Monday, 8 January 2018

Lateshifter 1.0.2 Patch

Hey, so I released yesterday and its been crazy positive, as well as helpful- some nasty bugs slipped by me and I'm happy to say I think I got everything that was reported to me.


- Fixed getting stuck in bottom left corner with Estella.
- Getting stuck on computer or talking to Cybil too early
- Getting stuck after Mola deactivation scene
- Estella disappearing after the roof scene
- Player getting stuck in Maintenance under a certain ending
- Player getting moved around and stuck due to Cybil dialogue not terminating correctly
- Jedd and Stace would smoke forever until they died of lung cancer, under certain circumstances
- Player appearing too far from the couch after animation
- Player brought back incorrectly from Puzzles in all cases
- Puzzles had a second-long delay before accepting the right combo, now it's instant
- Puzzles would not load the next level if you failed the level while still 'holding' a block
- Player could go back to main menu AND progress into scenario at the same time and things would get weird
- Stopped the player leaving the room after Terminal is fixed because the freedom at this point was too confusing. Next objective was really unclear.
- Clarified objectives in areas that reports had shown it was unclear
- Added slight delay between the end of text and choice selection (Also affects Escape menu, but that'll be replaced in time)
- Added some spelling and formatting corrections
- Fixed Linux-specific filename problems, no need to make duplicate files to account for lower case

These will be included in the public build out on Friday, in case you aren't on top of the leaks at this moment in time.


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