Sunday, 14 October 2018


Hey, how's it goin'?

So I put out the first build last night, then I took Saturday night off to recover from an erratic week. I definitely overdid it, as far as my head and eyes were concerned, but even so it felt pretty great.

I couldn't quite shake the worry that the demo wouldn't be well received, because I know in some ways it's a departure from my previous work, so I still checked in for emails, mostly to make sure nobody was having horrendous crashes or anything but the reaction has been wonderful, only a few bugs (spelling errors or information that could benefit from being clarified) reported and I feel so, so blessed by the general tone of the response, I can't even you guys.
It's really difficult to regret overworking yourself when at the end of it everybody is being this sweet.

It seems a bit of a formality to post progress right after you're able to play the latest, but I'll do it anyway because it's pretty comfy looking through my backup folder, deciphering my cryptic notes I made at 5:17am on a tuesday and reconstituting the thought behind it from concentrate like a supermarket orange juice.

This week, I mainly playtested and implemented fixes, tested saving everywhere and reloading to make sure rooms all initialized properly, that all relevant values were restored, rewordings of tutorials and some dialogue flow changes. I also:

- Added a new character, who can be recruited to help fight with the right motivation
- Added death handling- until now the player would just hobble around at 0 health, and while it looked hilarious, battles have more weight to them if death is a possibility, or rather no weight if there's no chance.
- Upped player health to default of 10 and added an event halfway to heal, in case the player doesn't experiment with food items looted from enemies

There were a couple of bugs or things pointed out, some of which I've fixed already (spelling, double-spaces), some will be fixed this week, including;
>Weapons have no visible stats, player has to make blind choices between weapons.
I didn't initially think this was super important at this particular stage since any weapon will be an advantage over your fists, but it's a totally valid point and something I'll need to add regardless, if for no other reason than the stats being broadcast in my face all the time so I can tweak them better, so I'll work on that this week.
>Handing over items as part of a transaction or mini quest doesn't actually remove the item from your inventory!
Boy do I feel dumb. There are a couple of key items in the demo and some checks to make sure the player has them, but I didn't think to remove them from the inventory when it'd make sense to in the story. This'll be fixed.
>No way to reference the information from tutorials on command.
I'll make some kinda cheat sheet, I think. While I do go over what each button does, it's kinda in a dump at the start of the game, and that's no fun, so I'll come up with something the player can easily access any time.

I've paraphrased the above from reports I've had so far, thanks so much to those PMing them to me, it really helps cover those blind spots you develop when you work with something every day.

That's it from me, again, I'm so glad people are enjoying the new work, I'm looking forward to putting the free version out this week to let others try it, and to get onto the first proper mission/scenario, which I've had waiting for a month to be realised.

Thanks again,

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