Friday, 22 December 2017

1.3 has entered testing

Sorry it's been nearly 2 weeks again, I'm in super crunch to get 1.3 done. I wanted to get it out as a christmas present, but despite working single-mindedly on this outside of my job for the last few weeks (to the detriment of my surroundings, my office is 90% coke zero cans at this point) it's just not going to happen this side of christmas, sorry.

Here are a few things that'll need to be cut from the initial release in order to not spend a further month on it:
>Full Intro / End cutscenes
It'll likely have to be a couple of lines and a static image for now, but maybe this is okay, seeing as the intro / outro aren't likely to be that sexy
>Some minor sprite animations
Little things here or there, characters standing when they should be standing + typing, or sitting still, rather than emoting and drinking coffee idly.
>A second minigame
I made a really neat monster maze sort of arcade game which will be put into a later episode instead.  The work minigame in 1.3 is randomized / repeatable anyway [pictured below] so there's no need for a second.

>The Bonelord hidden micro game!
This one stings, but it'll have to be held back until 1.3.x, likely coming a couple of weeks later along with bugfixes.
>One side-character scene build-up:
The scene is still in, it just feels a little too "Hey we just met but I guess we're doing sex now XDD"
Ideally the scenario for this one scene would have a more believable arc, but then maybe it's refreshing in how uncomplicated and surefire it is, I dunno.

So if we can live without these things for a few weeks, I can get it out quicker. Let me know what you think, are any of these unacceptable? Worth holding out for?

On the plus side, here are some neat new things what I have gone and done:
- 2 new music tracks
- New H-scene UI and backgrounds with a marbled A E S T H E T I C
- Scenario 90% ready
- Replaced my automated prescribing system for maps to be more choosy, only reloading all assets when a transfer between rooms is made, not just when the map is reloaded (might not even be user-facing, but it fucked up everything enough internally that I'm just glad there's no chance of anybody at home replicating it)

I've now entered the phase where most of what I'm doing is testing, finding and fixing bugs. I did a start-to-finish playthrough last night, trying to play as a first-timer might and it took almost an hour to complete. If you're familiar with the scenario and fast forward through all text it's more like 15 minutes.

I can't wait to get this one out and start on scenario 2, which I'm still working out the plot details on but is fairly well developed, roughly storyboarded.
On vacation for the holidays now, I've promised to take the 24th and 25th off developing, but the rest of the time I'll be full steam ahead. Bugfixing, finishing, tying up loose ends.


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Low-spec interlude

Hey, checking in.

I've been working on narrative stuff, getting the last scene finished up and adding in the last misc art assets as I go. I still can't give a date, but it's looking good.
Took a week out of work to go back home, though still had a laptop for work. It was actually kinda nice, the lower spec from my usual dev machine made a couple of bugs / polish issues come to the fore which I'd not have seen otherwise, and the lower performance made me just stick to finding and fixing bugs to raise the overall polish level.

Nothing else to report. Nights are much darker, inside is much comfier. I hope you have the spirit this year. It's the first time in many years I've felt it.