Sunday, 28 October 2018

Additions, fixes, story + OST


This week I've been creating some new mechanics and some fixes, including:
>Normal, Easy and Very Easy (Journalist) difficulty settings
Easy raises regen, health, attack, defense and accuracy a little, if you want to feel powerful.
Very Easy is for anybody who just wants the story content, this makes battles a cakewalk.

>Ability to set waypoints for enemies and allies to travel toward with adjustable tolerance radius.
Added a simple override to tell enemies or allies to make their way to within [x] squares of [someplace] without altering their AI or target.
Eventually I want to let players set waypoints for controllable allies, but right now i'll use it for story battles or neat scripted maneuvers.

>Health regenerates at the end of turn based on how many Move points you have left
So now there's actual value in skipping your turn if you're low on health at a safe distance

>New subtle UI for Hentai scenes, with option to switch back to old.
The old version was too much like a subtitled movie, I felt I had to choose between watching the scene OR reading the stats.
The new version has two translucent bars fill up on the left and right edges of the screen, so you can see the progress passively in your peripheral vision, without needing to look away to read digits.

>Fixed RNG function I wrote in my first week of JS and didn't realize was broken, which under certain circumstances would return stupid fucking bullshit results.
"Hey, computer, gimmie a number between 3 and 12."
"Uhhh... 14?"
"Cool, thank you."

>Fixed ability to skip dialogue using fast forward- no longer need to wait for full sentence to play out
This should have been fixed before the public demo went out, but it's there now, so you can skip freely.

>Added optimizations which may help fps on low-end systems.
I wish I knew exactly what caused this. Sometimes just starting the game a second time fixes issues for my netbook.
The game is built on v1.3 with some patches to bring it closer to 1.5 functionality, but I can't upgrade my project files beyond that because of some vital plugins I'm not smart enough to write new versions of.

>Made battle cleanup function safer, to avoid case-by-case bandaids previously in place for scripted battles
Sometimes I'd delete an event in the editor, leaving a gap in the numbering, which would be taken by the next event made on-the-fly. If that event happened to be, say, a temporary battle cursor and got hard-nuked after a battle, it might move everything down one, breaking all events. This happened to me twice during the demo building, so I created a new NPC to fill the hole, but I shouldn't have to do that now in future.

Story & Art:
This week I've been writing and planning the new scenario; the skeleton is basically there, it just needs more content and detail before I get fully underway.
I've been creating new script functions I'll need (eg. waypoints, mentioned above), doing girl design and the early stages of creating the new scenes.

Since the music files with the game are low-quality loops to keep file size down, I'm slowly putting together a high quality OST release of tracks released so far, which I'll work on if I get blocked or need a breather from story planning this week. Not sure when it'll come out, because the new level has to be top priority.

That's it from me, thanks for reading!


  1. Will you ever be able to hold more than 1 weapon or store spare weapons in an inventory?
    Having a melee and ranged weapon equipped could allow you to attack enemies at all distances, maybe by adding a 'Ranged Attack' option to the combat menu.

    Keep up the great work my dude.

    1. Hey, maybe!
      Right now you can still do light melee attacks with a ranged weapon, and certain ranged weapons DO contribute to your melee score to make those light attacks more effective, but I know where you're coming from. We'll see how it goes!