Tuesday, 3 October 2017

New Busts

Hey, here's what I've been working on today.

Busts, hurr.

Been working on new portraits / busts this evening. Think I'm getting the hang of making subtler expressions and avoiding overlap or needless variations on the same emotion. I have 9 for this character done and ready to be added in-game. In the coming days I'll be doing the other characters in turn.
I'm really enjoying practicing backgrounds and adding movement to these scenes. It's not perfect, could use a more subtle hand, but I was an absolute pixel art beginner when I started development last December, so I'm happy enough with my current level.

UI Tweaks:

Also touched up the Choices UI, giving it a pretty cool prompt node on the left hand side, which flashes when selected and is overall much nicer and more subtle than the old flashing bar under the selected line.

I'm spent. Gonna hit the hay and get back on this after work tomorrow.
Not sure if I'll make a habit of updating every day, but I figure I've a bit of absence to make up for, and it's kinda fun keeping an itemized list of what I'm fixing or implementing or creating as I go.

Hope you're well,
Your friend always, Oko


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