Tuesday, 15 October 2019


This radio silence was not very cash money of me.
I always want post at the end of every day of work, but I put off spending the hour-plus it usually takes to write an entry so that I can get more actually done on the game.

But don't worry! I've been working flat-out over here and I'm now in the final stretch before release.
I don't want to state an exact release date out loud, because it breaks my heart to miss them, but if I'm smart and can wring all the time I need out of my already psychotically-antisocial schedule, we're talking a few weeks away.
I'm going to be working non-stop until it's done, you can count on that.

Not to sound like a dudebro, but I feel really blessed.
Only a few months after a full year of twisty-turny uncertainty and narrowly avoiding the oko-is-homeless arc, I'm suddenly aware that I'm in the best shape of my life mentally, physically and financially.
I'm actually learning stuff, the leanest and most muscular I've been since my teens and okay, I'll never be a richfag, but I've got a little nest egg now to protect myself from ever getting that low again.
A guy like me has no business having such a great life, I mean it. I've an incredible amount to be thankful for.

Ah, I'm not tryin' to get all sappy about it, but I really appreciate you bros sticking with me.
Stopping by to shoot the shit, challenging me on my decisions, donating energy and getting me to think about things, it reminds me that what I'm doing has some extra value outside of how it makes me feel.
The comic part of all this is that even though it's massively important to me, I can't even talk to anybody about it IRL. How do you even talk about a passion project like this with normalfags?

"Yeah, I'm making this 1980s-space-fantasy style adventure game, with simple, fast tactics combat."
"Oh, that sounds nice."
"Yeah, it's a fun little game, you know? You fight bad guys and evil space monsters, explore and make friends with silly characters, find powerful weapons and save the princess."
"So, do you have a website or someth-"

"And then if you want you can penetrate her."
"And sometimes the monsters are wet for you, too."
"And huffing some alien chick's moist panties boosts your stats."

Just get onto your back, you slutty pig.

I love life and I love game dev and I don't deserve any of it, but I'm doing my best.
I'll have to head out now, lots of work still to do.

 Still not loving jannies
☑ Give a shit about something that nobody else 'gets'
☑ Getting more than 6 hours sleep is for women and queers
Worshiping an upstart truant in a raincoat
 Ever getting so low, again

I'll check in again when I've got a trailer together, alright?
Much love to you, brothers, stay outta trouble!

oko x