Sunday, 28 July 2019


Ayy lmao, what is this, two updates in two weeks?
Just finished an engine upgrayedd, naturally with two Ds, for a double dose of this pimping.

This is the sort of thing I've been dreading and putting off for a year, but there are some features I wanted to play with and the old engine is absolute FILTH compared to modern chrome.
Literally can't even define const, let or arrow functions in the old version.
I really shouldn't have held out this long, but hey, maybe a couple of months ago I wouldn't have had the know-how to get this done.

So what have I done? Well, here's the checklist:


>Let steam update to the latest client

>Create a new project to get the latest core files
>Switch my old ones out for those (after extensive diffing to make sure I didn't revert edits I'd made)
>Replace the engine's version of nwjs with the latest SDK from the internet.
>Get the console up and running to see just how much of this shit is now broken
>Spend 2 days debugging and rewriting to work in the latest version
>Come on here and brag about how I wasted a whole weekend removing tech debt instead of painting butts, as if you're going to give me a chocolate medal or something

It was really fun, except for the parts where I wanted to die, but that's mainly the europoor heatwave.
Rather than go into laborious detail about what I had to do, how much blood came outta my eyes while doing it, I'll just stick to the fun notes:


Core files: v1.4.1 (hadn't updated since lateshifter development due to plugin incompatibility)
RPGMaker MV 1.5.1
Running in Chrome 41.0.2272.76 (March 2015)
>pixi 4.0.0
>limited gamepad API
>console that shit the bed after about 1 minute of being open
>fairly consistent 58fps, with big dips quite often
>RAM usage between 1.5GB and 2GB with emergency flushing to stop it dying


Core files: v1.6.2
RPGMaker MV v1.6.2
Running in Chrome 75.0.3770.14 (June 2019)
>pixi 4.5.4
>expanded gamepad API with VERY cool new features
>console that you can turn to night mode and never, ever quits.

edit: it just quit before I finished this post, but still
>improved performance (consistent 60fps, same computer)

>RAM sitting at something like 500mb with the console closed, I mean wtf?!

Pretty obvious upgrade, right?!
For the first 4 or 5 hours, I'd considered turning back, when something fundamental would break.
I had multiple backups of everything the way they were before, and it was very tempting to just head back and attempt this some other year.
But I carried on, safe in the knowledge I COULD turn back if it all got too much, and the more I stuck in there, the more I found that the plugins I'd considered essential all this time mostly held that status because when I started using them, I really could not program, not a hello world, nothing.
So reframing its necessity and having a look at what else is out there, what I could write myself, I just kept at it.

In doing so I also:
>solved some problems I had with lag while entering rooms
>refactored my sex scene payload structure

It was unreadable after the very instant you stopped adding info to it, now it's pretty clear.
>learned a whole lot about how audio is handled in the engine.
>added a stricter frame counter for sex scenes
Now the frames are dictated directly by which animation frame is showing.
Previously I'd start counters from the same position and I had checks to restart them if they got off course.
Now it's 1:1, they cannot go outta synch with each other, and all the sound and vibration timing is hooked into it, so it all just works.
>added vibration / rumble / force feedback for supported joypads
Awwwww YEAH. This was the main catalyst for the upgrade, so I experimented early on before everything else was working. I figure if it was a real pain and the vibration didn't feel good, I'd have a good case for putting it to bed and getting back to the old version.
It's very, very good. I really like it. I wanted to upload a video of my controller during a sex scene, absolutely pummeling my desk in time to the show, but this will do for now:

I'm gonna go soak my head, then shake some poetry out the ol' pudding.
Have a good one bros.

Don't take any shit
 Fuck Jannies
 Stick up for the things you love
 Don't let anybody make you afraid
 Drop right now and give yourself twenty
 Take pride in masculinity
 Switch off the news
 Really give a fuck
 Sleep faster, work more
 Attempt an engine upgrade only once in your life
Apologize for occupying space
 Break the chain
 Take advice from a dipshit internet filth baron like oko

Sunday, 21 July 2019


Goooooood evening, friends.

When was the last time I released a Sunday Progress Report on an actual sunday?!
What a great couple of weeks it's been, regular 30yo bloomer over here.

What's new:

Sex scene minigame revamp:

>Totally redid the way I handled stamina, auto-mode.
>Added sliding Sweet Spot
No more hovering around 80% to build the meter faster, now it's a spot that's marked onscreen and moves based on rules.
>Added image interpolation option
When making gifs for posting on here, I often add little touches like interpolation because I think it looks cool as fuck and makes everything look more fluid and dreamlike, so I've made changes to the sex scene engine to interpolate if the player has the option set to. Options are High, Low and Off.


>Fixed ALL remaining placeholder dialogue, animations and so on for the first 1hour 15mins of the game
This was a big one, and I'm very pleased. You can play from the start until just after the halfway point without any gaps, all final dialogue, the only part missing is sex scene sounds, which'll be added for every scene last, in a single pass, just before release.
That's not to say the level is only halfway done, it's just that around the 60% mark is where you start to encounter WIP stuff again.


>Added ability to jump onto tables and other half-height objects, in and out of battle.
Enemies might choose to do it too, though, depending on their AI, so watch out!

Art / Music:

>Finished the scene you see a snippet from above
>Added two tracks for playing during scenes


>pickups tidied away properly after being picked up
They used to sometimes sneak back onto the map as an empty, invisible little object you could 'look' at.
>Remove thrown weapons objects
Or "the fix that removed 47 former plates from my inventory"
>Fixed some items taking priority over lootable enemies
If enemies died on burned-out barrels, you couldn't loot them, now you can.
>Remove inventory item on use
I broke this a while back by introducing a method for 'sanitizing' strings (removing spaces and special characters, forcing lower case) for better comparisons. Forgot to update the function which checks if you have the item and discards it if you choose.
>Fixed enemy sight distance, was too far
>Added fun dialogue for a few characters that needed fleshing out
>Fixed issue where trying to jump onto a table while standing on multiple bodies would also open the looting menu
>Fixed dialogue to show over UI instead of just above it, crowding the screen.

This sprint:

I'm pretending 2 week gaps between postings are sprints, because it sounds better than 'scared to post because I want to do more work than it's physically possible to do'

Add important, pivotal mega-good and special best scene
Finish open-plan floor 2 rooms (2 are still empty)
Link up remaining rooms
Add art for remaining 2 scenes
Write more music, introducing the character leitmotifs used elsewhere

That's it from me, I hope you're doing great. <3        B================D - - - -

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or if like me, you truly live in a society, click ironically in solidarity.

Monday, 8 July 2019

When they kick at your front door // How you gonna come?

I'm all mixed up, I could swear it was 2 weeks since the last post, not 3.
Report card time. Let's see what I've been doing.

>fixed some tools I use for event hiding
>created wind-up frames for all weapons
Now for ranged or strong melee attacks there's an extra frame while picking a target.
This way I can add in anticipation or aiming without sacrificing responsiveness. Attacks are still instant, but they have the start of the swing they were missing til now.

>Added temp weapon system
pick up bottles, plates and stuff and smash them over heads


>Added throwing weapon system
I was rofl the first time I thot-patrolled a goblin with a beer bottle from the other side of the room
>Little quality of life changes for me and the end user
    > UI Icon shown for a weapon is now governed by a stat on that weapon, so every gun doesn't need a unique icon. Originally wanted it to have that level of attention to detail, but not everything has to be infinitely special, and it took me too long to learn that. Based retard oko caring too much about soul.

    >Instantly pick up a weapon if you're unarmed. As a general rule, any weapon will be better than your fists, and if you just want to stand by a wine rack and hurl bottles at every mothafucka in an 8 square radius, it's a bit annoying when picking up another to have to confirm YES, I WANNA HOLD THE BOTTLE RATHER THAN BE UNARMED.

    >Controller-oriented quality of life changes you'd expect; back out of choices with Circle / Triangle, close messages with Cross or Square, that sort of thing.

    >Made myself some new tools to better control flow, more forgiving string checks that player has item needed to continue,

>fixes to enemy targeting to accommodate new thrown weapon system.
Rather than target ranges be split by player weapon type (handheld or ranged) it's now split by adjacent or distant. A subtle change, granted.
>fixed early encounter to be more streamlined and fun, it was convoluted for its own sake.
>nearly finished 2 of the 3 remaining narrative sections
>Added new big butt H-scene

Good patreon bois go first, everybody else pls wait for your turn.

As usual, there's likely a bunch more I've either forgotten or thought I included it in the previous post.
Just gonna keep on keepin' on.

Maybe it's working on this, right? Maybe it's the summer and the 5am calisthenics, maybe it's disconnecting from fake news and zoning out the culture war.
Whatever it is, big picture; I'm literally the happiest I've been my whole life these past months.
I want to say thank you for any part (You) played in that.
Please always feel like you can write to me. I'm on this planet to make friends.

I'm hoping you're doing great. I'm really looking forward to putting this out.