Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Right now I'm working on the main fighty part of the mission, so I thought it'd be cool to show you some footage of the new bad guys and how their AI looks/behaves.
Less progress than usual this week, I've had to dedicate a lot more time to applications and doing night courses on skills I can't get work without.

This week:
>Added Charger AI and troop;
enemy lines up with player and charges from a distance, sprinting.
The more ground covered on the sprint, the more damage dealt to target when hit.

>Added Sniper AI and troop:
First time creating a state-machine-based AI!
long range, high accuracy.
Needs to be positioned after moving in order to fire.
Needs to reload between shots, which takes a full turn

>Changed shooting criteria, enemies will now sometimes take pot shots, firing even if they can't get a direct shot at the player.
>Added weapon use cost, rather than a blanket 2 move.
>Removed jQuery dependency, replaced the last jQuery function I used with an iterative deep cloning, which should be fine for my needs. Tested, objects are 1:1 as before, persist through saves.
>Added visual and audio cue to start of player turn, reworked some sounds.

It's real scary that for years I had no need to do any of this stuff, no on-job training toward it, but suddenly it's absolutely mandatory and I'm up against 40 other guys with a wealth of experience.
Doing night classes and tutorials. That luddite feel when robots took my job while I slept.
Two of the companies are based in a bad neighbourhood notorious for drugs and crime, so I'm kinda hoping that means a little less competition. I'd take literally anything right now.

oko x


  1. Best of luck to you with IRL stuff mate, it's a real bitch.