Sunday, 27 January 2019


Anybody who can name where an old version of this battle track plays 
wins a blowjob coupon from the anime girl of their choice.

This week:

>Added modular battle Music system like Monkey Island's iMuse
See above! Battle music now fades in at the beginning of fights and out again at the end, pretty seamlessly resuming the previous track.
While it's the player's turn, extra instruments are played over the top to highlight the player agency. On the enemy/npc turn, these instruments are turned way down. The effect is pretty cool, and I've wanted to make a system like this for a long time.
>Added cowardly AI
>For enemies and player, log last thing they did this turn / last thing to happen to them
This should make AI actions chain more naturally and allow context-specific battle cutscenes.
Also hoping to eliminate enemies moving back away from the player, then immediately moving toward the player again, so they dance until their move limit is up. It looks silly and there's no need for it.
>Made enemies autonomous with patrol and lookout behaviors that trigger events when player is spotted
Not sure why I haven't done this before, it makes the entire thing much more like.. you know, an actual videogame. Now enemies look for the player, when they see the player a fight starts and afterward it's over, without any story scripting necessary.
>Added system to give objects and enemies several possible locations, set once per game
Just adds a little bit of unpredictability without any real risk.
>Added employment IRL
No more sob story updates, I know I've been a drag lately and I'm sorry about that. Thanks for all the support and well wishes x
>Added system to set and get particular flags for individual units:
This helps make scripting more contained, trying to eliminate the old lateshifter-style story timeline processes as far as possible to leave control in the player's hands more often, less of a cutscene-fest
>Added 'passive' equipment category for useful battle items like forcefields or armour
This allows for an equippable slot to boost defenses, for example.
>Removed 'key item' status for weapons and equipment, so player can now drop them at will. Sometimes no weapon is better than a damaged weapon.
>Wrote lots of new music, further developing the best so far
I'll post a few clips to Patreon soon and later to youtube

This coming week:

"Learn to code" is genuinely neat advice.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Right now I'm working on the main fighty part of the mission, so I thought it'd be cool to show you some footage of the new bad guys and how their AI looks/behaves.
Less progress than usual this week, I've had to dedicate a lot more time to applications and doing night courses on skills I can't get work without.

This week:
>Added Charger AI and troop;
enemy lines up with player and charges from a distance, sprinting.
The more ground covered on the sprint, the more damage dealt to target when hit.

>Added Sniper AI and troop:
First time creating a state-machine-based AI!
long range, high accuracy.
Needs to be positioned after moving in order to fire.
Needs to reload between shots, which takes a full turn

>Changed shooting criteria, enemies will now sometimes take pot shots, firing even if they can't get a direct shot at the player.
>Added weapon use cost, rather than a blanket 2 move.
>Removed jQuery dependency, replaced the last jQuery function I used with an iterative deep cloning, which should be fine for my needs. Tested, objects are 1:1 as before, persist through saves.
>Added visual and audio cue to start of player turn, reworked some sounds.

It's real scary that for years I had no need to do any of this stuff, no on-job training toward it, but suddenly it's absolutely mandatory and I'm up against 40 other guys with a wealth of experience.
Doing night classes and tutorials. That luddite feel when robots took my job while I slept.
Two of the companies are based in a bad neighbourhood notorious for drugs and crime, so I'm kinda hoping that means a little less competition. I'd take literally anything right now.

oko x

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Mapping and Story


A day late this week, sorry.
My sleeping pattern is crazy, man. Can't seem to lie in a dark room for longer than 3 hours at a time, so for the last week I've just been having two naps instead of a full night.
It's actually not so bad, it helps me have two mini days, one for job applications and interviews, one for gamedev.

This week I've been mainly occupied with Mapping, new map art and story revisions.
It occurred to me that the narrative was pretty convoluted despite being fairly short and that situations more complicated than they need to be aren't automatically more interesting, so I've simplified a lot of the flow.
Nothing I've worked on already needs to be changed, it's all to do with how it comes to a head and wraps up, which has been drafted but not scripted in yet. I'm feeling a lot more confident charging ahead now. Sometimes I get caught up on pretty trivial details, and what should matter first and foremost is that you can play through it, fight some dudes, laugh a little and get lewd with space princesses.

So far I think I've been approaching writing wrong, it's easily my weakest area, and I've been tempted by offers from others for help there, but if I outsource it I'll never get better, and this whole thing is supposed to be a multi-faceted solitary hobby. That's what a man needs.
So I figure it might be better to have a tight, basic little story and then weave subplot and choices into it, rather than start with a bunch of multiple-choice situations I want to happen and try to string them together.
Because sometimes they don't string together well and I get stuck in a bit of a loop wondering which one should move to close the gap, which one should be changed, should I add in another story beat to bridge between them?
I thought I was really onto something with these little nodes, but it's a really unnatural way to work and a weird way to tell a story.
This is a pretty convoluted way to explain a simplification in approach.
tl;dr Story was complex in the wrong places, revised the middle and end sections, so now I can push ahead and get it done.

I've been working with a vague mental map of how all the areas will look, but it wasn't until the last few days that I sat down, made new art for the areas and actually got it mapped out, matched up all the doors and joined sections together. I'm really close to being done with mapping for this level, with 24 areas drawn out and connected up and maybe another 3 rooms still to go.

This week:
Story scripting, for sure. I haven't written a line of js in days, I just want to get moving now that I have these nice areas, want to populate them with fun monsters to see and kill.
Monster design, I need two more enemy types, I know how I want their AI to work, but it's gonna take a little experimentation to get it working. I'll probably tackle that right after posting and if that goes good I'm just gonna nose down and call it a night.

Job/life stuff:
20 applications sent out this week, though I'm pretty sure 2 of them are for the same position, one of them being a vague recruiter ad that obfuscate the exact nature of the company.
I'm noticing a weird trend where the ads are written like they're looking for a general team member, but in the first call they're all like:
>"haha, yeah, so listen, we've never had somebody do this job for us before, so we'd need you to set up the whole department and be a manager for team member wages, cool?".
I mean, I can do it, it definitely sounds like a great opportunity to define my own workflows early on with my own choice of tools would be pretty cool. I'm in no position to be turning anything down, it's just kinda misleading. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be allowed to misrepresent myself to quite the same extent.
One place from over a month ago I'd already written off actually got back in touch to say I'm still in the running, but I need to put it out of my mind because there are no more stages so it's all up to them at this point. I need to just keep on applying and talking with other companies.
I just wanted to make game.