Thursday, 18 October 2018

Star Knave v1.0.1 + 1.0.2 patches

Thanks so much to everybody who's played so far. There are still a couple of days before it goes public, so thanks for not leaking it out ahead of time, I appreciate it.

I've updated the demo to 1.0.1, following some fixes, feature additions and prepping for future levels.
No significant content (scenes etc) have been added, so if you've played 1.0.0 already, this isn't strictly necessary:

Rather than post again, edits to add notes from 1.0.2, marked green.


  • Weapon Comparison Sheet when looking at quest/found/non-looted weapons.
  • Character Sheet now in Inventory menu, shows stats including equipped weapon.
  • Control hints on [F1] with flashing hint, supplements tutorial.
  • Better Lonnie busts for the final cutscene.
  • Optional combat effects.
  • Optional UI sounds.
  • Script to kill now-useless properties from dead enemies on battle end. (Reduces save file complexity, which can be a problem after battles)

  • Spelling and minor story fixes.
  • Projectiles more glowy and some NPC sprite touch-ups.
  • Battle music replaced, now full-length.
  • Items given to others now removed from Inventory.
  • Object accessibility tweaked (no viewing posters through walls).
  • Switched scheduling system to one that supports future levels.
  • Text boxes now force transparent for the duration of cutscenes (more space to see boobs).
  • Changed text coloring & voice system to not be reliant on npc objects, for greater freedom and to cut down on excess properties.
  • Removed compression plugin, it was causing more problems than it solved.
  • Story changes to make a little more sense.
[Download latest Build]

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