Sunday, 9 September 2018

Star Knave


I've been knee-deep in demo building every day this last week, feels great!
It seems like every few hours I'm creating some time-saving function that'll make life easier in future.
I guess I went into this demo thinking the battle, adventure and hentai parts were ready, so that it was just gonna be scripting what happens between them, but it's actually been great for developing the tools I'll use for setting up cutscenes, moving actors around, showing dialogue and so on.

- Added binary switch for all actors deciding whether they can be added to combat or not, previous system added all units tied to player enemy factions, but in some scenarios it'd be handy to have some enemy units not join battle right away.
- Cheaper object search, old method checked each actor with two sets of criteria, now each actor is checked once with both criteria as either/or.
- 1,2,3 and 4 keys cleared message boxes but not choice, they now action the highlighted choice, too.
- Container objects now generate their own contents as soon as they are ready, like NPCs do. Previous system waited for callbacks from all created events before processing them all in a row, but this was causing problems and it made no sense to have two standards for how to populate objects
- Created easy functions for getting and dropping weapons, previous system relied on the object appearing in a container, this allows the story script to affect player inventory and equipped items, for example losing your gun in a cutscene or an NPC giving you a sword.
- Created dialogue handling system, narrator text shows instantly, character speech is shown printed letter-by-letter, in their color and voice (as determined by stats on their object)
- Adventure icons, representing: Look, Pickup, Talk To, Pass and Go
- Whole cutscene-handling system with:
        - Bust preloading
        - Busts 'talk' (mouth opens,closes) as long as their speech is being printed onscreen
        - EZPZ bust changing system

Demo story:
- Added some demo subplot to make the nice environments more worth exploring
- Scripted two large cutscenes, barebones, no busts yet
- Scripted about 60% of the demo story.
- Added NPCs to the bar, feels much more alive.

A really busy week, I'm having a great time.
Oh, btw, my new game is called Star Knave :3

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