Monday, 8 July 2019

When they kick at your front door // How you gonna come?

I'm all mixed up, I could swear it was 2 weeks since the last post, not 3.
Report card time. Let's see what I've been doing.

>fixed some tools I use for event hiding
>created wind-up frames for all weapons
Now for ranged or strong melee attacks there's an extra frame while picking a target.
This way I can add in anticipation or aiming without sacrificing responsiveness. Attacks are still instant, but they have the start of the swing they were missing til now.

>Added temp weapon system
pick up bottles, plates and stuff and smash them over heads


>Added throwing weapon system
I was rofl the first time I thot-patrolled a goblin with a beer bottle from the other side of the room
>Little quality of life changes for me and the end user
    > UI Icon shown for a weapon is now governed by a stat on that weapon, so every gun doesn't need a unique icon. Originally wanted it to have that level of attention to detail, but not everything has to be infinitely special, and it took me too long to learn that. Based retard oko caring too much about soul.

    >Instantly pick up a weapon if you're unarmed. As a general rule, any weapon will be better than your fists, and if you just want to stand by a wine rack and hurl bottles at every mothafucka in an 8 square radius, it's a bit annoying when picking up another to have to confirm YES, I WANNA HOLD THE BOTTLE RATHER THAN BE UNARMED.

    >Controller-oriented quality of life changes you'd expect; back out of choices with Circle / Triangle, close messages with Cross or Square, that sort of thing.

    >Made myself some new tools to better control flow, more forgiving string checks that player has item needed to continue,

>fixes to enemy targeting to accommodate new thrown weapon system.
Rather than target ranges be split by player weapon type (handheld or ranged) it's now split by adjacent or distant. A subtle change, granted.
>fixed early encounter to be more streamlined and fun, it was convoluted for its own sake.
>nearly finished 2 of the 3 remaining narrative sections
>Added new big butt H-scene

Good patreon bois go first, everybody else pls wait for your turn.

As usual, there's likely a bunch more I've either forgotten or thought I included it in the previous post.
Just gonna keep on keepin' on.

Maybe it's working on this, right? Maybe it's the summer and the 5am calisthenics, maybe it's disconnecting from fake news and zoning out the culture war.
Whatever it is, big picture; I'm literally the happiest I've been my whole life these past months.
I want to say thank you for any part (You) played in that.
Please always feel like you can write to me. I'm on this planet to make friends.

I'm hoping you're doing great. I'm really looking forward to putting this out.


  1. >Star Knave

    glad you're enjoying yourself. Keep up the current balance; seems to be doing you wonders and I need my favourite smut merchant to be happy if I'm ever going to have an ethical fap

  2. So glad. My eyes started to twitch the past week not seeing any Oko's glorious Butt. Wait! Taht sounded wrong O.o

  3. I can back that up, disconnecting from all the bs useless political wars online and endless shitposting and just focusing on yourself, the things you really genuinely like and your projects is the road to happiness.

  4. At this rate you're gonna be the first and only person I'm gonna support on patreon. Slow and steady wins the race! Also I'm glad you're happy Oko, that's what's important! Keep up the good work :D

    1. Oko was and is the first and only person I've supported on Patreon.

      Speaking as a member of the Supporters and Enthusiasts club, just do it. Oko deserves it more than literally anyone else.

  5. based happy oko

  6. The CHAD Interstellar Rogue vs the virgin gobbo autist