Sunday, 1 October 2017

Refactoring, automating, stability


Redid character voices, added nice new ones which are far less grating and are just plain tits by comparison.

Changed player location tracking system to dramatically cut down on manually scripting work and the bugs that come with that. Now automatically gather player location type, specific location, indoor/outdoor and room tracking within a location.

Was able to free up 20+ flags and a lot of headaches wondering if I set the right flags for the room the player would be entering etc.

Added weather effects, it now rains when I'd like it to, which is pretty neat.

Added HUD fading based on the same synch logic from sex scenes.
If the player has no item or verb highlighted, the hud will fade out after a few seconds.

Added some more debug to help find problems quicker during tests.
Fixed that fucking annoying bug I've had since February, where text boxes would change color as they close. Found an elegant, lasting solution that just looks way better.

That's all for this weekend. Wish I had some sexier pics to show off; I'll have to prioritize that for next time. A couple of days of sex scenes and cum animations or something.

I'm out- have a good one.

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