Sunday, 16 September 2018


Oh, we're gettin' close.
I don't want to say it'll be ready in the next week, but it can't be much longer than that, I've been making great progress the last few days.

This week I completed the 'skeleton' version of the demo, I can run the full demo start to finish, badda bing badda boom.
Now I'm doing cycles of improvement or whatever the hell you call it, now I get to have fun creating the final assets after weeks of working with placeholders.

In space it's always the 1970s and 80s

It's really getting there and it's been a lot of fun leaving the art until near the end like this.

This week's progress:
- Finished writing and scripting all story scenes in the demo, 2/5 have final dialogue, the rest need another couple of passes and more permanent art added, which will be the main focus this week.
- Added compact and transparent themes for text display, the latter of which is now the default because it looks fucking sexy during conversations.
- Added more options, ability to turn on/off various UI and Audio elements to suit user tastes.
- Made object finding process cheaper and fire less often
- Changed the way I was handling image cache clearing between rooms

Man, that doesn't sound like a lot, at all.
It's been really busy though, mostly scripting and writing dialogue. Really happy with how it's coming along and looking forward to getting it to you.

I've also written some new music, which I'll do more of this week.
Hopefully soon I'll actually have some gifs to share so we can get hype.

Thanks for reading, I'm going back to work,



  1. Damn dude, when you said you were back, you really meant it! I kinda expected something new *next year* but, this is moving faster than I would've ever thought!

  2. holy fuck, i thought you legit picked up and left earth. WELCOME BACK dude! so happy to hear from you