Tuesday, 9 April 2019


How's it going, another pretty busy week!


>Passive enemy discovery of player
Until this week, battles were started via story script or certain key enemies with AI looking out. Enemies now ALL have that AI by default, behind the scenes, so if the player enters their sight or hearing range, there's a chance they'll discover him, starting a battle.
I thought I'd discover more about myself and the world back in college, but all I really learned was that Xbox, breakfast candy and 480p Japanese porn were fucking kino.
>Streamlined finding objects and enemies
Removed some lingering checks from the old version, won't be perceptibly faster but nice to know.
>Added ability for player to initiate battle when he sees enemies
You can get the drop on those fools and gain a nice little bonus to your first turn move limit.
>Added patrol stops
Little scripted areas where patrolling enemies will pause to look around. A neat little 20 minute addition.
>At the start of a battle, only enemies who can see the player move
Makes sense that the whole force on a larger map won't mobilize on turn 0

>Created puzzle section in the story with multiple ends
Finally I get back to talking about story. It feels really good to be writing dialogue again after a few weeks of straight mechanics.

Fixed bugs:

>Some objects like doors statted incorrectly if left in a particular state and the room is reloaded
>Fixed proximity-based volume, was going below zero and getting louder again.
>Fixed AOE damage behavior, no longer check against target's strongest overall defense

That's all for now, I've been doing story and side-story stuff and that's what I'm gonna work on for the next couple of weeks, just CONTENT.
I've freed up a little more time in the week now that I'm nearly outta the training phase at my corporate gig, and I want to pour it all back into the game, because I've been having such a blast this whole month.
I really love it, I think you'll love it, I don't want to sleep, I don't care to eat, I just want to work all day and night.

If you ever feel like making your own game, please do it, and do it for LOVE.

Stay safe, count your blessings and call your folks now and then, if you have the time.
While you're at it, you know what? Love yourself a bit more than you want to, man, because one day we're all going to be dust in a box, someplace, but until then you're all you've got.

Click below if you like puffy torpedo titties or something,
your boy for life,


  1. I so want to love myself a bit more too so speed up will ya. :P

  2. Dude, at this point the you've fixed issues that AAA games have not bothered with - you're insane :D

    1. Space Titwank 2 on the Atari 2600 is a phenomenal game.

  3. I must say I do love puffy torpedo tiddies

  4. I hope this does not come across as ungrateful but I so much more appreciated the first lateshifter (demo) and the second actual release. I don't think you followers care much for the battle system but more so for the absolutely amazing and new thing you created with lateshifter. I'm sure I speak for most if I say that you could have created a whole new game in the time it is taking you to refine a battle system not many care about. I read through the forums and people ask about titties... not about the battle system. I just had to say this. Please do not think that I do not appreciate your creativity! I love it.

    1. I get what you're saying, man, I've spent a long stretch of time focusing on non-sex side of the game and yeah, that's not titillating to read about.
      You're right, the old games were outright wegs; big titty walking sims with swear words - and so maybe it's disappointing to see me working in what looks like another direction, but I think you might be making assumptions about my goals based on the larger adult games world, which I've never really been a part of.

      I don't run a weekly-release landlord romancer, I don't offer vote tokens or discord roles, fetish tags or take requests of any kind. Obviously that all precludes me from making any sort of money but in return I work on what I want to all the time, and I'd be doing this whether anybody was reading or not because I genuinely just love what I'm doing.

      I'm not trying to make something for the forums, is my point, I guess.
      I love the small shitposting community we have going on right here. The comments crack me up, they make my whole week. It's already more buzz than I'd ever hoped for.

      This is just a diary, really, and not everybody lives a rollercoaster ride every day.
      Check back in a little while, I'll be right here, doing my thing.

      Thanks for reaching out, man, I do hear you, and I hope the posts are more interesting for you in the coming weeks!


    2. Sorry man but i don't agree. I really like what Oko is trying to create with this game, and his turn-based combat system is refreshingly unique (and the first afaik) from a western erotic game. It's not like the other thousands weg out there where they just copy each other honesly, mind you there are good ones but they are mostly story heavy VN type of game (text after text then choice then text again, and they need a really good story to be entertaining).
      This is a mixture of action, adventure and most of all sex.
      But one thing we agree. We demand more TITTIES and ASSES! Oko C'mon!
      And seriously his erotic scene are fucking top notch! And espexially the mini-game in those scene are studied to be done with one hand and i apllaud Oko for that lol.

    3. That was a perfect response Oko, keep doing what you're doing.

    4. So here's the simplified value proposition: the value of things changes in direct proportion to how hard we have to work for something. For me, I enjoy the game, and there's something for me to look forward to at the end. Yanno, tiddies. But as good as the art is in some of the VN games, they ditch the whole work-for-reward mechanism and dump all anticipation. The anticipation is what makes something good. It's why a scantily clad or stripping female is much more sexually enticing than a straight nude one.

  5. Candy in the mornin', pixelated anime tiddies in the evenin'.
    These truly are the golden days of mankind.

  6. Hello! Your games are a piece of art! Are you going to tell us about your secret animation/pixel art style?

  7. Yeah definitely dancing in the dark