Monday, 5 November 2018



So this week I got a couple of more reports of bad performance and issues, so I dedicated some time to that and decisively located and fixed the issue.
The game now flies on my Atom x7 netbook, a pretty solid 60FPS, playing through the whole thing multiple times in a single sitting without issue.
Fucken fixed, boys. I'm really glad.

On the one hand I didn't want to give too much time to this, because trying to fix performance on RPGMaker MV felt like waging a land war in Asia.
On the other hand, literally what is the point in making a game on a tricked-out Google Chrome meme engine if it won't even let me run hard porn on a smart fridge?

You ever think of a joke and you know it's not that good but you've started making it and well I guess I'm posting it

So the good news is that it was because of a couple of 3rd party plugins; one for highlighting text during choices, which I've now replaced with a simpler alternative, and one for ensuring assets are loaded before update functions are resumed. Googling the latter, it turns out people have never-ending trouble with it producing similar results wherever its used, but I won't link to it because I was using an out of date version of the plugin and the creator seems like a super sweet guy who's doing everything he can to push fixes to people, and guys like that make the internet go round.

I'm not sure I fully understand why those two were tanking performance, I'm just glad it wasn't my own js work that fucked everything. That feels nice.

So between this and some other issues being brought to my attention that I'd since fixed, I figured it best to get a 1.0.3 build out with the fixes.
It's a better experience overall and should solve any remaining problems.

For those who've played before, this isn't a content build, sadly, it's just about getting a better, newer build out there working for me while I make new stuff.

Story progress for the next level is going pretty well, not as fast as I'd like but I've been busy. It's getting there.
Not much more progress on the OST this week, it's on the back burner until later.

That's it from me, I spent the whole weekend getting the systems ironed out for release, so I'm gonna post 1.0.3, then have a nice bath and get some sleep.


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