Monday, 5 November 2018

Starknave v1.0.3

Performance fixes and changes, not a content build, just a final tutorial/demo version that should run for everybody now.

- Performance fixes; runs better than ever, should be no more lag on lower end hardware.
- Netbook mode: Turn off all extraneous effects, gets my netbook from 45fps to 60, constant.
- Difficulty settings; Normal, Easy, Very Easy
- Battle tweaks;
         Heavy attacks give more worthwhile damage increase over Light,
         Health regen increased
         Unspent moves at the end of turn converted to health regen
- Level select screen with level unlock and save features.
- Game Over screen just for fun.
- New, better Hentai UI (with option to switch back if you prefer the old one)
- Weapon stats are clearer now; instead of Damage shown as "2[~1]" (2, give or take 1), now shows "1-3".
- Choice-safe Fast Forward dialogue; hold [Q] to skip text without risking making choices
- Fixes and changes to make system modular for more levels, last of the demo jury rigging removed.



Starting next build, sorry meanwhile!

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  1. Any chance of revisiting these characters in future episodes?