Tuesday, 16 January 2018

New menu + re-fixing stuff

Hey, So between 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 I managed to accidentally roll back one instance of the Linux fix which a few kind people have sent me reports about. This'll be properly fixed again in 1.0.4.

I've also spent tonight fixing a big problem area: The menu system.
It was all based in choices and dialogue boxes which meant they couldn't be closed except by user input, which posed a problem when a scripted event was trying to close the menu to keep going.

A more lasting solution would be figuring out how to pause absolutely everything onscreen while still letting the user use some functions in game, but I can't find a good way to do this at present.

So the new menu I'm pretty happy with. It feels good to be building systems again. It will be rolled out alongside fixes with 1.0.4 either tomorrow or Wednesday.

I'll replace the game's main menu so that they use the same system. Should be nicer overall this way.

See you later,


  1. this fucking game! just started it. i came here to fap! not for an existential crisis!

    love the depth of the maschi girl so far. no lewd game - and few games have hit me like this before. music is amazing too!

    1. This fucking guy! Existential fappin' is the future my dude.
      Really stoked you're into it, man, we're just getting started!