Sunday, 26 August 2018


wtf I love videogame journalism now.

Good to see you, anon. It's Sunday Progress Report time.
This week I finished up the first round of Battle AND Adventure modules and planned out a few days to replicating the Hentai scene engine from the old title in pure, sexy Javascript.
I've actually got it 90% finished in half the time I'd allocated, I guess the brainwork was already done and I was just figuring out a smart way to set it up this time.

Before: Each scene was scripted in its own event page with hardcoded values based on manually-filled counters (number of frames x time between frames), I'd give it a counter of eg. 459 frames, then tell it to count down.
Meanwhile my audio component would listen out for set frame numbers appearing and play a sound I'd told it to, based on horrific If/Else trees with every file again written in manually.
Result: 4 or 5 concurrently running scripts processing inputs, scene changes, calculations, dialogue, sounds.
Scripting boner: Floppy and a bit scared.

Now: I write out the bare minimum values in script, these are added together and use maths to work out which pictures I want to show and which frames I wanna play which family of sound, with sounds automatically processed to sound differently based on speed etc.
Result: About 200 lines of Javascript, to which I feed a single line and maths takes care of the rest. Thanks, Maths.
Scripting boner: Absolute and unquenchable.

Changes since last Sunday:
- Items can be scheduled as NEEDING to appear in a particular room, in containers, on enemies or both/either
- Trying to check underfoot while standing on multiple dead NPCs will give you a menu to select which (see below).
- NPCs have their equipped item appearing in their inventory
- Player can switch out their equipped weapon with any other they find in containers or on dead enemies
- Player sprite and attack animation update to match equipped weapon
- UI updates to match equipped weapon
- Faster generation of initial stat values for enemies
- Added new weapons and categories - unreliable but potentially deadly cable whips and ballistic firearms
- Overhauled UI to be more responsive and better laid out
- Difficulty balancing on combat, player takes less damage than before and regens a small amount per turn
- Animation scripting changes
- Stopped button press event listening during pause, nullifying crashes
- Objects and weapons directly copy, then overwrite rather than inherit and overwrite, meaning they persist through save/load and keep all their functionality. (explained below)
- Hentai engine recreated ( 90%, will be actually finished today)
- Hentai anims restart/reset current loop when returning from pause to avoid sound and audio falling out of synch
- Hentai scene system is clean, crisp and maximally reuseable- press button. receive bacon

During this week I ran into a HORROR scenario I wasn't really expecting or necessarily equipped to deal with.
On saving and loading games, it turned out that most items were reverting to their default parent type. I'm still learning JS so I don't know for sure, but it seems like inheritance of parent objects works as a link, fine for normal purposes, but that link is severed by RMMV's save/load game processes, so loading an old save would turn all your items from [Micro Cassette] into [item], the default parent object's '.name' value.
I spend what felt like hours on this and found that weapons weren't affected because it turned out how I handled weapon objects was slightly different, and the answer was to replace all shallow references with deep copies.
I rejigged the way I handled items to a way that made more sense to my brain instead of the old way I made following advice from Stack Overflow not meant for my application, and this problem went away but FUCKING HELL was I scared for about a day there.

That brings me up until today, I'll be continuing to work on the hentai system for the next few days.
Polls going out on Patreon shortly to get a better idea of which elements were liked in the last game, which I should scale back, which I should expand upon.

Thanks for reading, I'll check in again soon, getting very close to being able to go back to sexyposting.

Your pal,


  1. holy shit I had no idea you were back bro, I came to check your blog in the off-chance you came back and to my surprise here you are.
    would donate to your patreon if I had the money but lifes a bitch ya know

    1. I appreciate that man, and don't worry about it, I know how it goes, it's been a hell of a year.
      Thanks for checking in, comments give me mad energy while I'm working!

  2. Am I giving you some more mad energy now? Anyways, I happened to come back to this blog the same way a few weeks ago and glad to see you're back. Hope the development goes well.