Sunday, 7 October 2018

"I swear it's actually coming out soon" edition

I super wanted to get this out Saturday. I spent 20 hours a day all this week working on it and again I've failed to learn that it's not that I'm not throwing enough man-hours at it, it's that I'm only one man.

This week I:
- Added some more to an existing scene, adding some buildup and wind-down
- Extended the same scene to add better climaxes and updated art a little
- Implemented Auto Hentai mode, toggleable, bound to spacebar
- De-cluttered the flow, removing one sequence that was just for fun and not lewd
- Added some weapons the player can find and equip
- Added small NPC quest

- Music fixes, much better battle music than that shown last week
- Created logo and start menu
- Reduced UI padding to show more screen when using optional text window boxes
- Added optional in-flow tutorials for the 3 main areas of the game
- Blocked saving in H-Scenes and Battle
- Added scripts for refreshing individual npcs to update their loadout
- Small AI tweaks
- Attempted to add all global variables to be saved as properties of $gameSystem
- broke many things in a 6 hour period, then re-evaluated and realised I only need to add a few global variables to be saved as properties so long as I remove the ability to load from the pause menu
- more on this below
- Redid some character art to be more distinctive
- Added big titty orc hair metal band to the main area

So. The demo is basically ready, meaning I could put it out today and most people could probably play through it without issue, but I want to hold back and spend a couple of days just testing it.
The holdup on Saturday night that prevented me from releasing was the above-mentioned problem with global variables;

The problem is that I'm declaring variables with global scope but that these are only used by my scripts and unless told don't interact with the rest of the game. They aren't saved in save files, which means if you were to save your game mid-battle one of two things would happen during load:

> If you loaded within the same session, as in from the pause menu without shutting down the client, the values would not change, remaining floating from the time you loaded, which would break things
>If you loaded from another session (closed the game and booted again) the variables would be their default values, breaking things.

My solution to this yesterday was to go through thousands of lines of script and add each global variable instead to be properties of $gameSystem, an engine object that is included in the save system, so I could piggyback on it and theoretically we could save and load from anywhere and it'd all just work.
But doing this broke some systems, and after a period of 6 hours and feeling like I'd absolutely fucked everything, I rolled back and started again only adding the variables I'd need to save, rather than adding absolutely everything. I think the main problem was plugin commands messing up due to the period in, eg. "$gameSysten.testVar", maybe the value would be separated into two strings, borking the command on entry, I can't say that for sure, but what I do know is the main problem I was having was with plugin commands, and for a couple of key parts I just can't do it any other way.

The plus side is that I now understand the whole thing far better, and as well as having added some key values to be saved, I now know how to do this for the future.
So while it wasn't a rousing success in the immediate and I beat myself up all last night for the 'wasted time', it was a net positive.

The plan:
I'm going to continue working this week, bugfixing where I find any and allowing myself until Tuesday to add small details, but nothing that takes more than an hour each. Then I hammer the build and send it out late this week.
I just want this first demo to be great, because it might be the only non-patreon build out for a little while, so I want it to be a great ambassador for what you can expect from supporting the title.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me, gonna eat something and get away from screens for a while, my eyes hurt like a bastard.

Take good care of yourself,


  1. You should take your own advice and take good care of YOUR self you crazy person.

  2. super cool to have u back i haven't checked in for a while, is lateshifter getting anymore updates or is it all about this game now? either way they both look great!