Thursday, 5 October 2017

Bust overhaul

This'll be the last I talk about busts for a little bit because it's getting to be less hilarious with time.

I love tits
, is the upshot.

Tonight I implemented a cool little system to fade between the animated faces. Still tweaking the time to fade between them but happy enough for now- it's less instant than the gif makes out.

For now I'm just continuing with the dialogue. It's getting pretty well-structured, with a lot of branching and converging that hopefully feels more 1990 Lucasarts than Bioware.
That is to say, there should be value in playing through a conversation again and choosing a different branch or topic in the style of say, Monkey Island 2, and not the super-efficient infodump you'd get in Mass Effect or similar, where there's no real reason to talk to people more than once.

That's not to rag on them, just to point out the direction I'm going. It'd be pretty cavalier to get on my high horse about game design when I just use minigames and existential monologues to punctuate my crude puns and ass sex.

For serious, though, I fucking LOVE working on this game. If Patreon ever took root for me, I'd do this 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for half of my current salary.

Anyway, that's enough shitposting from me.
Thanks for reading.
PS. Just surpassed 40,000 blog views since the start of the year. Pretty neato, mang.

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