Thursday, 18 January 2018

Lateshifter 1.0.4: New menu + fixes


Here's the new menu I've been working on and hopefully final bug fixes for this scenario, including a couple I accidentally re-introduced last update:

- Added new, more stable and script-friendly menu
- Re-fixed bugs
- Added dialogue boxes to boot-time caching
- Fixed dialogue / spelling errors
- Fixed Cybil examine bug
- Fixed Mola endings to show animations
- Fixed Mola endings to correspond to deals made earlier
- Fixed Hanoi freeplay exiting to office

Download now free at or the links below:




Last fix-only update for this episode, new content coming next.


1 comment:

  1. Been looking forward to every blog post, every update, every release ever since the first demo months ago. I'm eager to see what comes next. Thank you, Oko.

    Do you plan to add a music player feature, maybe as a Secret Room feature?