒ Let sickly internet aristocracy decide what words mean