Sunday, 27 January 2019


Anybody who can name where an old version of this battle track plays 
wins a blowjob coupon from the anime girl of their choice.

This week:

>Added modular battle Music system like Monkey Island's iMuse
See above! Battle music now fades in at the beginning of fights and out again at the end, pretty seamlessly resuming the previous track.
While it's the player's turn, extra instruments are played over the top to highlight the player agency. On the enemy/npc turn, these instruments are turned way down. The effect is pretty cool, and I've wanted to make a system like this for a long time.
>Added cowardly AI
>For enemies and player, log last thing they did this turn / last thing to happen to them
This should make AI actions chain more naturally and allow context-specific battle cutscenes.
Also hoping to eliminate enemies moving back away from the player, then immediately moving toward the player again, so they dance until their move limit is up. It looks silly and there's no need for it.
>Made enemies autonomous with patrol and lookout behaviors that trigger events when player is spotted
Not sure why I haven't done this before, it makes the entire thing much more like.. you know, an actual videogame. Now enemies look for the player, when they see the player a fight starts and afterward it's over, without any story scripting necessary.
>Added system to give objects and enemies several possible locations, set once per game
Just adds a little bit of unpredictability without any real risk.
>Added employment IRL
No more sob story updates, I know I've been a drag lately and I'm sorry about that. Thanks for all the support and well wishes x
>Added system to set and get particular flags for individual units:
This helps make scripting more contained, trying to eliminate the old lateshifter-style story timeline processes as far as possible to leave control in the player's hands more often, less of a cutscene-fest
>Added 'passive' equipment category for useful battle items like forcefields or armour
This allows for an equippable slot to boost defenses, for example.
>Removed 'key item' status for weapons and equipment, so player can now drop them at will. Sometimes no weapon is better than a damaged weapon.
>Wrote lots of new music, further developing the best so far
I'll post a few clips to Patreon soon and later to youtube

This coming week:

"Learn to code" is genuinely neat advice.


  1. Congrats, Oko, good work! Great to hear about the job.

  2. Hey, nice you did it! Nice work on the job.

  3. I like this "Employment IRL" change a lot. Easily my favourite change of the year. Well done!

    Big fan of the soundtrack transitions too. Looking forward to hearing more.

  4. Great to hear boss.

  5. Very fucking cool of you bois x <3