Tuesday, 9 January 2018

More bugfixing; 1.0.3

Jesus christ I literally haven't slept more than 5 hours at a time this year so far.
Please work, 1.0.3.

I will literally die.

Hey, how's it going, here's the roundup for 1.0.3:

I've introduced Save / Load options, but limited saving to times where the player has free roam, not mid-conversation or while there's scripted walking around.
It should be blocked off as an option during those times, but please be careful for now all the same, in case it stays enabled when it shouldn't be.
If in doubt, the elevator is a pretty foolproof save spot when it's stationary.

- Fixed players getting stuck in Maintenance if they ran in too fast.
- Fixed Elevator and Terminal repair crashes by replacing last remnants of an old, buggy caching system.
- Added bug submission form to the Esc menu.
- Fixed bug where capitulating to Mola too early made her unreliable in delivering promises.
- Fixed bug where train would crash through the pink salon, killing everybody probably.
- Added Saving and Loading -

Again, saving is enabled at safe points in the script, disabled during cutscenes and highly-scripted movements.
This is mostly down to the way I'm absolutely assfucking RPGMaker MV to behave like a real engine. I'm sorry RMMV, I don't mean that. It's been a long week.

Hopefully this release will see us into the weekend. I'm gonna take two days off, then get onto the new material.

Later dudes,


  1. Nice, the save/load can save time if you get stuck on some bug.

  2. Nice, Save/load will help immensely. Good job

  3. May I suggest something? Please add a music room. I like the tunes (that includes Estella's shower song!).