Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Sound synching Pt. II

Hey, good to see you.

Audio synch:
I've spend the weekend and last couple of evenings working on my little audio engine to synchronize sound to the action onscreen. Came up with a much more human-readable solution that means I can add sound to a scene in a matter of about 30 minutes, provided I have the sounds at hand, that is.
I've not really released any audio, usually sticking to gifs. You'll have to trust me when I say it sounds the tits right now.

Spent some time at the weekend making more field recordings for sound effects, adding a further 99 since last time, for a total of 381 new sounds since April (not counting music or background tracks).
This should be enough for now, though I am looking forward to recording for sword fights and dungeon ambience for the microgame. I'm thinking table knives and a leaking faucet, gravel footsteps etc. Also noticed my dishwasher sounds cool as fuck when I overload and run it, kinda a creepy LOST hatch vibe, so I'll be recording some of that for the 1.4 scenario (Spoilers).

- I've added some juice to the Hentai minigame itself to make it more fun to interact with.
- Added a couple of new options to the menu, changed it around a little
- Fixed an old mechanic that was broken by debug measures I took one time about 3 months ago.
- Added an extra scene, then felt bad about it all week, because it was not part of the release plan. (b..but I just want to make it nice for you, anon)

I've also started backing up a cloud service now, as if my current regime wasn't paranoid enough.

I used to only back up the game files themselves, but the more time I put into this, the more precious I get about it. This is 10 months of my life I'll never get back, so I'd better fucking look after it.

1.3 News:
Back in September I swore to myself I would work every hour I could in order to release 1.3 on Halloween. Here I am, on Halloween, having worked every hour I possibly could since and I'm still not ready. I am sad, but not demotivated. If anything I'm gonna work harder, but I'm also not going to set myself dates to feel bad by.
I was tempted to take the last week out and just get a rough draft of the microgame out since it's pretty halloween-friendly, in a DeCap Attack / Masters of the Universe: Skeletor Gaiden sort of way, but decided against it. I didn't want my first release in over 6 months to be a half-finished small game in a totally different theme to Lateshifter. Doesn't look good, y'know?

No other news, really. I didn't take note of all the small fixes and additions I made today, but there were many. An anon gave me advice to hold back on releasing new visual stuff until I have a trailer together and I think this is sound advice. I don't want the trailer to be just full of stuff everybody who cares has already seen. Hopefully my dry, sexless words are proof enough that I'm working.
No zero days, no exceptions or excuses.

Over and out,


  1. hey, missing the halloween date is alright with me (mostly because i had never even heard of it), but yeah, defintely dont post any more gifs on here. I'm not even going to be watching the trailer you'll be putting out because i dont want to spoil myself to the new content any more than i have to.
    keep it up!

  2. Hey fam, at least you're still posting updates. That much can't be said for MGG.

  3. Wow, backing up all of a cloud service? Now that's next level ;)
    Jokes aside, good looks on getting everything backed up. Losing a significant amount of your work would be devastating and demoralizing, I'd imagine.
    Keep it up and keep on chugging along. We'll be here for ya :)