Tuesday, 5 February 2019


This week:
>Working on new scenes!
Got through half of The Princess of Mars Edgar by Rice Burroughs on Saturday while making the lefthand scene. Not sure I'm happy with the flat bangs in motion, so still WIP.
As with the Orkie scene, I've walked back the blurry, 3D gradient look of the demo because a lot of people preferred the cleaner pixel look of Lateshifter, and I totally see what they mean. The extra processing it takes added overhead, so I was okay to drop it, though still reserve the right to fuck around with scenes for sidegames, I have a few more ideas.
>More battle music for the pool
Also made it more robust, fixing some edge-case issues where it'd act weird if battle finished too quickly and stuff.
>Changed scene near the beginning to be more open ended
Wanted to give the player more choice on how to proceed / how the scene unfolds, previously something would be in the midst of happening when the player showed up, so added in the possibility of intervening to stop it.
>Added stationary gunner AI + expanded a fight early on
>Changed door behavior for player and NPCs alike
checking for obstructions when trying to close
>Moved the story along pretty well
>A few tweaks not listed

Thanks for reading, please gib energy below.


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  4. Oko, have you seen what Patreon has been doing with the payments? You should consider shifting to another service. The way they are behaving seems very shady.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up!
      I've seen some people speaking about it lately and yeah, it's pretty shady. Addressed it in the latest post!

      Also thank you boys for your energy. Feels good man.