Sunday, 12 August 2018

New game clarification and little improvements

Hey, so I know I haven't shown anything sexy yet.
Not so much as a pixel nipple, nothing.
This game WILL be an adult / erotic title, but right now I'm just handling gameplay and interaction.
I appreciate it's nowhere near as fun to look at as anime tiddies, but the good stuff definitely IS coming soon.

New game clarification:

A few people are asking if Lateshifter is dead or if there's going to be a continuation of the story from the last episode and the answer is to both of these is "nah, sorry".
LS was always supposed to be slice of life episodes without continuity, so even if I stayed with the exact setting, the next episode was always meant to be another anon with his own problems and work assignments. I figured if every time it was a different protagonist, there was always a chance he could die or goto jail or whatever else. There'd be no set 'canon' except the ending YOU get, and that's what's important to me.

The good news, though, is that I plan for this new title to be a continuing narrative, so there will be returning characters as well as ones you meet in passing, and it'll still be made up of contained smaller adventure releases.
This might mean a different release (.exe) for each episode, but it's inevitable that I'm going to want to build cool new features into later episodes and I don't really want to hold back for fear of breaking earlier episodes by improving systems to be more flexible, agnostic or intelligent later.

I also don't really want to do incremental patches every week, making you download ¬200mb every week to get 5 more minutes down the line.
That can work well for other devs but I'm not sure that's best the best approach for what I'm trying to do.

This new game will otherwise be an expanded version of the original formula but with a couple of tweaks:

>Minigames will be replaced with small scale combat and exploration
Because fighting & loot > arbitrary high score

>The game will be less cutscene-intensive, with the player retaining direct control for much more of the time.
Because Lateshifter: Night Rain was very much an on-rails experience, and the plotted movement of characters introduced a lot of bugs and scripting tedium

>The setting is expanding too, so we'll be getting out of the city

Because I want to have adventures with sultry babes on hot exotic planets, investigate spooky abandoned space stations, get lost on the first day in a big city or try to pass the time at a sleepy remote space port, rather than always be on the way to work in purple Hong Kong.

But all the art, music, story, characters, everything that makes LS good will be there in this new game, and if you're on the fence at all, I'm looking forward to swaying you back toward me because I know you're going to like it. It's going to be much, much better.


Made a few improvements to my systems for item interaction, item discovery and battle movement.

- Changed cursor movement when laying out the move path in battle to teleporting rather than sliding into position, makes things much faster and fixed a low repro bug where player move would be skipped due to cursor not changing collision type fast enough.
- Removed a few deprecated extra checks, they were nice to have but it's needless extra calculation

Item discovery:
- Removed the last remaining on-tick check for items in front of player. I previously had a system where after the player moves or turns, a function checks for items in front of the player once, but this function was still being run and returned continuously.
- Replaced the circumstances under which this check will run, instead of running continuously and listening for player direction or position changing, it now runs once when:
- outside of battle and
- player direction changes or
- player has finished moving,
with no extra listening required.
Really happy to have removed these constantly-running processes, I've been eliminating them for the last couple of weeks and the performance impact is measurable.

Item management:
- Changed logic with containers so that the currently highlighted item will remain highlighted as long as its stack exists, then default to whichever item now occupies the same slot, rather than defaulting to the topmost selection after every action.

- Text now displays immediately for all text use cases except for during character dialogue.
- Added a couple more menu/window themes

That's it from me, enjoy your weekend pal,
hope you can take her easy on my behalf!


  1. This new game sounds like an SRPG, which is extremely my jam. You got anything like a title for it yet?

    1. Hey, thanks! It's my first attempt at something like an SRPG, but I'm hoping it'll be deep enough to not feel tacked on.
      I've got a name in mind, but I want to be 100% sure I can live with it long term before drawing up branding, buying a URL, announcing and stuff.
      I'll have it finalized before the first trailer though :)

  2. I personally liked the minigrames. But then again I enjoy the occasional puzzle.