Tuesday, 31 December 2019

This will be my last post

of the year, of the decade!

Is this a progress blog or a periodic dump of titty gifs.

How about you get back in the habit of posting about what you've implemented you fucking faglord.

Last few weeks:

>Added version data to new config and savegame files and check before setting / loading, to prevent invalid, old files being imported
Config file and Save data could be imported from the demo, causing a crash since options since then have been changed, and mapIds reassigned.
RPGMaker by default literally just checks to see if a game name is the same, and if it is, it'll load up configs and save games without further problems. smdh familamasama

>Fixed rare crash that would occur when a Yanfly plugin would sometimes attempt to access a property of $dataMap before $dataMap even had a value.

>Fixed bug that needlessly reinitialized values multiple times on main menu.

>Created intro cutscene with new music and animation
Just some of the dialogue in this new scene needs final work, now.

>Reworked Sex minigame
The left meter classically had a sweet spot around 85-100, where you'd build the right meter much more quickly. Problem with this is that it made you just hammer the keys to get to 85-100 completion, and there was no real risk involved.
It was just "fuck faster === more good feel === more jizz" which was kinda lame.
Now the sweet spot begins lower down and is consumable, relocating afterward, trending toward the same old 85-100. I think it better simulates finding the rhythm that feels best in that moment.
The gauge-building speed raises after every sweet spot consumed. The spots themselves remain sticky, but movement outside of them is greatly increased. This means that you trend toward the top of the gauge and it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid busting out the top of a sweet spot, careening your way into an orgasm.
In essence, the objective is not to cum
This makes it a much more realistic stamina battle and rewards your ability to edge, rather than rewarding your ability to just sit on the same screen long enough.

>Starting pre-release stuff like outputting builds to try on other hardware
I suspect upgrading the engine and getting rid of eyebleed filters did a lot, because I'm getting 60fps on the same old netbook that barely ran Lateshifter two Christmases ago.
There's still a little bit of lag at the beginning of battlemode on the old machine, which I'd like to look into at some point after this release, but it's not a massive deal at all, and still runs much better than the demo did after its performance upgrade.

That's all from me, I've got a week or so before I'm back at work, so I'll be here plugging away at this.
Happy new year, bros!

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Beginnings and Ends

Ho ho ho, ladmates.

Where the fuck has this year gone?
I'm working on the beginning and end sections to the level, now- a little intro mission as well as the brief cinematics, then I'll be finishing off the undone sex scenes, audio for those and little incidental pieces of music and polish.

If you don't want any more spoilers, please don't scroll down.
Don't you do it.

I mean it, turn back! Save yourself!

Oh, you are incorrigible, anon. Very well, please enjoy the titties you were denied so unfairly, last time, a preview of some new titties, new battle footage and a short clip of music from the beginning of the game. I'll get more to you as soon as I can!

I may have accidentally made this look cooler than the original

Until next time, look after yourself, I love you like a brother, thanks for your support this year!

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

oko bls

It's getting too long since I posted again. I'm very much alive and well.

It's that time of year when November tourists join me in nofap.
I'm not a redditor about it or anything, I just really enjoy looking at titties for hours while working on them. It keeps me interested and working- why shoot that motivation into a moist towel like a fucking casual when there's so much still to be done?
Whatever, you don't come here for a sermon, you come here for titty gifs.

Patreon boys get this today, freebros will get it next time.

Straight off the bat, last time I hinted cryptically at a possible launch / trailer date which isn't far off, and all my best intentions can't help me actually make it in time.

Remember how I budgeted amply for everything possible? Well it turns out even that was unrealistic.
Despite using up all my time outside of work, I'm behind in a way I can't seem to catch up to.
The oko who makes schedules is such an understanding optimist, I can't stand the thought of letting him down.

If it was anybody else, I'd tell them to fucking relax about it, not get hung up feeling like a disappointment to those waiting and just enjoy the process and that ultimately it'll take as long as it takes.
But I wouldn't believe that if I heard it, myself.

The long and short of it is that I don't want to drag this out, I don't want to make anyone wait, I don't want to take advantage of the good-natured support I've received to date. I want to get it finished and released so that I can think about taking a week off over Christmas.

Still todo:
>Finish remaining H-Scenes
A couple of them are still WIP, all of them still need sound work.

>Finish remaining busts
Half of them are totally finished, the rest have at least base drawings.
I just need to create variants for those three, to match their moods during the narrative.

>Finish scripting the final battle
I think I could get this done in a full weekend day (12 hours), everything I need mechanically is there, I just need to make a few unique art assets, get it all scripted, then iron out any bugs and tweak for difficulty.

>Script in the start and ending sequences
I'd like to avoid a cold open and cut to black, respectively, as I had to settle for with Lateshifter.
LS was always meant to have an intro sequence and a really fucking killer outro, but due to time restraints it ended up being what it is.
I will do this again if I absolutely must, but I really don't want to if I can help it.

Sounds like there's next to nothing left, right?
Sounds like it'd take, oh, I dunno, maybe a couple weeks?
Yeah, it sounds like that to me too, but I really have no clue how time works.

For reference, the above titty gif is 28 frames long, and it's taken from a brand new scene I actually timed the creation of from the outset.
I had it in my head that I could get a scene done from beginning to end in one sitting of about 8 hours.
My basis for that estimation? I did exactly that, one time, two years ago, with the Stace scene.

I definitely remember this one being quick to come together. That fucking ass, UNF.

After 8 hours I had the main loop and the speed variants all done. There were some rough patches that needed cleaning up, then I'd have to make the end scene.
The entire thing took just shy of 15 hours over three days to go from nothing to existing in-game as a triggerable scene.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I really enjoy working on it, and the new opaque method I use for drawing """"liquids"""" is both faster and better looking, and it only came together during this time.
And the mechanical side of it isn't much trouble, as long as all the loops it expects exist, it just works.

Sorry if I sound frustrated or anything this time, lads.
I just need to get this done so I can prove I've been working this whole time.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019


This radio silence was not very cash money of me.
I always want post at the end of every day of work, but I put off spending the hour-plus it usually takes to write an entry so that I can get more actually done on the game.

But don't worry! I've been working flat-out over here and I'm now in the final stretch before release.
I don't want to state an exact release date out loud, because it breaks my heart to miss them, but if I'm smart and can wring all the time I need out of my already psychotically-antisocial schedule, we're talking a few weeks away.
I'm going to be working non-stop until it's done, you can count on that.

Not to sound like a dudebro, but I feel really blessed.
Only a few months after a full year of twisty-turny uncertainty and narrowly avoiding the oko-is-homeless arc, I'm suddenly aware that I'm in the best shape of my life mentally, physically and financially.
I'm actually learning stuff, the leanest and most muscular I've been since my teens and okay, I'll never be a richfag, but I've got a little nest egg now to protect myself from ever getting that low again.
A guy like me has no business having such a great life, I mean it. I've an incredible amount to be thankful for.

Ah, I'm not tryin' to get all sappy about it, but I really appreciate you bros sticking with me.
Stopping by to shoot the shit, challenging me on my decisions, donating energy and getting me to think about things, it reminds me that what I'm doing has some extra value outside of how it makes me feel.
The comic part of all this is that even though it's massively important to me, I can't even talk to anybody about it IRL. How do you even talk about a passion project like this with normalfags?

"Yeah, I'm making this 1980s-space-fantasy style adventure game, with simple, fast tactics combat."
"Oh, that sounds nice."
"Yeah, it's a fun little game, you know? You fight bad guys and evil space monsters, explore and make friends with silly characters, find powerful weapons and save the princess."
"So, do you have a website or someth-"

"And then if you want you can penetrate her."
"And sometimes the monsters are wet for you, too."
"And huffing some alien chick's moist panties boosts your stats."

Just get onto your back, you slutty pig.

I love life and I love game dev and I don't deserve any of it, but I'm doing my best.
I'll have to head out now, lots of work still to do.

 Still not loving jannies
☑ Give a shit about something that nobody else 'gets'
☑ Getting more than 6 hours sleep is for women and queers
Worshiping an upstart truant in a raincoat
 Ever getting so low, again

I'll check in again when I've got a trailer together, alright?
Much love to you, brothers, stay outta trouble!

oko x

Monday, 9 September 2019

Excuse me help, how to draw vagene?

Hey, how's it going?
I'm pretty good, had a few rounds of minor surgery in the last two weeks- nothing to worry about but I lost a couple days here and there to recovery, which sucks.
Taking some vacation next week or the week after to catch up, so it'll be alright.

What have I been up to this time?

The small stuff (and it's all small stuff)

I've replaced some temp dialogue, added a couple of mini puzzles, some fun scenes and the main boss.
Added sound emitters for added ambiance on the station. Beeping computers, whirring machinery, that sorta thing.
Fixed some bugs including a crash that'd happen if you tried to open your inventory while between rooms (wtf lol)
Added the last of the rooms I should need, though I'm sure I said that before.

Friendship ended with Lonnie, now Laser Gun is my best friend

I finally gave in and removed the demo level from the current game, as it was 90% legacy code and relied on stuff I don't want to use any more (more on this below).
This whole time I wanted to rewire it to continue to have it be the tutorial but it'd be much more effort than it was worth. A LOT has changed since then, and I'd rather it just continue to be out there as a stand-alone little adventure.
In order to add it into the current game I'd need to fix all events, change all cutscenes to match the new stuff (more on that below), re-draw all the art (more on that below), re-do the sex scenes and probably update the music and remove the dated memes and other "what were you thinking" gamer moments.
It would add a month or more to the release, so I've just canned it.

It's really not a complicated game, user-side, and the pause menu shows all the controls for the current game mode, so I think this is okay. Nothing stops me adding it back later, but I'd rather work on new stuff if it's okay with everybody. We're here on earth for a good time, but sadly not a long time.

My main focus this weekend has been trying to be an artist.

I'm getting close to release and that means with the dialogue getting finalized and scenes locked in, I'm going to have to start thinking about cutscene renders.

I haven't made a big deal about it, but I really don't like making cutscene renders, they're easily the part of development I get the least out of.
Until now, all the titty art outside of sex scenes has been heavily-edited screenshots of 3D renders. It's a popular way to do it, and despite the work I put in to make them my own, it's always made me feel like a fraud.

The pipeline I had for creating new busts was insanely involved and fraught with inconsistencies that needed hours and hours of correction, and I'd like that to be over.
It doesn't make me happy, the results via that technique are hit and miss, I'm not learning anything like that, and the best that can come from it is:
>spending hours and hours installing mods
>slider-based RSI
>Trying to pose models in VR without jizzing everywhere
>exporting, editing the results, painting, processing...

All to make the best possible versions of somebody elses 3d models, y'know?
So I'd like to move away from that, but here's the catch; I'm not really an artist.

Can't draw. But pixels make things easier, so I could give it a try, right?
Okay, let's try it. 60 x 60 grid.

If I could go back in time and kill one thing, it would be my foolhardy spirit

Absolutely disgusted.

The first attempt went about as well as you might expect.
Just kinda drawing clumsy shapes and what I thought lighting looked like.
Google Images thought it was a cartoon, so that's a small victory.
0/10, would not bang.

So I go back to it, and I try to figure out what I might be able to do differently. How do I make a mouth or a nose look good at this resolution? The body looks shit, I'm not gonna get good at those, so let's just draw some clothes onto it and try to make her look happy.
That'll be something, right?

"Come on, the bandit camp is this way!
But you'll have to sing loudly and proudly because the camp trail gets lonely!"
Well, it IS something, just not something that's good. I tried to do that same directional lighting again, and I'm just not having any luck with it.
Not pictured: The 7 or 8 times I quit in either rage or laughter at my own work.

I did some programming for a while to cool off and came back to it later on, started paying more attention, using 5 colors, just the same as when I was learning to make tiles.

I genuinely like this and I think I genuinely like myself.

Okay, it's maybe not amazing or anything, but with a low pixel count and low color count and slowly introduce new ones, you can do some nice things. If I'm going to use this meme art format, I might as well lean into it and accomplish stuff I never could with actual drawing.

Generic-chan a cute, CUTE

I dunno, I like it.
I think this was the boost I needed to stop feeling so lousy about the work I was doing.
I spent a couple of days trying to draw out this episode's girls like this, to see if I wanted to stick with this kinda art over the previous kind.

I'm really enjoying myself. Start to finish, the process is just painting in 1 (one) program and listening to audiobooks or podcasts or whatever, and I'm just loving life.
I'm still not a real artist, I need a lot of practice, but I hope at least you like this half as much as I do.

Varie, Amba, Luci and Orkie (WIP)

To give my eyes a rest from color-work, I got a new bust system together and edited it to animate with timing I can set myself for each frame, as granular as I'd like, then rigged up all Amba's conversations with her 18 new faces. I have to say I'm really digging the way it makes her scenes feel.
I was really worried and hesitant to start the bust work this weekend, but this has been super nice.

This is actually a gif, wait a couple of seconds. Aaaaah, did you see it? :DDD

I hope you're doing well, don't worry too much if you don't like what you're seeing so far, because I'm sure it's going to get better. This is really only 3 days' progress / work.
Maybe I'll be totally embarrassed by this a week from now, but right at this moment in time I am loving every laugh.

That's it, I'll check in again soon.
Don't take any shit x

Tuesday, 20 August 2019




I took a week off IRL work and spent all day every day working on this instead.
I've forgotten what sleeping and eating patterns feel like, genuinely, I feel fucking invincible until right after I stand up too quick.
FUCK workouts, FUCK nutrition, get an addiction and watch that bodyfat disappear faster than you can say "I no longer recognize my own body, both in the mirror nor the mental map which advises my hands"


Apart from enjoying every gamer's favorite pass-time of acting out a violent crime I saw on my xbox, I've spent the last three weeks working like a dog and as usual not writing any of it down, so I can't possibly prove it.
I'll sound off a list of what I remember and what archaeologists believe are the meanings are behind notes I wrote myself some humid, 2AM Tuesday.

Literally all I wanted to do tonight was have a go on those funbags
You lousy space pigs have interrupted my cosmic jollies for the last pissing time


had a friend play through a couple of parts and discovered some bugs, fixed all of those.
>Expanded on my favourite NPC
gives another possible solution to a puzzle you need them for.
>Game-mode-sensitive pause screen control hints
How 2 play, for all controller types

Just saved myself 4 months writing a new tutorial

>ROCK SOLID Autosave system
I've tried to break it, I can't!
>Fantastic new wave-based battle
Accidentally based and tower-defense-pilled
>All new music
Sounds like sexual intercourse with a budget casio
>New scene, was previously gonna be a conversation in a room, now a highlight of the level
Aforementioned based accident
>Proper and safe inventory backup and restore for times where the player is captured or otherwise loses their shit
Weapons you found in the meanwhile were being overwritten, you'd end up with two stacks of the same item (like coins), things like that. Now check to see if you already have a weapon and take into account existing stacks of an item like I do elsewhere
>Tweaks to make battle snappier.
Enabled some rules I wrote a while back that tell units to just end their turn if they can't move, but for some reason stopped using. Way better with it turned on, not sure what I did there.
>Randomized item pools
Assorted bits and pieces to just pick up and throw at guys, for the spaceman in a pinch.
One of these is a toolbox where you'll find chisels and mallets and spirit levels to use as ninja stars.
>Updated the chrome version again because why not.
>Made some changes to how images are cached, marked certain directories as off-limits for cleanup until map change
>New tank-like enemy type for the final section
>Added a new way to get back health via the oldest profession

Just like my car jacking simulators.
>New AI Type: Evasive
Runs away from enemies if they're closeby, otherwise engages if armed.
This took a few tries to get right. Involves analysing nearby squares and picking the best one to flee to.


I wrote some new stuff, here is a tiny bit of it.

And a bunch more stuff. I bet there's something very cool and very essential I've forgotten, but that's how it is.
Checklist of things to do before this level is complete:

WIP / Part-done:
>Replace placeholder dialogue in one story sequence
>Finish two WIP sex scenes

>Finish music for intro and outro

Starting soon
>Finish two new story sequences
>Completely do one new sex scene
>Script final battle and outro sequence
>Sex scene sound design pass

 Get up in the evening
 Have nothing to say

Sunday, 28 July 2019


Ayy lmao, what is this, two updates in two weeks?
Just finished an engine upgrayedd, naturally with two Ds, for a double dose of this pimping.

This is the sort of thing I've been dreading and putting off for a year, but there are some features I wanted to play with and the old engine is absolute FILTH compared to modern chrome.
Literally can't even define const, let or arrow functions in the old version.
I really shouldn't have held out this long, but hey, maybe a couple of months ago I wouldn't have had the know-how to get this done.

So what have I done? Well, here's the checklist:


>Let steam update to the latest client

>Create a new project to get the latest core files
>Switch my old ones out for those (after extensive diffing to make sure I didn't revert edits I'd made)
>Replace the engine's version of nwjs with the latest SDK from the internet.
>Get the console up and running to see just how much of this shit is now broken
>Spend 2 days debugging and rewriting to work in the latest version
>Come on here and brag about how I wasted a whole weekend removing tech debt instead of painting butts, as if you're going to give me a chocolate medal or something

It was really fun, except for the parts where I wanted to die, but that's mainly the europoor heatwave.
Rather than go into laborious detail about what I had to do, how much blood came outta my eyes while doing it, I'll just stick to the fun notes:


Core files: v1.4.1 (hadn't updated since lateshifter development due to plugin incompatibility)
RPGMaker MV 1.5.1
Running in Chrome 41.0.2272.76 (March 2015)
>pixi 4.0.0
>limited gamepad API
>console that shit the bed after about 1 minute of being open
>fairly consistent 58fps, with big dips quite often
>RAM usage between 1.5GB and 2GB with emergency flushing to stop it dying


Core files: v1.6.2
RPGMaker MV v1.6.2
Running in Chrome 75.0.3770.14 (June 2019)
>pixi 4.5.4
>expanded gamepad API with VERY cool new features
>console that you can turn to night mode and never, ever quits.

edit: it just quit before I finished this post, but still
>improved performance (consistent 60fps, same computer)

>RAM sitting at something like 500mb with the console closed, I mean wtf?!

Pretty obvious upgrade, right?!
For the first 4 or 5 hours, I'd considered turning back, when something fundamental would break.
I had multiple backups of everything the way they were before, and it was very tempting to just head back and attempt this some other year.
But I carried on, safe in the knowledge I COULD turn back if it all got too much, and the more I stuck in there, the more I found that the plugins I'd considered essential all this time mostly held that status because when I started using them, I really could not program, not a hello world, nothing.
So reframing its necessity and having a look at what else is out there, what I could write myself, I just kept at it.

In doing so I also:
>solved some problems I had with lag while entering rooms
>refactored my sex scene payload structure

It was unreadable after the very instant you stopped adding info to it, now it's pretty clear.
>learned a whole lot about how audio is handled in the engine.
>added a stricter frame counter for sex scenes
Now the frames are dictated directly by which animation frame is showing.
Previously I'd start counters from the same position and I had checks to restart them if they got off course.
Now it's 1:1, they cannot go outta synch with each other, and all the sound and vibration timing is hooked into it, so it all just works.
>added vibration / rumble / force feedback for supported joypads
Awwwww YEAH. This was the main catalyst for the upgrade, so I experimented early on before everything else was working. I figure if it was a real pain and the vibration didn't feel good, I'd have a good case for putting it to bed and getting back to the old version.
It's very, very good. I really like it. I wanted to upload a video of my controller during a sex scene, absolutely pummeling my desk in time to the show, but this will do for now:

I'm gonna go soak my head, then shake some poetry out the ol' pudding.
Have a good one bros.

Don't take any shit
 Fuck Jannies
 Stick up for the things you love
 Don't let anybody make you afraid
 Drop right now and give yourself twenty
 Take pride in masculinity
 Switch off the news
 Really give a fuck
 Sleep faster, work more
 Attempt an engine upgrade only once in your life
Apologize for occupying space
 Break the chain
 Take advice from a dipshit internet filth baron like oko

Sunday, 21 July 2019


Goooooood evening, friends.

When was the last time I released a Sunday Progress Report on an actual sunday?!
What a great couple of weeks it's been, regular 30yo bloomer over here.

What's new:

Sex scene minigame revamp:

>Totally redid the way I handled stamina, auto-mode.
>Added sliding Sweet Spot
No more hovering around 80% to build the meter faster, now it's a spot that's marked onscreen and moves based on rules.
>Added image interpolation option
When making gifs for posting on here, I often add little touches like interpolation because I think it looks cool as fuck and makes everything look more fluid and dreamlike, so I've made changes to the sex scene engine to interpolate if the player has the option set to. Options are High, Low and Off.


>Fixed ALL remaining placeholder dialogue, animations and so on for the first 1hour 15mins of the game
This was a big one, and I'm very pleased. You can play from the start until just after the halfway point without any gaps, all final dialogue, the only part missing is sex scene sounds, which'll be added for every scene last, in a single pass, just before release.
That's not to say the level is only halfway done, it's just that around the 60% mark is where you start to encounter WIP stuff again.


>Added ability to jump onto tables and other half-height objects, in and out of battle.
Enemies might choose to do it too, though, depending on their AI, so watch out!

Art / Music:

>Finished the scene you see a snippet from above
>Added two tracks for playing during scenes


>pickups tidied away properly after being picked up
They used to sometimes sneak back onto the map as an empty, invisible little object you could 'look' at.
>Remove thrown weapons objects
Or "the fix that removed 47 former plates from my inventory"
>Fixed some items taking priority over lootable enemies
If enemies died on burned-out barrels, you couldn't loot them, now you can.
>Remove inventory item on use
I broke this a while back by introducing a method for 'sanitizing' strings (removing spaces and special characters, forcing lower case) for better comparisons. Forgot to update the function which checks if you have the item and discards it if you choose.
>Fixed enemy sight distance, was too far
>Added fun dialogue for a few characters that needed fleshing out
>Fixed issue where trying to jump onto a table while standing on multiple bodies would also open the looting menu
>Fixed dialogue to show over UI instead of just above it, crowding the screen.

This sprint:

I'm pretending 2 week gaps between postings are sprints, because it sounds better than 'scared to post because I want to do more work than it's physically possible to do'

Add important, pivotal mega-good and special best scene
Finish open-plan floor 2 rooms (2 are still empty)
Link up remaining rooms
Add art for remaining 2 scenes
Write more music, introducing the character leitmotifs used elsewhere

That's it from me, I hope you're doing great. <3        B================D - - - -

You like fat, cream-filled anime butts? You click give energy now!
or if like me, you truly live in a society, click ironically in solidarity.

Monday, 8 July 2019

When they kick at your front door // How you gonna come?

I'm all mixed up, I could swear it was 2 weeks since the last post, not 3.
Report card time. Let's see what I've been doing.

>fixed some tools I use for event hiding
>created wind-up frames for all weapons
Now for ranged or strong melee attacks there's an extra frame while picking a target.
This way I can add in anticipation or aiming without sacrificing responsiveness. Attacks are still instant, but they have the start of the swing they were missing til now.

>Added temp weapon system
pick up bottles, plates and stuff and smash them over heads


>Added throwing weapon system
I was rofl the first time I thot-patrolled a goblin with a beer bottle from the other side of the room
>Little quality of life changes for me and the end user
    > UI Icon shown for a weapon is now governed by a stat on that weapon, so every gun doesn't need a unique icon. Originally wanted it to have that level of attention to detail, but not everything has to be infinitely special, and it took me too long to learn that. Based retard oko caring too much about soul.

    >Instantly pick up a weapon if you're unarmed. As a general rule, any weapon will be better than your fists, and if you just want to stand by a wine rack and hurl bottles at every mothafucka in an 8 square radius, it's a bit annoying when picking up another to have to confirm YES, I WANNA HOLD THE BOTTLE RATHER THAN BE UNARMED.

    >Controller-oriented quality of life changes you'd expect; back out of choices with Circle / Triangle, close messages with Cross or Square, that sort of thing.

    >Made myself some new tools to better control flow, more forgiving string checks that player has item needed to continue,

>fixes to enemy targeting to accommodate new thrown weapon system.
Rather than target ranges be split by player weapon type (handheld or ranged) it's now split by adjacent or distant. A subtle change, granted.
>fixed early encounter to be more streamlined and fun, it was convoluted for its own sake.
>nearly finished 2 of the 3 remaining narrative sections
>Added new big butt H-scene

Good patreon bois go first, everybody else pls wait for your turn.

As usual, there's likely a bunch more I've either forgotten or thought I included it in the previous post.
Just gonna keep on keepin' on.

Maybe it's working on this, right? Maybe it's the summer and the 5am calisthenics, maybe it's disconnecting from fake news and zoning out the culture war.
Whatever it is, big picture; I'm literally the happiest I've been my whole life these past months.
I want to say thank you for any part (You) played in that.
Please always feel like you can write to me. I'm on this planet to make friends.

I'm hoping you're doing great. I'm really looking forward to putting this out.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019


Hey good to see you!

I've been real busy creating rooms, scripting cutscenes and fights, tweaking controls and UI and working on some sound design and music.
All while trying not to burn to death in the summer heat.

This time:

>Overhauled enemy sight / hearing to be more performant and include mutual ally/enemy detection
For a long time, the enemy sight-triggered battles were hard coded to search for the player, and not any player-aligned target (or player-opposed target, for your allies' own searching)
>Changed start-battle rules to be less lenient
>Split up large level into 3 smaller ones, much nicer now.
>Fixed bug where certain dead npcs wouldn't be defined as such
>Added whole new area, with new tileset and enemies

A Titty Temple in a thick, hot jungle. Crawling with tribal Lizard Men who've taken a hot girl hostage for reasons.

>Condensed filter choices down to 3 good ones
No more shitty chromatic abberation and fake scanlines. They were a neat idea, but they made the viewer dizzy and recorded video look bogus

>Overhauled UI to be interchangeable and set automatically by detecting your controller
I added Controller support previously, and I was happy enough to leave it at that, but it bothered me that I couldn't find a good way to show controls, and believe me, I had a bunch of ideas.

A few designs I tried out one afternoon. My favourite was the one in the first 2 rows,
but it was clumsy, either obscuring your vision or the icons.

None of them felt right, they intruded on the play field too much, and even though they could be toggled on and off, it was a poor solution.
I was about ready to give up when I read a thread on /v/ one morning.
OP lost his dominant arm in a hydraulic press accident at work and fucking hell.
I dunno, man. Maybe it was a larp by some journos or reset tourists to get their Sekiro easy mode, but it really got to me. OP lies or not, it's true of some anon out there and I can't imagine how much it must suck balls.

I'd had an idea to make the UI much more adaptable and figured while I was at it, I could throw in some options to allow playing the entire game with one hand, right or left, for guys like my man anon.

I added in options for Xbox, PS4 and Generic (Nintendo) controllers, as the html5 gamepad API told me those 3 cover the vast, vast majority of controllers.

Top to bottom:
Original PC Keyboard UI
Playstation Controller UI
Generic / Nintendo UI
Xbox UI with "Right" Accessibility mode ON
Playstation UI with "Left" Accessibility mode ON

Which leads me to:
>Accessibility Modes
With Left mode on, the face buttons are mapped to the DPAD, so you can play the whole thing with just the left hand.
With Right mode on, the movement is done with the Right analogue stick, so you can play the whole thing with just the right hand.
If god forbid I ever lose a sense, I hope there are games out there for me.
Ah, who am I kidding, I'll probably never go back to playing vidya

>Fixed spotting objects
>Added 8 new areas with stuff to find, people to talk to, things to fight

Added some fun fights and funny dialogue. Next up is an optional sexy scene with a hot space chick.

Thanks very much for reading, I didn't expand as much on each point like I normally do and I've probably forgotten a ton of stuff, since I didn't keep the best notes this time.

We're gettin' there, bros! I can feel it, we're close to finishing this episode up, and I cannot fucken wait!

Since you were good and read this far, please find attached some thick, work-in-progress goblin butt.
Please donate your energy below if you have any to spare, I'm pulling all-nighters lately and could use it!

Monday, 3 June 2019


Morning bro!

Come back next week to see, or join me on Patreon today!

Bottom text

It's JUNE!
It's Summer!
Time to crank up the air con and close all the blinds, because vitamin D is a social construct and you're not getting me this time government nice try 8===================D

The last couple weeks have been really satisfying, particularly the last few days I've just felt on fire.
Here's some of the stuff I've been up to.

>Wrote new music
Some character theme work, a new backing track for part of the level and about 90% completed the score for the final battle. Also spent some time configuring new instrument patches, discovering how to properly create gated snare drum reverb effects and tidying up the production to make tracks sound tighter, less suffocated, overall.

>Added a bunch of new rooms
One of the sections, what I'm working on primarily right now is, a sort of hub corridor with lots of rooms to explore, characters to meet and stuff. This has been really fun. I don't want to spoil particulars but there are some parts I super love and I'm looking forward to reactions.

>Added interaction animations
I added a section with a dark room and thought it might be fun to be able to turn the lights on and off, so I added an unarmed punch animation to the switch for when you interact with it, and... it felt really good! So, I went and changed how sprites are chosen, so that now while adventuring you'll have a general player sprite where he interacts with his hands, gestures to people to talk, bends over to pick up stuff, then you switch to the weapon-determined sprite in battle. Mechanically it took literally 10 minutes, which was neat.

>Added USB Controller support
At work this week I happened to find some docs online for html5 game controller API, got home and found it's already sort of implemented in RPGMaker, but hard coded to handle only default RPGM buttons (basically X,Z, Escape and Enter), so reconfigured to work with my game and tested with all the controllers I have. The game now supports 360, Xbone, PS4 (wired and wireless via meme sony bluetooth dongle I wish I'd never bought).
I even set it up so that you run automatically if you walk using analogue sticks and move them far enough, that was neat.
It feels really good, and natural, and I set it up to still play H-mode one handed, both right and left.
Look how fucking inclusive we are on this blog, stick that up your bollocks, journos.
I honestly think I'll be doing the majority of my day to day testing with wireless controller from now on, it feels that instantly right.

>Changed controls
For a while it was 1,2,3,4 and 5. Now it's 1,2,3,4 and Space.
        [4] = Skip turn
        [5] = Pick up/ activate / open (contextual smart button)
        [4] = contextual smart button
        [space] = skip turn
        [F5] = refresh web page
        [U] = types the letter 'u'
        [Pause/break] = literally nobody knows

Makes more sense to me this way, also stops you accidentally hitting skip turn while trying to loot or punch while playtesting in the dark of 3am because you haven't slept properly in weeks

>Created a new H-Scene

This one, shown above, came together really quite quickly, it's been nice to work on.

>Created way to add wandering monsters
This was fun, and means occasionally in designated rooms enemies will spawn. Can use this to make big areas feel more alive or make going back through old rooms more exciting.

Smaller fixes / tweaks
>Fixed issue where 1,2,3 and 4 wouldn't close windows if only the choices were onscreen without text.
>Fixed collision rules
there were two slightly different standards and it resulted in enemies sitting on tiles which have collision but are also marked as shoot-over-able(?) would be shot-over and not take damage. Basically if an enemy was on a couch, you'd never hit him, now you will.

>Fixed weapon pickups being repeatable if you were hammering keys fast enough.
>Enemy line of sight only calculates while an enemy is onscreen, now.

There's a bunch of stuff I haven't mentioned or don't want to spoil, but overall, I'm really stoked how this week has gone. There's been so much less code, more content and it feels fantastic to do.

Thanks for reading, I hope you're having a great week.
Click the little button below if you like thick goblin buns, I guess!

Oh also, check this shit out, I'm on a camp old sci fi kick at the moment.
Literally how can Star Wars ever compete?

oko x

Monday, 20 May 2019



This time on gamedev;
>Added new area
Made the most progress in a while in terms of just getting through chunks of story / level.
Really near to the end of mapping for this level, now. Rolled the tileset over to a fourth page.
A couple more side rooms and one big theater room, and I'll be set.
>Enemies are darkened on death
Piles of bodies resulting from bigger fights were getting visually a little exhausting, so now they fade to look more like background set dressing, so there's no ambiguity about who's in and not in battle.
>Make enemies blind
Added an argument that precludes enemies from sight-based battle starting. Sometimes a guy is too busy doing what he's doing to be aware of his surroundings, god knows I know that.
>Fixed animation limitation for sprites
I had a pretty basic block in place to make sure corpses didn't animate anymore, but it also affected non-combat npcs. Now the blocks only apply to battle animations on dead combatants, and everything else is back to working.
>Made sure shooter and target are both onscreen to prevent cleaned-up bullets.
On their turn, enemies wait until they are onscreen before moving. Very rarely, on big maps, that enemy's target would still be offscreen and projectile objects are erased when they aren't visible anymore.
So buddy fires at his target, who is safely offscreen and thus at no risk. Based 4th wall.
>Retimed the battle animation curve
In battles, animations have 3 frames before returning to a set base sprite. The previous tuning was like [120,70,70,120] so the first frame would hang a bit longer, and there'd be a delay of 1.5+ seconds before that animation, and as such that move was considered 'done'.
After some experimentation, it's now [70,70,78,85], which makes actions feel punchier, more staccato, and there's less of an inherent delay between actions, which prevented it feeling responsive.
Now if the player wants to buttonmash through combat, they totally can, and it looks and feels fuckin' great imho.
>Changed ork and goblin sprites
Just a minor change, I wanted them to look more distinctive, more 1980s Games Workshop, less fisher price.
>Fixed item spawning on units
I had some trouble getting a certain enemy to spawn with a different gun than they have by default, so I put in some debug logging and accidentally discovered that every time I was adding an item to an enemy, it was generating an entire list of items, choosing the one it wanted, then discarding the rest.
So, so wasteful, and in honesty the way I was doing it was shitty anyway, so I switched the way I generate items and lists of items to be less expensive and easier to read.
>Came up with way to synch actions to music, regardless of computer specs (not tied to fps).
This way I can choreograph scenes like the intro and boss fights, to have events happening exactly when they're meant to. Before I was timing this by waiting frames, because on my computer 60 frames is roughly a second, go figure.
But on lower spec, if you can only manage 45fps, like my netbook, the synchronization will fall outta line really quickly, so the experience is lesser and everybody goes home feeling bad about themselves, exhausted from socially overstretching at the party and hoping everybody else didn't just find me obnoxious.
>Completely rebalanced all sound levels to be more consistent
This has been a long time coming, every time I make a video for youtube or something I realise how out of whack my sound levels are, and how low the whole mix is compared to everything else on my computer. So what I did was:
Rebalanced all my sound files to be roughly equal level across the board
Turned down every sound in the whole game at a software level
Set the music level higher than before, since it feels like the base,
Set the UI sound levels,
Balanced fight sounds, one section at a time, first attacks, then defends and shouts,
Brought up footsteps, reload sounds, ricochets, speech,
Turned off music,
Tweaked a few levels
And now I'm very happy with it. I can set a volume and just play the game for a while, and it all sits well.
>Fixed enemies not turning to face the direction they're firing.
It'd been like this a while and I figured out why and mitigated it.
>Fixed two subplots tracking with the same variables, whoops
Got done of one section, on to the next and arrived to find the girl pre-fucked.
That's definitely not supposed to happen, this isn't Subverse.
Instead of trying to reuse tracking variables and hope that I blank them later, I'll give girls their own. It's the least I could do.
>Much better, reusable weapon pickups
Before, in the demo, it was heavily scripted. Now it's one line and all I need to set are the sprite and object. I could automate it further, but the returns would be less. It's cool though, now it's so streamlined and re-usable I feel free to leave an axe lying around etc.
>Changed collision behaviour
This is a pt.2 to the changes I made last time. I took a look at how collision works by default in the engine and changed it.
By default, if you are standing on collision or the tile you want to go to has collision, you can't move. I think this is silly, so I edited to only consider where you're moving to, allowing characters to move OUT of tile collision, as long as there's a valid tile next to them.
This is useful for when I want to have enemies lying on a couch or sitting on tables spring into action for battle, or to have guys spawn in the black of a doorway and come running in without toggling individual collision each time and stuff.
>Fixed music change from battle to map
Before I had a simple wait, meaning you could finish a battle, leave the room, immediately get into another battle, then have the wait end and kick in with map music in the 2nd battle.
Now I use recursion to check during the wait and abort on map change or battle restarting.
>Added new unit for a bit of variety
Nice to have some more shooters.

To do notes:
Put in more final-sounding dialogue for scene.
Expand a little on bonus side girl
Finish the current floor with wandering monsters, items and the 2 or 3 characters I have planned
Add in a 3rd-act branching point, possibly locking player into one or the other.

I'll just be keeping on, really happy with how everything is going, feel really blessed.
But I could always use a little more energy, so pls gib below, or i report u <3

Monday, 6 May 2019


How's it going, bros?

These last two weeks have been FUCKING busy, let's jump into it.
So I ended up adding some more mechanical touches. Yeah, I know, I know.
But it is just to support the story, so I can live with it
One thing required another, which sort-of required another, but the long and short of it is; I got a fucking ton of stuff done and I'm very happy.

I still haven't got my notepad file back up and running, so this will be collated in no particular order from what I remembered last night and from my cryptic, unhelpful-as-fuck commit messages.
This is probably about 75% of what I got done:

>Finished one of the big sexy encounters
>Added big scene with its own art, music and fun
Easily my favourite part so far, it's so much better than it was on paper.
>Fixed a RPGMaker MV """feature""" to do with collisions
Whereby a decal on a wall makes the wall have no collision, and so I had enemies in another room shooting me through a blood stain? 
Bananas. This is actually a common complaint with the engine/editor, and I've fixed it, locally. If you're making a game and know what I mean, reach out, I'll tell you what I did or send you the script.
>Added idle poses for enemies not in battle>Updated robots to be shiny, because they were a bit shit.
>Wrote score for the level intro cutscene
>Started writing score for final battle
Powerful. I cri evrytiem.
>Added health pickups to the game
Figured it was about time I had some map-based health kits for scrubs
>Scripted out another potential sex scene where before there was just a chat
>Changed about half of the fight SFX from very old placeholders

Now using very cool sounds, which combined with the next part make fights a total treat
>Made the whole fight system snappy and responsive
I had this fear that once you get a gun, there's really very little reason to go back to melee or even just fists. I didn't want to solve this by making guns worse, so I revisited the timings and delays one last time to make things much quicker, snappier, like burst fire.
It's still a """tactical""" system, in that you're still running around turn-based on a grid but I wanted punching cunts in the face to feel more visceral, so now it plays out as rapidly as you want to push the buttons, and combined with the new sounds, it honestly feels great, almost like a beat em up.
>Added ammunition system
Started out as a way to balance very fun but imba weapons, made it global because having two systems felt silly and raking around in peoples pockets for bullets feels pretty good.
>Automatically take all the ammo from weapons as you pick them up
With a neat little score-totaling sound for each bullet.

>On-hit bullet effects
Lets me expand the arms race in future, and immediately allows me to add something cool for a boss fight.
>Fixed bullet-trajectory
A while back I changed how the firing worked, maybe I mentioned it? Problem is I only updated the start point for the projectile to align with sprite gun barrels, but this meant in certain setups you would miss enemies you should be hitting. Now the trajectory takes this new start into consideration and that doesn't happen anymore.
>Added money system
I had a funny idea for a merchant this level and it'd be shit if you couldn't buy from him.
I want shops next level, so might as well add it now, since it uses the same logic as the new ammo system.
>Animated decals where bullets hit
Better sense of impacting the world, innit.
>Added tools for myself to quickly restat characters from NPCs into combatants instantly
>Added very quick way for me to plant essential items on characters via meta tag like they are a walking, breathing cupboard 
Probably sounds more involved than it was, I just moved some of the meta tag checks higher in event composition, so it applies to combatants and npcs as well as just objects, now.

For realsies now, there shouldn't be any more mechanics to add this side of release.
I say it like it's a bad thing, but I know how it looks; better devs than me have fallen prey to a feature creep they thought they had a handle on. 

I'm out, working on a little puzzle now until bed time. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


For the first time in my life I've suffered corrupted files by power cut.

Thankfully it was just my notepad of game changes for the blogposts and nothing of value was really lost. I can tell it was corrupted because my list of progress now reads: NULNULNULNUL and I definitely wasn't working on NUL.

I spent a few days animating hentai scenes; some new, some you've seen before but now more sticky- and getting them into game. I also added an effect layer system and the content for that.
I talked about this before a while back, but now it's done and in.
Now there's an over-time layer for some scenes, so that blowjobs get wetter, girls sweat and their fat titties get shiny, that kind of thing. I've got ideas for other layers, but they'll come in later levels.
I also fixed some bugs and created a little PIXI text system to show "Ooh, harder anon" dialogue during H-scenes with sweet fade effects.

Yeah, yeah. When is it coming out, oko, you bilious bag of barnacle bait?

It IS taking a while, and I'm really sorry about it.
I keep underestimating the time it takes to accomplish everything on my own and it's such a bummer to keep apologising so these days I'm not naming dates; It breaks my heart when I can't make them and I'm sure it doesn't feel great for you, either.

I really want to get this out and get onto the next episode already; so I can draw some new stuff, add some of the story or scene ideas I've had in mind a while.
I just need to make sure this level is good and that it feels complete, first.

There won't be any more mechanics added this side of release, the last two weeks have all been content and writing, and that's how it's going to be from here until release.
Now I'm just scripting the rest of the level, animating the remaining H-scenes and adding the busts, backgrounds and misc art.

That's it for today, talk to you soon.

If you haven't already, check out Fire and Ice and Heavy Metal, sometime.
Fantasy and Sci-Fi were SOUL before low-T bugmen took over.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019


How's it going, another pretty busy week!


>Passive enemy discovery of player
Until this week, battles were started via story script or certain key enemies with AI looking out. Enemies now ALL have that AI by default, behind the scenes, so if the player enters their sight or hearing range, there's a chance they'll discover him, starting a battle.
I thought I'd discover more about myself and the world back in college, but all I really learned was that Xbox, breakfast candy and 480p Japanese porn were fucking kino.
>Streamlined finding objects and enemies
Removed some lingering checks from the old version, won't be perceptibly faster but nice to know.
>Added ability for player to initiate battle when he sees enemies
You can get the drop on those fools and gain a nice little bonus to your first turn move limit.
>Added patrol stops
Little scripted areas where patrolling enemies will pause to look around. A neat little 20 minute addition.
>At the start of a battle, only enemies who can see the player move
Makes sense that the whole force on a larger map won't mobilize on turn 0

>Created puzzle section in the story with multiple ends
Finally I get back to talking about story. It feels really good to be writing dialogue again after a few weeks of straight mechanics.

Fixed bugs:

>Some objects like doors statted incorrectly if left in a particular state and the room is reloaded
>Fixed proximity-based volume, was going below zero and getting louder again.
>Fixed AOE damage behavior, no longer check against target's strongest overall defense

That's all for now, I've been doing story and side-story stuff and that's what I'm gonna work on for the next couple of weeks, just CONTENT.
I've freed up a little more time in the week now that I'm nearly outta the training phase at my corporate gig, and I want to pour it all back into the game, because I've been having such a blast this whole month.
I really love it, I think you'll love it, I don't want to sleep, I don't care to eat, I just want to work all day and night.

If you ever feel like making your own game, please do it, and do it for LOVE.

Stay safe, count your blessings and call your folks now and then, if you have the time.
While you're at it, you know what? Love yourself a bit more than you want to, man, because one day we're all going to be dust in a box, someplace, but until then you're all you've got.

Click below if you like puffy torpedo titties or something,
your boy for life,

Monday, 1 April 2019

VERY hilarious and believable April Fools

Announcing Lateshifter: Coming Out Edition!!

I've long wanted to release a more tasteful remake of my original game, with a few changes in line with the times. Some of the themes of the original were, quite honestly extremely problematic, and needed to just be better.

Despite the unforgivably gross nature of the original game, there IS a kernel of good in there, which is what I think allowed people to look past the girl-fetishist boobie pictures and pretty yikes intercourse between the game characters and still be able to connect with charismatic everypeople like Kren.

get used to it

Now with the Coming Out Edition, we're going to see the city of TEM as it was always meant to be portrayed, as an incredibly inclusive multicultural utopia with a plethora of respectful nods toward the progressive struggles of our time, because I've come to realize that staying neutral politically and minding my own busness is no longer okay.

It'll likely be no surprise to anybody who's been as awake as I am since the Voldemort election, but Estella was always meant to be a young man. That's honestly how I saw him all this time, I just didn't feel empowered to speak up.

But if he can be brave and speak out, then so can I.

When he meets the player, Estella has been struggling to find himself, wrestling with this really brave sexuality that nobody has strong feelings about, in a world run by a conspiratorial power structure who always yells at me to get off discord and have dinner with him and my mom.

>Estella is now packing quite a whopper UwU
>Mola's hilarious anti-presidential rant has been restored
>Main character Anon replaced with Kren
>Bathrooms are now pointedly unisex
>Added skip gameplay button

>Professor Snape is a single mother
>JAV-lite replaced with SOY-lite
>Elevator is more inclusive, no more locked off floors between 2 and 33
>Replaced customization questions with a multiple-choice about political affliation.
>Replaced computer minigame because the player shouldn't have to Learn To Code
>Jedd and Stace are now poly, removing all the gross tension and excitement
>Removed soundtrack, as it harkened back to a really racist and sexist time

>Removed Cybil, she was just there to appeal to like the male fantasy
>Added a badass sidekick who pulls no punches with a hot take on every subject, try it out!

>Censored all remaining nudity using the Sony method

So in this super necessary update, all these issues will be rectified. I think it'll actually be quite obvious that this was always the way it was meant to be. It just feels right, and if I do my job correctly, it won't offend anybody.

Download NOW

Like and RT if you're also not a bigot.