Sunday, 9 December 2018

Music and weapons and stuff

Here's the gif from before, since a week has passed:

This week I got the weapon quality modifiers in so there's a small chance gear dropped or found will range from -2 to +2 in quality, affecting various stats.
You might find a rapid fire gun that has a chance to return move points on enemy death with that weapon, or a heavy axe that's less accurate, but does more damage when it does hit. Stuff like that. Since weapons drop all the time and all of them are pretty valid, I thought it'd be fun to have rare drops that'd be worth holding onto, but without getting into standard bullshit rpg stat autism; that is, while you can check the stats, it should be immediately obvious if a new weapon is worth switching to, so you shouldn't have to compare, it's not exactly a high-brow game.

I corrected a targeting error, where under edge cases the wrong targeting data was being accessed. Ranged data was being used for all [3] attacks, even without a ranged weapon, which ended up being a problem after I updated target behavior last week.
Did some further combat targeting fixes, still more to do because it's not 100% perfect; sometimes when given the choice between two targets in the same direction, the further away target is chosen instead of the logical closest one. Likely to do with targets being culled from the potential target array without the index being updated. Not a massive deal, but I'll get to the bottom of it next time it really annoys me.

Wrote some new functions for scripted adding of enemies to an ongoing fight, created a more tight enemy spawning system that relied on callbacks rather than delays, then realized I need the delay for enemy units to define their own stats and if I'm going to keep using RMMV for on-map battles I can't get around this method, so rolled back.

Finally, scripted a fight scene with a few different entry scenarios, wrote some new music, which I've put on Patreon tonight.

The coming week:
- More scripting, have to really get moving on the story before I can feel like I'm making progress. Looking at the same room for the last week makes it feel like a standstill, even though it's not.
- More interviews and trying not to ugly cry because I let a company make me feel like a big deal only drop me late in the process :DDDD


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