Thursday, 23 November 2017

One year on

Hey, happy birthday Lateshifter.
My project files tell me I created this game on the 21st of November 2016, which we've just passed, so congrats, game. Get a job, already.

How Lateshifter looked one year ago.

REALLY SHIT. Thought it might be fun to look back at just how shitty things looked back then.
Are you ready for MIXELS? Blocky outlines? ZERO animation? I sure am.

So this here's a cap from the oldest version I have in my backup repository; December 6th, 2016, and about shows you where we were at.

Yeah, well, we were all nooblets, once.
That said, a lot of these tiles actually made it into the demo virtually unchanged in April.

Note the clock in the upper left. I was trying to go for a scheduled NPC system like Elder Scrolls or something, where they'd just go about their lives and when the moons aligned you could catch them alone and do lewd stuff. It was originally going to just be an overnight perverted salaryman simulator.

In this version there was nothing animated besides some horrific walk cycles, and all erotic content was in the form of clumsy descriptions and text-only scenarios playing out.
The only standout ones were:

>Taking co-worker lunch from refrigerator, jizzing in it and putting it back
>Watching her then eat it
>Using a screwdriver to remove the fastened roll holder between bathroom stalls to make a gloryhole
>Taking a confiscated onahole from a locker in the IT room, putting it into the hole so you could... sort of bang the hole and jizz on anybody in the next stall.

The original name at this time was lateshift, but then I found out there was a sort of FMV game released the same year with that title and I'd already started a blog by time I realized, so the name changed a little and I stuck with it.
It's basically fine, it's sort of like your own name, you don't use it nearly as much as anybody else does.

How Lateshifter looks now:

Things have improved a bit in the last year, I'm slowly learning how to art, a little at a time.

New this week:

Made some more NPCs interactive
Added a 2-in-1 deluxe scene.
Changed some early, untouched sprites to better match the final character appearance.
Changed menu system to show options as solid or greyed out, rather than uncertain toggles.
Made changes to music so tracks loop better.
Tied music to scene-setting in a way that makes it resumable when turning music back on.
Made some quality of life menu changes, blocked it during certain events to avoid mad bugz.
Fixed a horrific chronological bug where a parallax map that didn't exist yet was marked for deletion.
Fixed all H-Scene sound to be louder as part of an audio normalization pass.

That's all from me for now, I've been a bit quiet lately because I don't want to pad this gap between builds any more than I have to. Working hard every day, count on it.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Love the update posts and your game! keep working hard! I'm sure you'll get to your final goal in patreon!

  2. Interesting that the simpler sprites for the characters look better than the older, more detailed models.

  3. The final buid looks better imo, maybe because the color palete, the first was too bright.
    Dark tones go better with the game themes and atmosphere.

  4. my man i'm getting fully prepared for this upcoming update. you can catch me setting the mood (waiting until 2:00am to start playing for it to be as dark as possible) and taking my time on it

  5. oko chox oh oko chox where are you