Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Roadmap + user suggestions implemented!

Demo to version 1.3:
So it's been over 6 months now since I released anything new to public, and I wanted to state that optimistically, this is a one-time setup period for the project and not a sign of the way things are going to be going forward.
I needed this 6 months to create my own framework in the engine to support the modules I'll be releasing over the coming months.
When 1.3 is released, the groundwork will have been laid and from then my workload ought to be 90% animation, audio, scripting and writing, like a regular, sane wegdev.

Correcting for my optimism, once all these systems are in place, the time between 1.3 and 1.4 ought to be about 2 months (initial storyboarding for the next scenario is in place) and I'd like this to be a sustainable, working cycle for the next year+.

Defining project success:
Since it's important to define success so I can know when I've failed; success to me means within the year making around 3000USD a month in order to quit my average-income job and do this exclusively. I'd be open to the idea of making half that and moving someplace with cheaper cost of living, but I have commitments that keep me stationary for the foreseeable future.
The other side of this coin is simply; if financially it's not happening 12 months from now, I'll accept it and cut back to hobby-level in order to spend more time IRL, as two 40-hour jobs won't be sustainable for longer than a further year.

So I've been working around a particular system for a while and coming up against its hard limitations in the last couple of days has spurred me to just fix it once and for all.
I was previously using a system where certain keys were mapped to common events, like the arrow keys and spacebar in H-mode; it was a way of giving them another job other than moving the character around or navigating menus.
The problem with this is the plugin I'd been using to accomplish this set them to this new job by default, and so I had to keep manually setting arrow keys to return to controlling movement.
As an added side effect, this is also the reason why in the demo you can't use keys Z and X and probably a few others as part of the character naming process. Whatever, a bit of a pain but no big deal, right?

Thing is, this caused problems when, for example, loading my Esc menu in a H-scene where I'd have to hotswap between button functionality to make the menu usable, then back again to make sure the H-play picks up where the menu ends without gap. There were so many conditionals to what should behave how, where and for how long.

I've gotten rid of it entirely, and married it up with my previously-mentioned positional system where I track the player room and make systems work differently depending. Now I don't need to manually set keys to behave as they should, I just have a simple group of checks that say "If the player is in a hentai scene and the Escape menu is closed, have arrow keys behave this way" and "at all other times behave normally".

It's not really a massive change, it took about 30 minutes to implement and the game doesn't feel any different afterward, but it's another massive load off my mind, I no longer have to worry about swapping functionality and it's one less authoritarian overarching process correcting everything every tick or few ticks. I now just have a set of conditional guidelines handled automatically with smart, minimalist rules for all situations.
My logic is the more fixes or systems like these I have in place, the quicker I can iterate and release new scenarios.

For the last 3 days I've been fixing up and outputting files for all the main sex scenes that'll be in this latest release:

8 scenes*:
6 regular scenes:
One position, 4 speed animations, 5 variant endings

2 deluxe scenes:
Three positions, 4 speed animations each, 5 variant endings each

*This does not include the 4-scene hidden microgame and 3 to 4 incidental side character (Cybil-tier) scenes that'll be added after the initial release. Initial 1.30 release will be main character routes, but there should be around 15 full animated scenes in total by time this scenario is completed

Suggestions made manifest:
I've talked about the upcoming AUTO mode before, but not sure I've shown it, so I've made a little gif to show it off, along with a couple of other suggestions:

AUTO: Just as it sounds, adds an automatic mode which defaults to building your meter, but pressing arrow keys UP or DOWN once will start the meter moving in that direction. This means you can just leave it and watch the scene play out hands free, or use minimal input to 'edge' in a high-speed sweet spot to maximize the JIZZOMETER.

Escape menu
: Now hitting Escape brings up a neat menu, though it does not pause the game. I've decided against that functionality for now simply because with RPGMV is far too easy to fuck up scripts by pausing them partway through, same problem as saving mid-level. There are too many background processes that don't behave 100% correctly if interrupted and restored midway through.

Control guide: Now hitting [F1] while in the Escape menu will show controls relevant to the scene you are in:
If you are in regular play, it'll tell you how to control Anon.
If you are in H-Mode, it'll tell you how to build the meter, switch between scenes and climax.
If you are in a minigame, it'll remind you of the game rules.

I'm considering adding in a "Hint" menu using the same logic some time in the future, where it'll tell you what you ought to do depending on your place in the current scenario.

That's all from me, let me know what you think about anything here in the comments below- it's anonymous, no signup required, so post away. I'll give answers where I can!

Oko x


  1. Have you considered just having [F1] bring up a [Help] menu without having to [ESC] first? Could be a little convenience; honestly though everything is looking great from you my dude.

    1. Hey, thanks! Implemented now, anon. Esc menu teaches the user to press F1 if they wanna see controls.
      Inside the menu, the prompt will turn into control reminder.
      Outside of the menu the same reminder will show as long as F1 is held.
      Thanks for the feedback, it's gotten a little extra functionality outta this :)

    2. Now I can masturbate with pride as well as shame take that atheists.

  2. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but after scrolling through the blog post titles here and through the Patreon, I can't actually find where to download this?

    1. Hey, the latest version is the 1.2a Demo from April. There's a picture in the top right of the blog layout I've now made clickable, hope this helps!

    2. Found it. I'm on mobile, so I couldn't see the extra stuff. Thanks!