Tuesday, 23 April 2019


For the first time in my life I've suffered corrupted files by power cut.

Thankfully it was just my notepad of game changes for the blogposts and nothing of value was really lost. I can tell it was corrupted because my list of progress now reads: NULNULNULNUL and I definitely wasn't working on NUL.

I spent a few days animating hentai scenes; some new, some you've seen before but now more sticky- and getting them into game. I also added an effect layer system and the content for that.
I talked about this before a while back, but now it's done and in.
Now there's an over-time layer for some scenes, so that blowjobs get wetter, girls sweat and their fat titties get shiny, that kind of thing. I've got ideas for other layers, but they'll come in later levels.
I also fixed some bugs and created a little PIXI text system to show "Ooh, harder anon" dialogue during H-scenes with sweet fade effects.

Yeah, yeah. When is it coming out, oko, you bilious bag of barnacle bait?

It IS taking a while, and I'm really sorry about it.
I keep underestimating the time it takes to accomplish everything on my own and it's such a bummer to keep apologising so these days I'm not naming dates; It breaks my heart when I can't make them and I'm sure it doesn't feel great for you, either.

I really want to get this out and get onto the next episode already; so I can draw some new stuff, add some of the story or scene ideas I've had in mind a while.
I just need to make sure this level is good and that it feels complete, first.

There won't be any more mechanics added this side of release, the last two weeks have all been content and writing, and that's how it's going to be from here until release.
Now I'm just scripting the rest of the level, animating the remaining H-scenes and adding the busts, backgrounds and misc art.

That's it for today, talk to you soon.

If you haven't already, check out Fire and Ice and Heavy Metal, sometime.
Fantasy and Sci-Fi were SOUL before low-T bugmen took over.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019


How's it going, another pretty busy week!


>Passive enemy discovery of player
Until this week, battles were started via story script or certain key enemies with AI looking out. Enemies now ALL have that AI by default, behind the scenes, so if the player enters their sight or hearing range, there's a chance they'll discover him, starting a battle.
I thought I'd discover more about myself and the world back in college, but all I really learned was that Xbox, breakfast candy and 480p Japanese porn were fucking kino.
>Streamlined finding objects and enemies
Removed some lingering checks from the old version, won't be perceptibly faster but nice to know.
>Added ability for player to initiate battle when he sees enemies
You can get the drop on those fools and gain a nice little bonus to your first turn move limit.
>Added patrol stops
Little scripted areas where patrolling enemies will pause to look around. A neat little 20 minute addition.
>At the start of a battle, only enemies who can see the player move
Makes sense that the whole force on a larger map won't mobilize on turn 0

>Created puzzle section in the story with multiple ends
Finally I get back to talking about story. It feels really good to be writing dialogue again after a few weeks of straight mechanics.

Fixed bugs:

>Some objects like doors statted incorrectly if left in a particular state and the room is reloaded
>Fixed proximity-based volume, was going below zero and getting louder again.
>Fixed AOE damage behavior, no longer check against target's strongest overall defense

That's all for now, I've been doing story and side-story stuff and that's what I'm gonna work on for the next couple of weeks, just CONTENT.
I've freed up a little more time in the week now that I'm nearly outta the training phase at my corporate gig, and I want to pour it all back into the game, because I've been having such a blast this whole month.
I really love it, I think you'll love it, I don't want to sleep, I don't care to eat, I just want to work all day and night.

If you ever feel like making your own game, please do it, and do it for LOVE.

Stay safe, count your blessings and call your folks now and then, if you have the time.
While you're at it, you know what? Love yourself a bit more than you want to, man, because one day we're all going to be dust in a box, someplace, but until then you're all you've got.

Click below if you like puffy torpedo titties or something,
your boy for life,

Monday, 1 April 2019

VERY hilarious and believable April Fools

Announcing Lateshifter: Coming Out Edition!!

I've long wanted to release a more tasteful remake of my original game, with a few changes in line with the times. Some of the themes of the original were, quite honestly extremely problematic, and needed to just be better.

Despite the unforgivably gross nature of the original game, there IS a kernel of good in there, which is what I think allowed people to look past the girl-fetishist boobie pictures and pretty yikes intercourse between the game characters and still be able to connect with charismatic everypeople like Kren.

get used to it

Now with the Coming Out Edition, we're going to see the city of TEM as it was always meant to be portrayed, as an incredibly inclusive multicultural utopia with a plethora of respectful nods toward the progressive struggles of our time, because I've come to realize that staying neutral politically and minding my own busness is no longer okay.

It'll likely be no surprise to anybody who's been as awake as I am since the Voldemort election, but Estella was always meant to be a young man. That's honestly how I saw him all this time, I just didn't feel empowered to speak up.

But if he can be brave and speak out, then so can I.

When he meets the player, Estella has been struggling to find himself, wrestling with this really brave sexuality that nobody has strong feelings about, in a world run by a conspiratorial power structure who always yells at me to get off discord and have dinner with him and my mom.

>Estella is now packing quite a whopper UwU
>Mola's hilarious anti-presidential rant has been restored
>Main character Anon replaced with Kren
>Bathrooms are now pointedly unisex
>Added skip gameplay button

>Professor Snape is a single mother
>JAV-lite replaced with SOY-lite
>Elevator is more inclusive, no more locked off floors between 2 and 33
>Replaced customization questions with a multiple-choice about political affliation.
>Replaced computer minigame because the player shouldn't have to Learn To Code
>Jedd and Stace are now poly, removing all the gross tension and excitement
>Removed soundtrack, as it harkened back to a really racist and sexist time

>Removed Cybil, she was just there to appeal to like the male fantasy
>Added a badass sidekick who pulls no punches with a hot take on every subject, try it out!

>Censored all remaining nudity using the Sony method

So in this super necessary update, all these issues will be rectified. I think it'll actually be quite obvious that this was always the way it was meant to be. It just feels right, and if I do my job correctly, it won't offend anybody.

Download NOW

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