Monday, 9 September 2019

Excuse me help, how to draw vagene?

Hey, how's it going?
I'm pretty good, had a few rounds of minor surgery in the last two weeks- nothing to worry about but I lost a couple days here and there to recovery, which sucks.
Taking some vacation next week or the week after to catch up, so it'll be alright.

What have I been up to this time?

The small stuff (and it's all small stuff)

I've replaced some temp dialogue, added a couple of mini puzzles, some fun scenes and the main boss.
Added sound emitters for added ambiance on the station. Beeping computers, whirring machinery, that sorta thing.
Fixed some bugs including a crash that'd happen if you tried to open your inventory while between rooms (wtf lol)
Added the last of the rooms I should need, though I'm sure I said that before.

Friendship ended with Lonnie, now Laser Gun is my best friend

I finally gave in and removed the demo level from the current game, as it was 90% legacy code and relied on stuff I don't want to use any more (more on this below).
This whole time I wanted to rewire it to continue to have it be the tutorial but it'd be much more effort than it was worth. A LOT has changed since then, and I'd rather it just continue to be out there as a stand-alone little adventure.
In order to add it into the current game I'd need to fix all events, change all cutscenes to match the new stuff (more on that below), re-draw all the art (more on that below), re-do the sex scenes and probably update the music and remove the dated memes and other "what were you thinking" gamer moments.
It would add a month or more to the release, so I've just canned it.

It's really not a complicated game, user-side, and the pause menu shows all the controls for the current game mode, so I think this is okay. Nothing stops me adding it back later, but I'd rather work on new stuff if it's okay with everybody. We're here on earth for a good time, but sadly not a long time.

My main focus this weekend has been trying to be an artist.

I'm getting close to release and that means with the dialogue getting finalized and scenes locked in, I'm going to have to start thinking about cutscene renders.

I haven't made a big deal about it, but I really don't like making cutscene renders, they're easily the part of development I get the least out of.
Until now, all the titty art outside of sex scenes has been heavily-edited screenshots of 3D renders. It's a popular way to do it, and despite the work I put in to make them my own, it's always made me feel like a fraud.

The pipeline I had for creating new busts was insanely involved and fraught with inconsistencies that needed hours and hours of correction, and I'd like that to be over.
It doesn't make me happy, the results via that technique are hit and miss, I'm not learning anything like that, and the best that can come from it is:
>spending hours and hours installing mods
>slider-based RSI
>Trying to pose models in VR without jizzing everywhere
>exporting, editing the results, painting, processing...

All to make the best possible versions of somebody elses 3d models, y'know?
So I'd like to move away from that, but here's the catch; I'm not really an artist.

Can't draw. But pixels make things easier, so I could give it a try, right?
Okay, let's try it. 60 x 60 grid.

If I could go back in time and kill one thing, it would be my foolhardy spirit

Absolutely disgusted.

The first attempt went about as well as you might expect.
Just kinda drawing clumsy shapes and what I thought lighting looked like.
Google Images thought it was a cartoon, so that's a small victory.
0/10, would not bang.

So I go back to it, and I try to figure out what I might be able to do differently. How do I make a mouth or a nose look good at this resolution? The body looks shit, I'm not gonna get good at those, so let's just draw some clothes onto it and try to make her look happy.
That'll be something, right?

"Come on, the bandit camp is this way!
But you'll have to sing loudly and proudly because the camp trail gets lonely!"
Well, it IS something, just not something that's good. I tried to do that same directional lighting again, and I'm just not having any luck with it.
Not pictured: The 7 or 8 times I quit in either rage or laughter at my own work.

I did some programming for a while to cool off and came back to it later on, started paying more attention, using 5 colors, just the same as when I was learning to make tiles.

I genuinely like this and I think I genuinely like myself.

Okay, it's maybe not amazing or anything, but with a low pixel count and low color count and slowly introduce new ones, you can do some nice things. If I'm going to use this meme art format, I might as well lean into it and accomplish stuff I never could with actual drawing.

Generic-chan a cute, CUTE

I dunno, I like it.
I think this was the boost I needed to stop feeling so lousy about the work I was doing.
I spent a couple of days trying to draw out this episode's girls like this, to see if I wanted to stick with this kinda art over the previous kind.

I'm really enjoying myself. Start to finish, the process is just painting in 1 (one) program and listening to audiobooks or podcasts or whatever, and I'm just loving life.
I'm still not a real artist, I need a lot of practice, but I hope at least you like this half as much as I do.

Varie, Amba, Luci and Orkie (WIP)

To give my eyes a rest from color-work, I got a new bust system together and edited it to animate with timing I can set myself for each frame, as granular as I'd like, then rigged up all Amba's conversations with her 18 new faces. I have to say I'm really digging the way it makes her scenes feel.
I was really worried and hesitant to start the bust work this weekend, but this has been super nice.

This is actually a gif, wait a couple of seconds. Aaaaah, did you see it? :DDD

I hope you're doing well, don't worry too much if you don't like what you're seeing so far, because I'm sure it's going to get better. This is really only 3 days' progress / work.
Maybe I'll be totally embarrassed by this a week from now, but right at this moment in time I am loving every laugh.

That's it, I'll check in again soon.
Don't take any shit x