Sunday, 24 February 2019


Sup, you beautiful bastards, hope you're having a disingenuous Sunday, my name's Chocko Ox and let's just jump into it.

For the first week since this time last year, I broke the chain, feels bad man, press F in the chat.

New job schedule and homework is kicking my ass, leaving very little time during the week for game development but I'm learning a ton about programming so I'm still feeling pretty accomplished at the end of the day.
Naturally what I really want to be doing is the game, so I get in what time I can. It's not forever, just another few weeks I think, then I should be through my training and I get my evenings back.

Either that, or until I learn how to write a program to round up fractions of a penny off the innotek account, then the embezzlement arc can begin.

If one more person points a fucking gun at me today I'm gonna go nuclear

Today I spent 5 straight hours refactoring the player side of the battle system, handling the menu states and transitioning between them, totally replaced the movement mechanic and reliance on creating new objects for targeting and move path drawing.
It was probably the oldest code I still had in place and it was a FUCKING MESS, it was the most embarrassing thing and I've been putting off rewriting it for way too long.
Really makes me feel like I've come along in the last year.

Anyway, there were a handful of issues that reared occasionally and rare as they were, they were all pretty bad and included:
>tiles being left behind in rare circumstances
>tiles not showing up in rare circumstances
>events (tiles) can't be deleted outright, only hidden away and marked for deletion next room change
>long, long battles could potentially create thousands of tiles, which is why you might not be able to save after the big fight in the demo, it gets straight-up rejected by the save system saying "nibba I ain't saving all that to JSON, you can fuck off"
>sometimes, very rarely when running heavy debug output, the player move wouldn't complete fully, so you'd spend 5 points to go 4 spaces or 1-space moves wouldn't occur at all

There are likely a bunch of other little knock-on effects, but this was the biggest thorn in my side for the last few months, and I'd put a lot of small fixes and fail-safes in place to minimize its impact, and for what, exactly? It was just dumb.
NOW, post-refactor, there is ONE tile. That's it, there's just one for the whole damn system, and it fucking flies, man.

I set up a little check on map load if this is the first time this room has been accessed before, and on the first entry, a battle tile is made and stored, invisible, off-screen in that room.
That's it, then, it just works happily after that and initializes itself like other objects, tells the battle system its ID, so if battle breaks out in that room, he's your guy.
A billion problems, checks and workarounds resolved in 5 hours. Now back to animating; shooting a torrent of jizz into this young lady or working on a scene I've had written for a week.
I don't quite know yet, but it'll be a nice evening, whatever.

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Thanks for reading, bros, I hope you're doing well.

Sunday, 10 February 2019


Hey, how's it going?

I've spent this week settling back into working life, learning all about the high-octane world of... payroll software.
There's a kind of fun that comes with everybody there knowing that it's boring, though. It's really not so bad. On the downside, I've been too wiped out from the radical schedule change to do more than some code housekeeping and art this week, so this will be a short one, sorry!

For the last couple days I worked more on the scene I started last week, came up with a couple of cool tricks to make the speed variants better, more varied, and I'm following up a couple of ideas I've had this week for modular additions to scenes.
I don't want to go into too much detail in case it doesn't work out, but essentially I'd like to add some further layers to the animation scripting, to have little immersive details like eyes blinking every so often, slight variations between loops and blowjobs getting more wet the longer they go.

See the full version here! 

Sorry if the above pic doesn't show; one of blogger's image servers is out this week or something.
Imagine running a blogging service and fucking up something as basic as this.
I've been filling in alternate links manually for the main images, but hopefully they'll get the server back soon.
I've almost finished work on her scene, now, and I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out.

As an aside, everybody everywhere is saying Patreon is going to die soon. They've had creators by the throat for the longest time with their weird censorship boner so it's hard to feel too bad for them. F I guess.

I'm open to jumping ship, but not proactively signing up for alternatives just yet.
As long as Patreon or the usual joyless activists can get Mastercard / Paypal to shut down rival services, the landscape is too unstable. I don't want to go around begging people to move elsewhere just to help with my hobby only to have the next place die, too.
I'll sit tight for a little longer.

I'll let the usual big creators blaze that trail and in a couple of months we'll see which new crowdfunding site is the hot new thing for vidya devs.

I've still got a load of work to do, hopefully I'll have more for you soon.


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Tuesday, 5 February 2019


This week:
>Working on new scenes!
Got through half of The Princess of Mars Edgar by Rice Burroughs on Saturday while making a new scene. Still WIP.
As with the Orkie scene, I've walked back the blurry, 3D gradient look of the demo because a lot of people preferred the cleaner pixel look of Lateshifter, and I totally see what they mean. The extra processing it takes added overhead, so I was okay to drop it, though still reserve the right to fuck around with scenes for sidegames, I have a few more ideas.
>More battle music for the pool
Also made it more robust, fixing some edge-case issues where it'd act weird if battle finished too quickly and stuff.
>Changed scene near the beginning to be more open ended
Wanted to give the player more choice on how to proceed / how the scene unfolds, previously something would be in the midst of happening when the player showed up, so added in the possibility of intervening to stop it.
>Added stationary gunner AI + expanded a fight early on
>Changed door behavior for player and NPCs alike
checking for obstructions when trying to close
>Moved the story along pretty well
>A few tweaks not listed

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