Saturday, 6 January 2018

Lateshifter 1.0.0 Releases tonight.

Hey, what's going on?
Sorry I haven't been actively posting over the Christmas period. I've just been working on this every single day, including Christmas day and New Years and I wanted to cut myself off from online activities until it was ready.

Well, it's ready.

There are way too many changes to list because I wasn't keeping track during my Christmas Crunch, but I loaded up a build from early December and holy shit, I'm happy with myself.

I've rebranded it to 1.0.0 for simplicity and to set it apart from the demo versioning system which was as poorly thought out as the structure of the demo, itself.

This is episode 1's first release, so it'll be 1.0.0.

4 Romanceable characters
1+ hours of gameplay (first playthrough)
39,000 x Words of dialogue and story
35 x Minutes of new music
508 x New sound effects
10 x H-Scenes* (3 are Deluxe, with multiple angles / acts)
I'll be posting with links at:
PST: 15:00
EST: 18:00
GMT: 23:00  
CET: 00:00 (Sun)
AEDT: 10:00 (Sun)

So this is 1.0.0, there may still be bugs, but I would certainly hope every game-breaker has been removed or will be found before it goes online.
I'll be hammering this the entire day, trying to break it, and then I'll upload the builds for Patrons.


Steam hours were at 138.3 but sadly this number is normalizing because I've also been back at IRL work since the start of January.



  1. Oh, shit, here it comes!!
    What time frame? European, asian, murican?

  2. Added times above, but for simplicity, 7 hours from this post!

  3. Oh Jesus my dick is not ready for this forgive me padre.

  4. Woooo! I cannot wait to play it for myself!

  5. oh boys forgive me for my dick is about to receive the beating of a lifetime