Tuesday, 6 February 2018

It was the best dream

If there's a less douchey way to say 'hiatus', let me know.

So the company I worked at IRL went under and I needed to move country at pretty short notice to take another job. I'm having to call a hiatus on Lateshifter, and I don't know for how long, man.

I spent the last year ignoring my IRL job and ignoring the signs the shit was about to hit the fan just so I could ditch out early every day to work on my game (fucken employee of the year over here) and so I wasn't really prepared. Fans of the show will know I've moved to 3 different countries in 2 years, so I'm just constantly wiped financially.

Because I'm such a broke bitch I need to really put the time in at this new gig, because I barely deserve it right now. Career is going to have to come first.
I really hoped before anything bad like this happened I could get LS to the point where I could make my living doing this and get outta the grind, but it is what it is.

I ain't mad, just blue. I changed Patreon back to per-release mid-January, because I don't want to take anybody's money if I can't work on this.

I never took a single cent from anybody during my stint as an internet filth baron, which makes it a lot easier to live with this intermission of indeterminate length.

Big thank you to everybody who stuck around. I hope I can come back to doing this, and I hope I'll see you then.

If you ever start to miss me before I get back, just put pink cellophane over an tiny monitor and run pornhub, it's the same fucking thing.

Love yourself.

Your friend for life,


  1. Good luck.

    Maybe you can make a few dollars doing dirty pixel art on Patreon?

  2. One of my last hopes for wegs dies with this post, Oko. Not your fault, but it's still a sad situation all round.
    Good luck getting your shit together. For what's it's worth, I came buckets to LS, man.

  3. You were the Chosen One, Oko! You were supposed to destroy the Patreonfags, not join them. You were supposed to bring balance to the "industry", not leave it in darkness.

    But nah it's cool mang. Hope you'll be back someday; good luck in the meantime.

  4. Good luck Oko, you little fiend.

  5. Damn... Sad to hear. You are of the best. I hope all is well and I hope to hear from you again in the future.

  6. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ OKO... t-take my energy... one last time... ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  7. we'll be waiting here for your return

  8. someone know how can i get the music of the game?

  9. I hope you can come back, you're the best dev.

  10. In the words of Vader: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
    I really hope you'll find your footing again. Lateshifter is simply too special to be allowed to just fade away.
    Good luck Oko, luv ya lots! <3

  11. If it means anything Oko, I would give you more than enough to live off of for at least a year if I could.

    Rooting for you!

  12. Here's hoping you don't go postal with this stuff, man. Wish you the best for you and yours.

  13. From the book of anon:
    "...Gone but not forgotten. One day he shall return and lead us to the promised land of fat-assed androids."

  14. Lateshifter is definetely the best erotic game I have ever played. BRILLIANT story and dialogues, disturbing flavor of future... beautiful animations and graphics overall. It's the art, not just the game and I mean it, really. You should work on shit that you're in love with. I believe money will come after this. I am looking forward for next update! Good luck!

  15. I discovered lateshifter about 3 months ago, and finally decided to take the plunge today. It's definitely one of the best ero games i've played. I'm honestly stunned. The music is great, the art is phenomenal, and the setting is my favorite.
    i'm hoping you can come back to this, and if not I hope you're at the very least successful and happy.

  16. Indeed best h-game ever! So immersive and beautiful! Hope you'll be back soon...
    Btw, pls can you make a post about your art creation process? I mean if cant do this anymore maybe other people can follow you and create other games with similar artwork. Do you rotoscope from scratch? Or do you use some effects before to make image look pixaleted?

    Best regards!

  17. We still waiting for your return

  18. Come back OKO! we miss you

  19. I just discovered this game today, man, what a fucking miracle you have been creating, this is the most promising porn game comes outside of Japan.
    But shit, life is never fair.
    I really hope you could get a decent publisher that would support you to finish the game in the future. If I had enough money I would fund this project myself.
    Good Luck.

  20. Half a year has passed.
    I hope you're doing well, Oko, wherever you may be.

  21. Just my luck to discover this absolutely amazing game but it turns out its in this state, this is a loss for humanity if this doesnt get finished, Ive never seen something so good, the dialogue, the music, the plot the atmosphere holy shit
    Your patreon should be way higher, there is no justice in this world
    Please come back soon!