Saturday, 1 December 2018

Is it Christmas yet?

Ho ho ho, are you almost there, anon?

December 1st and I'm in the spirits already with my sleigh-bell jams and hot cordial.
I don't want anything this year, I'm really fortunate to already have everything I could want.
I mean, except maybe a job, but I have a really good feeling about one of the positions I tried out for this week, so fingers crossed!

I'm sorry I didn't post last weekend, I just didn't have anything good to show you, but I promised I'd have something nice to show patrons this week to make up for it.

Here's a little still-frame preview, the very juicy, moving version is here on Patreon:
>that feel when no chubby four-titty, milky-squirting Orkie gf

Still working on finishing the liquid animations on this one this weekend and have another waiting patiently for the same treatment afterward. I don't wanna show off too much, though, because I want the new material to be fresh when you get to it.
I think the answer there is to have more scenes, so even if I spoil one or two, there's still lots to see, but also I don't wanna pack levels with too many at the cost of them taking 3 months to reach you.

This week:
- Added stripped-down version of the Hentai engine for use on-map, to have animated scenes play out with audio synched to frames while the player is free to wander. The first example of this will be early in the new level, and it's pretty neat.
- Created the aforementioned scene, which branches depending if the player investigates.
- Created two full H-scenes, reverting somewhat to the older, less-blurry way I did scenes for the last game. I think from feedback people preferred this to the more dreamy, shiny soft focus "3D" looking scenes in the Starknave demo. I can see their point, too, adding in the blurry overlays detracts from the limited color look.
I'll have the occasional soft-focus scene here and there, but I think the bulk should go back to looking more like the above scene.

The coming week:
- I have more scenes to do, really on a roll with animation, in the swing and spirit of it, so I'm gonna keep on with that while it feels great. My wrist needs a rest, though. Even with one of those vertical meme mice, I'm still getting strained from clicking intensely for hours every day.
>"Doc, my wrist is killing me"
>"What have you been doing?"
>"Meticulously drawing ejaculate spray, frame-by-frame"
 - Scripting! Keeping the flow going on this new level, got a couple of fights and lewd setups to get done to integrate the scenes already done.

- Adding item quality, so very rarely modified +1 weapons with stat bossts will drop, ditto enemies may have lousy weapons.
I think now with the ability to take any enemy's weapon after knocking them down, the best way to make this feel rewarding and not get stale is to have a little chance of getting something imba that's fun to lay the smack down with, something worth holding onto.

That's it for now, how are you doing, what would you like for Christmas?


  1. I for one welcome our new chubby multiboob orkette overlords.


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