Sunday, 30 December 2018

End of year report

Hey, how's it going? I hope you had a nice Christmas time!
I've been pretty hard at work the last two weeks, figured I'd leave off posting last Sunday to give myself and others a bit of a break.

What's new / changed:
- Replaced the jerry-rigged "invisible bullet" raycasting technique with something proper.
Now using a "Bresenham Algorithm" solution I'm still not smart enough to fully get, but it works, it's instant and checks every square between two points in a straight line for impassable objects, besides those I've designated as "half-height" so you can still shoot over tables, boxes etc, even if you can't walk over them.
This is set up now for player and enemies, and I also extended it to:
- Enemy discovery of player
I've added patrolling for enemies, and using the same line of sight rules (and half that radius regardless of direction they're facing for "hearing").
I'd like to eventually expand this to have every enemy in some areas patrol and also activate those within earshot if the player is discovered, for some stealth or just plain unscripted encounters.
- Added new tilesets
- Added new weapons and sounds
- Added new race of fighting robots
- Condensed player sprites into broader sprite families
- Lots of mapping and filling out the station areas, replacing previous soulless temporary standins
- Fixed projectiles start location so they come from the gun barrel regardless of direction faced
- Added player sprite aiming when choosing a target
- Fixed attack animation system; previously altered step animation speed and made it cycle an alternate walk cycle once before returning to the regular one, which made things look weird 50% of the time and just seemed like it'd be a liability. Now got a system where individual frames are specified at individually-set intervals I can tweak, so gunshots and things look much better.
- Further developed story, nearly at a final draft for this level, the first 30% is playable, start to finish.

There are a bunch of other small things I fixed, art tweaks and boring stat edits that weren't quite worth noting down, I wasn't really on top of my note-taking since last blog, as a lot of the work was just story writing, conversation scripting and mapping, with pauses to create new assets for rooms.

This next week is all gonna be story scripting and titties, may be able to start on busts, too.
No news on the job front, had a couple of interviews  a week ago, but haven't heard back because Christmas. Nothing like a bit of existential dread during the holidays haha¬

That's it from me, I hope you have a great New Year's Eve, and I'll becoming back at ya with something new... or old.

Alright, cool. See ya.


  1. Happy New Year, Oko. Hope you get the (a) job.
    Will the new level have new music?

  2. Thanks, trying hard every day!
    It definitely will, yeah!