Monday, 3 June 2019


Morning bro!

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It's JUNE!
It's Summer!
Time to crank up the air con and close all the blinds, because vitamin D is a social construct and you're not getting me this time government nice try 8===================D

The last couple weeks have been really satisfying, particularly the last few days I've just felt on fire.
Here's some of the stuff I've been up to.

>Wrote new music
Some character theme work, a new backing track for part of the level and about 90% completed the score for the final battle. Also spent some time configuring new instrument patches, discovering how to properly create gated snare drum reverb effects and tidying up the production to make tracks sound tighter, less suffocated, overall.

>Added a bunch of new rooms
One of the sections, what I'm working on primarily right now is, a sort of hub corridor with lots of rooms to explore, characters to meet and stuff. This has been really fun. I don't want to spoil particulars but there are some parts I super love and I'm looking forward to reactions.

>Added interaction animations
I added a section with a dark room and thought it might be fun to be able to turn the lights on and off, so I added an unarmed punch animation to the switch for when you interact with it, and... it felt really good! So, I went and changed how sprites are chosen, so that now while adventuring you'll have a general player sprite where he interacts with his hands, gestures to people to talk, bends over to pick up stuff, then you switch to the weapon-determined sprite in battle. Mechanically it took literally 10 minutes, which was neat.

>Added USB Controller support
At work this week I happened to find some docs online for html5 game controller API, got home and found it's already sort of implemented in RPGMaker, but hard coded to handle only default RPGM buttons (basically X,Z, Escape and Enter), so reconfigured to work with my game and tested with all the controllers I have. The game now supports 360, Xbone, PS4 (wired and wireless via meme sony bluetooth dongle I wish I'd never bought).
I even set it up so that you run automatically if you walk using analogue sticks and move them far enough, that was neat.
It feels really good, and natural, and I set it up to still play H-mode one handed, both right and left.
Look how fucking inclusive we are on this blog, stick that up your bollocks, journos.
I honestly think I'll be doing the majority of my day to day testing with wireless controller from now on, it feels that instantly right.

>Changed controls
For a while it was 1,2,3,4 and 5. Now it's 1,2,3,4 and Space.
        [4] = Skip turn
        [5] = Pick up/ activate / open (contextual smart button)
        [4] = contextual smart button
        [space] = skip turn
        [F5] = refresh web page
        [U] = types the letter 'u'
        [Pause/break] = literally nobody knows

Makes more sense to me this way, also stops you accidentally hitting skip turn while trying to loot or punch while playtesting in the dark of 3am because you haven't slept properly in weeks

>Created a new H-Scene

This one, shown above, came together really quite quickly, it's been nice to work on.

>Created way to add wandering monsters
This was fun, and means occasionally in designated rooms enemies will spawn. Can use this to make big areas feel more alive or make going back through old rooms more exciting.

Smaller fixes / tweaks
>Fixed issue where 1,2,3 and 4 wouldn't close windows if only the choices were onscreen without text.
>Fixed collision rules
there were two slightly different standards and it resulted in enemies sitting on tiles which have collision but are also marked as shoot-over-able(?) would be shot-over and not take damage. Basically if an enemy was on a couch, you'd never hit him, now you will.

>Fixed weapon pickups being repeatable if you were hammering keys fast enough.
>Enemy line of sight only calculates while an enemy is onscreen, now.

There's a bunch of stuff I haven't mentioned or don't want to spoil, but overall, I'm really stoked how this week has gone. There's been so much less code, more content and it feels fantastic to do.

Thanks for reading, I hope you're having a great week.
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Oh also, check this shit out, I'm on a camp old sci fi kick at the moment.
Literally how can Star Wars ever compete?

oko x


  1. Always wanted to be able to type the letter 'u' in Star Knave. Thanks based Oko. Can't wait to get my hands on those yummy Orcc buttcheeks

  2. Yes! Yes! More sex scene Yes! (insert Yes! meme here)
    I fucking love you Oko.
    Still can't belive that you're using RPGM engine, now even proper controller support?! o.O
    I will start calling out other RPGM weg dev and say ''Fucking learn how to properly use it from Oko 'U' Noob'', and i'm fucking buffled Oko is so under the radar we need to spread it guys, Forums, FB, IG, twitter wherever. (I'm starting to sound like a fan-boy, whatever. All hail to Oko YeaeeeH!). Btw is it safe to assume that there will be safe, no nipple-gun robo-tits in the future too?

  3. That movie seems to have more sexy women than Star Wars did. And a giant bare chested robot/statue thing. What does Star Wars have on that?

  4. I asked for sexy goblins, I received sexy goblins.

    I am now your Patron. Now and forever.

  5. You have the best taste in retro shit, no wonder you can make such great games.