Thursday, 19 October 2017

Patreonocalypse Now


If you haven't heard, many /weg/ devs got up this morning to suspended accounts as Patreon got a little tighter on what's allowed; adding the super-popular incest genre and an expanded definition for non-con to their list of double-plus-ungood things they've deemed unsuitable for our eyes.

I've not been hit, and have taken compliance steps on Patreon to ensure I won't be, just to be safe.

I'm not big on censorship, but I am big on following the rules. It's a complicated kind of feel.

I don't have any incest stuff, it doesn't interest me at all, but the implication that all sex needs to now be explicitly consensual does kinda limit storytelling. I've already gotten over separating the horrible IRL crime from the harmless fictional depiction.

I enjoy a bit of FPS once in a while, and I recognize the difference between a war game and real people dying in mass numbers.
It sucks that war, rape, betrayal, thievery, hate etc exist. It super sucks. How does including these elements in fiction cause real world harm?

They're just stories with varying outcomes, so I feel Patreon are drawing a line arbitrarily to avoid headaches. Hey, it's their house.

There's actually not any offending content in Lateshifter at time of writing (all demo assets have been stripped and replaced over time in a Ship of Theseus sort of way), but just the idea that I'm not supposed to now add X or Y if I suddenly feel the need rustles my jimmies pretty hard.
I've gone and made all Patreon posts Patron-only as a precaution.

Anyway, it seems devs are having their pages reinstated when removing offending words and tags related to the offenses. Whether or not they are also making commitments to remove offending content remains to be seen.
There are a hell of a lot bigger devs than me this directly affects, not meaning to take it too personally, it's just been an 'interesting' development.

I hope this gets sorted out.


Progress report:

This week:
- Added Scenario selection screen
- Finished 50% of the large conversational content
- Added a new H-Scene from scratch
- Created some promo art for the upcoming release
- Created some music for the upcoming trailer
- Added some background sprite wandering and details to quieter sections for TECHNOLOGY fans like myself

This weekend:
- CG Creation for promo and in-game reward
- Hooking up new H-Scenes
- Adding 3 new H-Scenes
- Finishing the bulk of narrative content


  1. That's lame, I really enjoyed the forced sex stuff

  2. Oko, I'm one of the fellas who wasn't into the noncon stuff, but I've gotta tell ya I don't think you need to take the Patreon rules as writing guidance. Other weg devs have gotten away with simply changing their Patreon pages to remove the verboten content, even though the games still have it (SS, DMD, etc.). You do the same and you should be good. I doubt Patreon would care enough to do a manual review of the game if your page itself is compliant.

    1. This. A hundred times. Content in game shouldn't change or be altered over fear of some invasive manual review. The patreon page itself can and should be altered, sure, but I'd caution against throwing away all artistic freedom and license as a result of patreon wanting to remove appearance of unlimited tolerance. (And given the amount of time it took to get there, I'd bet it's less Patreon being unwilling as compared to their payment processors.)

      I won't lie, I haven't pledged but have been keeping tabs with the intent to do so, say, after 1.3 lands. I understand if my thoughts have less weight than those who have and are supporting you on patreon. But I very much hope you keep your vision for the game intact. If that means you have to point patrons to releases and perhaps other related media and info to an off-site storage provider to keep a "proper" patreon going? So be it.

    2. Thanks anons, I've not omitted anything and I totally understand how lame that'd be. I would rather not alter anything at all on the back of this and while the above is true, I've not made any in-game changes.
      Just wanted to disclaim at the time since Patreon have this horrible combination of personally identifiable information and not a shred of backbone.

      I swear, pretty soon the only allowed books will be about grey, sexless humanoids sitting in enclosed rooms talking indirectly about the bare concrete at their feet.

      Work continues.