Sunday, 30 September 2018

OkO what's this?

Lonnie a C U T E

New music posted to Patreon:


Sunday progress report, being a tale of conversation scripting, animating and edging closer to release.
So this week, I have:

>Implemented a hentai scene
>Completed two more sets of portraits for lewd conversations
>Wrote new music
>Gave the UI more room to breathe in cutscenes
>Created a system to clean up events by making them inaccessible when no longer needed. Old method removed them, freeing up their eventId, which could be taken by a troop spawn with unpredictable results.
>Did another pass on conversation sequences to make them more to-the-point and more lewd

This coming week I will:

>Finish the last narrative block
>Add the last animated sexy sequence
>Record, process and map sound effects to the completed scenes
>Fix the music I wrote this week with half-hearing, because it's probably not balanced right
>Rig the start menu and end screens for the demo
>Hopefully, god willing, release

I wanted to get the SFX done by now but I've been sick this last week. You know that kinda flu where your ears block up and stuff?
Hot coffee, chicken noodle soup and eucalyptus baths are the best things on the planet. Every day is a fucken gift, I love it.

That's it from me,
Hopefully I have a game for you soon.

t. oko

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  1. looks good bruh, hope you get to feeling better