Tuesday, 31 December 2019

This will be my last post

of the year, of the decade!

Is this a progress blog or a periodic dump of titty gifs.

How about you get back in the habit of posting about what you've implemented you fucking faglord.

Last few weeks:

>Added version data to new config and savegame files and check before setting / loading, to prevent invalid, old files being imported
Config file and Save data could be imported from the demo, causing a crash since options since then have been changed, and mapIds reassigned.
RPGMaker by default literally just checks to see if a game name is the same, and if it is, it'll load up configs and save games without further problems. smdh familamasama

>Fixed rare crash that would occur when a Yanfly plugin would sometimes attempt to access a property of $dataMap before $dataMap even had a value.

>Fixed bug that needlessly reinitialized values multiple times on main menu.

>Created intro cutscene with new music and animation
Just some of the dialogue in this new scene needs final work, now.

>Reworked Sex minigame
The left meter classically had a sweet spot around 85-100, where you'd build the right meter much more quickly. Problem with this is that it made you just hammer the keys to get to 85-100 completion, and there was no real risk involved.
It was just "fuck faster === more good feel === more jizz" which was kinda lame.
Now the sweet spot begins lower down and is consumable, relocating afterward, trending toward the same old 85-100. I think it better simulates finding the rhythm that feels best in that moment.
The gauge-building speed raises after every sweet spot consumed. The spots themselves remain sticky, but movement outside of them is greatly increased. This means that you trend toward the top of the gauge and it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid busting out the top of a sweet spot, careening your way into an orgasm.
In essence, the objective is not to cum
This makes it a much more realistic stamina battle and rewards your ability to edge, rather than rewarding your ability to just sit on the same screen long enough.

>Starting pre-release stuff like outputting builds to try on other hardware
I suspect upgrading the engine and getting rid of eyebleed filters did a lot, because I'm getting 60fps on the same old netbook that barely ran Lateshifter two Christmases ago.
There's still a little bit of lag at the beginning of battlemode on the old machine, which I'd like to look into at some point after this release, but it's not a massive deal at all, and still runs much better than the demo did after its performance upgrade.

That's all from me, I've got a week or so before I'm back at work, so I'll be here plugging away at this.
Happy new year, bros!

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Beginnings and Ends

Ho ho ho, ladmates.

Where the fuck has this year gone?
I'm working on the beginning and end sections to the level, now- a little intro mission as well as the brief cinematics, then I'll be finishing off the undone sex scenes, audio for those and little incidental pieces of music and polish.

If you don't want any more spoilers, please don't scroll down.
Don't you do it.

I mean it, turn back! Save yourself!

Oh, you are incorrigible, anon. Very well, please enjoy the titties you were denied so unfairly, last time, a preview of some new titties, new battle footage and a short clip of music from the beginning of the game. I'll get more to you as soon as I can!

I may have accidentally made this look cooler than the original

Until next time, look after yourself, I love you like a brother, thanks for your support this year!