Sunday, 11 November 2018

>enemies can open doors

Hey, time for progress posting.

This has been a pretty fun week, though I've had less time than previous weeks due to job searching, I've made some fun additions to help in the coming levels.
The biggest win has been an addition I've wanted to add for months but was always too scared to; button [5], giving the ability to interact with objects (containers, internal doors) and npcs during battle, so now you can punch a guy, take his axe, chop down his gunner friend, take the gun and shoot at any other enemies, and it all just works.
I am a little worried about the UI getting crowded, so hopefully there's no need for more contextual buttons.

Work done this week:

- Mapping levels
- Enemy design and Combat balancing
- Some sprite art, more to do
- Residual battle data now cleaned instantly, making used slots reusable immediately, no need to leave the map to clear cache.
- Cleaner ways to generate dead NPCs, doors and containers
- Internal doors, which both player and enemy can operate during battle
- Battle object manipulation; player can loot a dead enemy's weapon, search containers and open doors during battle
- Ability to turn to face whichever direction you want during your turn. Not sure why I didn't add this sooner, it's vital.

Other than that, I updated some functions, created some new ones to help streamline things and make objects behave the same for players and enemies, stuff like that.

The coming week:
Moar art! I've got a big list of sprites to create for the level tileset and characters who'll appear in it, I might have more features to add now that I've whet my whistle on the battle item changes, other than that it's gonna be sprite art, girl design and scene design, with some scripting for the 5 maps made so far.


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