Wednesday, 13 November 2019

oko bls

It's getting too long since I posted again. I'm very much alive and well.

It's that time of year when November tourists join me in nofap.
I'm not a redditor about it or anything, I just really enjoy looking at titties for hours while working on them. It keeps me interested and working- why shoot that motivation into a moist towel like a fucking casual when there's so much still to be done?
Whatever, you don't come here for a sermon, you come here for titty gifs.

Patreon boys get this today, freebros will get it next time.

Straight off the bat, last time I hinted cryptically at a possible launch / trailer date which isn't far off, and all my best intentions can't help me actually make it in time.

Remember how I budgeted amply for everything possible? Well it turns out even that was unrealistic.
Despite using up all my time outside of work, I'm behind in a way I can't seem to catch up to.
The oko who makes schedules is such an understanding optimist, I can't stand the thought of letting him down.

If it was anybody else, I'd tell them to fucking relax about it, not get hung up feeling like a disappointment to those waiting and just enjoy the process and that ultimately it'll take as long as it takes.
But I wouldn't believe that if I heard it, myself.

The long and short of it is that I don't want to drag this out, I don't want to make anyone wait, I don't want to take advantage of the good-natured support I've received to date. I want to get it finished and released so that I can think about taking a week off over Christmas.

Still todo:
>Finish remaining H-Scenes
A couple of them are still WIP, all of them still need sound work.

>Finish remaining busts
Half of them are totally finished, the rest have at least base drawings.
I just need to create variants for those three, to match their moods during the narrative.

>Finish scripting the final battle
I think I could get this done in a full weekend day (12 hours), everything I need mechanically is there, I just need to make a few unique art assets, get it all scripted, then iron out any bugs and tweak for difficulty.

>Script in the start and ending sequences
I'd like to avoid a cold open and cut to black, respectively, as I had to settle for with Lateshifter.
LS was always meant to have an intro sequence and a really fucking killer outro, but due to time restraints it ended up being what it is.
I will do this again if I absolutely must, but I really don't want to if I can help it.

Sounds like there's next to nothing left, right?
Sounds like it'd take, oh, I dunno, maybe a couple weeks?
Yeah, it sounds like that to me too, but I really have no clue how time works.

For reference, the above titty gif is 28 frames long, and it's taken from a brand new scene I actually timed the creation of from the outset.
I had it in my head that I could get a scene done from beginning to end in one sitting of about 8 hours.
My basis for that estimation? I did exactly that, one time, two years ago, with the Stace scene.

I definitely remember this one being quick to come together. That fucking ass, UNF.

After 8 hours I had the main loop and the speed variants all done. There were some rough patches that needed cleaning up, then I'd have to make the end scene.
The entire thing took just shy of 15 hours over three days to go from nothing to existing in-game as a triggerable scene.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I really enjoy working on it, and the new opaque method I use for drawing """"liquids"""" is both faster and better looking, and it only came together during this time.
And the mechanical side of it isn't much trouble, as long as all the loops it expects exist, it just works.

Sorry if I sound frustrated or anything this time, lads.
I just need to get this done so I can prove I've been working this whole time.