Sunday, 18 November 2018


So this week I've been working on the new level, creating the new maps and some music and animations to go with them.
Also changed and fleshed out the flow a bit to include a new section and some titty scenes.
Nothing really exciting to share without spoilers, but I'm happy with how it's going, I just need a good block of time to really tear into scripting it out.

Ayy I bet doesn't even run Crysis lmao

>Movement routes for enemies are recalculated at the start of their turn even if their target coords haven't changed.
I was having problems where enemies weren't taking into account new obstacles (eg other enemies who've moved) preventing them from moving their plotted route toward their target (eg player). Previously they'd only reset their course if their target coords changed. If the player stood still and never attacked, they could get into a stalemate, which is now fixed.
>Changed battle ordering by initiative to include player proximity as a tiebreaker
So if multiple enemies have the same initiative score, their turn order is now determined by how close they are to the player as a tiebreaker. Before, groups with the same initiative would be ordered by their eventId by virtue of how the data is checked. The new method greatly reduces scenarios where enemies at the back are boxed in and effectively skip their turn until the battle opens up a bit.
>Changed the way potential targets are gathered and stored
Previously I'd get a list of all enemies within the player's attack range and order by proximity to the player. Similar to the above ordering, this would mean enemies with a lower event ID would be targeted first if you had multiple enemies to choose from. You may have experienced this is in the demo, where you wanna target a guy next to you but you have to cycle through a bunch of other targets to get to him, then repeat again to attack the same guy in the same turn. It's been annoying me for a while.
Now rather than the closest unit being shifted to the front of the available target queue, you target their indexed place in a queue that's ordered from left to right as the map goes.
TL;DR you now target the enemy you're looking at, moving left cycles left and moving right cycles right woah literally why didn't I implement this from the beginning
>Melee attacks while holding a gun now properly show melee damage vfx
Simply, the last update made hand to hand punches while holding a gun actually animate as punches, now punch vfx have caught up too, so no more sparks and puffs of smoke just cause you punched a guy while carrying a laser gun.
>Footsteps & move waiting
Changed the way enemy turns work, halting all further turns from executing until the enemy has stopped moving. This was implemented only for movements and the change might not be felt, but there's no downside to doing this as a blanket rule, and removes rare edge cases like enemy turns moving on before the sprite representing that enemy is on the same page.
>New units with sound and AIs
Added in some little cannon fodder gobbos and a big surprise enemy.

That's it for now, I'll check in again soon.


  1. Devil in Details.

  2. thanks for u work

  3. energy and such ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  4. Did you drop Lateshifter altogether?

    1. Hey, sort of, but the new game is in the same extended universe, and I'm sure I'll do callbacks to it and a spinoff episode because I'm a hack :DDD


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