Friday, 12 January 2018

Lateshifter Episode One: Night Rain - Public Release!

Episode One: Night Rain

"A routine assignment at a Data City processing firm gets way too complicated, way too fast. 

Save the girl or seal her fate? A story of late, rainy nights, breathless desperation and hard sex."


x Romanceable characters
1+ hours of gameplay (first playthrough)
39,000 x Words of dialogue and story

35 x Minutes of new music
508 x New sound effects

10 x H-Scenes* (3 x Deluxe, total of 15 scenes)



Links updated to 1.0.4: 18th Jan 2018

Thanks very much to everybody supporting on Patreon, those who send me bugs and good vibes.
I'm really blessed to have you here.
More to come, working hard every day, so stick around!

Your pal,


  1. Wow this was really well made and diverse. I had fun playing through multiple times. I'm not sure if I found all the scenes or not. Is there a guide? Or even just how many scenes each of the 4 characters have so I could tick them off would be great. :D

    1. Thanks very much! Really glad you've enjoyed it :)
      There's no guide at present, maybe I should make one. There was an anon creating a LS-Wiki a while back but not sure how far that got. Once you've completed the scenario you can get to the Secret Room which has links to all scenes- you may be able to tell from the names which ones you're missing! :)

  2. This is really good, Oko. I love how much character you're able to wring out with just a few lines of dialogue and facial expressions.

    One issue: playing on mac, I reliably get a rather extravagant graphical bug where horizontal stripes of glitchy garbage cover up like 25% of the frame. (The "garbage" is usually snippets other files on my system that have a reason to be in visual memory -- so like my desktop background, or a browser window I recently had open, or whatever.) This happens during the walking scenes and during the "work" game, but never during the dialogue scenes (with the portraits) or during the H scenes. Typically moving to a new room clears it, although it usually comes back when I return to the affected room. (On one playthrough the main office was glitched, on another, the roof.)

  3. Picked one of the two choices in the Maintenience room. When I came back, let's say I was briefly terrified. Overreaction maybe, but jesus christ.

  4. The bug where you get stuck in the adjacent room after replacing Mola's battery is still there :(

  5. A really underrated gem, the music is a 10, the atmosphere is a 10, the dialogue is a 9.
    You wish it was longer, its so good you want to explore this world and get to know more about it.

  6. Man fuck apple, 10.15 crashes the mac version of this game everytime i run it

  7. I can't find a link to the 1.2 version anywhere on your blog. Had to search f95 to find a link. Did you intentionally remove any trace of that version? It'd be a shame since the content is completely different than 1.4.

    1. 1.2 is actually the demo version of Lateshifter, which is why it has completely different content - it appears as a preview in the scenario select for Lateshifter proper, but you can't select it (and now we never will, RIP)
      I'm not 100% on this but if I remember correctly Oko deleted the demo posts as a precaution back when Patreon was suspending everything that even looked like it might breach their content guidelines

    2. Woah I was not aware of this 1.2 version, thanks to you I also found it on f95 and it is way different and better in some ways, goddamn.

      The one thing Im not happy about regarding Oko is how he abandoned Lateshifter without much of an explanation (as far as I know)

  8. Hi, Oko! Can we has the OST for download plz?

    1. This is the best we got, I think.

    2. I'll be putting together a proper album after my new game ships.
      I want to go back and make little releases from other games and demos, with extended, remastered tracks, it's just been impossible to justify spending any time reworking old stuff in the months leading up to this new release.



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